Last Knight On Earth: Comic Introduction

Last Knight



Cover Art: Chaotic, bright colored, powerful, anger from batman, menacing joker. You can tell that there was a lot of time spent on picking out art for the two covers.

It’s that time again! Hey Everyone and welcome back to C&M Comic Hub! I’m here to talk about the latest Batman series to have come out. It actually just came out today! Well, by the time I post this it will probably be more accurate to say it came out yesterday, but you get my drift. I hope that you all are having a fantastical week so far! Since I didn’t say it to my days ago, I would like to finally say, Happy Memorial Day! It was days ago, but I hope that you all had a good one!

As some of you have known for the past couple of days, I have created a Twitter for C&M. I have just started it, and we already have a nice amount of people to follow and an amazing amount of people following us back! I haven’t said it on there, but I have no idea how to interact with other people on social media (Ha-ha)! Even on here I get ‘star struck’ when a fan comments on a post! Everyone is super amazing, and I can’t wait for this site to grow and get better as time moves on.

I know what you all are here for, so don’t let me keep you from it!

What would it be like if our beloved Batman wasn’t who we thought he was? What if he was in Arkham Asylum as a patient? Would your views on him change or do you think that this just an insane storyline? Could this one man be the whole reason on why Batman and other superheroes exist?

I have been waiting for this series to come out for a very long time now. I like to come up with theories of how to make Batman’s (or any other hero’s) story that much more different. The magic of it all is that there are an infinite number of universes! You can’t be wrong because there’s nothing to tell you that you are wrong! Coming up with Batman universes has always been interesting to me because I am on my way of graduating from college with a bachelor’s in psychology. I have big hopes of becoming a mentor for younger people. When I do graduate and have more under my belt, I might want to carry out an idea that I have had for such a long time. I’ll tell you about it after I get done with this review! I have always wondered what it would be like if Bruce Wayne was actually a patient in Arkham Asylum. It wasn’t as detailed at this comic was, with tons of logical explanations of events, people and things you could find in the Bat-Cave.

Examples of Details of Logical Explanations

  • Bat-Cave = Padded Cell
  • Cowl = Straight Jacket with a helmet and alterations attached
  • Multiple Languages Spoken = Learned from Asylum Library
  • Fighting = Learning from gymnasium
  • Villains = Doctors
  • Giant Penny & T-Rex = Actual penny and toy T-Rex hidden in wall of padded cell

The beginning is something of dark, twisted and very serious atmosphere. It begins with a narrative from Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce Wayne’s family Butler. He speaks as if he is remembering something from the past, but also as an ongoing event. There is a person that is going around town with white outlines of dead people. Outlines that were probably of the people who have died in Gotham because of Batman, but that’s just my guess. After a whole bunch of them, the image that it was made into was a huge white outline of Batman’s death. His destination (where his heart would be located in that huge body) is positioned in Crime Ally where his life ended and began.

I know what you’re thinking. “What’s gonna happen next? I’m hooked on this storyline because you, Kay, are super good at telling stories!” Well…first off, I’d like to say thank you to that wonderful thing you just said. It means a lot to me. I know you most likely said it in your head, but I could feel the love through the screen. I’ll stop wasting your time now. Just needed and ego boost. Second, I will give you just enough information so that I don’t ruin the experience for you and so that I leave a “taste of want” for this comic. You get your money’s worth because the art is spectacular, and the conversation and the momentum of the storyline is outstanding. You will love what you just invested in. And also, there is no other storyline that even covers this type of situation! I might be wrong, but I don’t want to be.

As I said, I won’t go into too much of details in this post, because I don’t want to spoil someone’s day/night because they want to read it themselves. There are a bunch of people doing reviews, but I am here to say, I loved this introduction. (Side note: I know that there is a podcast on YouTube that covers comic related things. Not sure if he is going to do this series but he might. I’ll keep an ear out for it) It was well crafted. The settings of the scenes were amazing. The emotions that they try to convey on each picture comes in clear. You feel bad for Alfred. You feel Bruce’s anger, sadness, confusion, and vulnerability as he screams for Alfred. Story telling has been an art form for many generations, and I am happy to say, it is one of my favorite things on this earth.

All throughout the book, the art was beautiful and graceful but somehow very rough. I’ve noticed that the comics that have come out for the New 52 have been more…gruesome. There’s a lot of blood. Killings. Signs of self-doubt, even in the strongest heroes. There’s more realism in these characters and I enjoy that a lot. I’ve always liked darker things to read about and to watch. I feel like this season of comics are more interesting to the artists because they are coming out with some crazy universe! I love it!

There are a bunch of people talking about what their favorite part of this issue is, and I would say that mine would be the name of the main doctor. Dr. Redmond Hudd. If you are a Batman fan, then I think that you will know this name and what it sounds like. I know that comics can be confusing for a lot of people, but with a lot of dedication, you could try to get a clearer picture of timelines and who is who. The name of the Doctor sounds just like, Red Hood, who Joker use to go by. Later in the franchise, Jason Todd took on the persona after being revived by the Leader of the League of Assassins. They have a magical pool of water that will heal everything. You can see it in comics, but the easier way to find it is in the T.V. shows of The Flash and Arrow. Super cool stuff. I just felt like that detail was amazing to see. I hope that I am right about that because this would be pretty embarrassing if it weren’t the case (Ha-ha)!


Batman has come up to 80 years of being around! I’ll be 45 by the time he has been around for 100 years, and that gives me hope for the future too.…0.0..0.161.1092.10j2……0….1..gws-wiz-img…….0i67j0i5i30.rZloAYa-xSU#imgrc=cQ4ckg18PZpceM:

You would think that I described at least half of this first comic issue, but I only described about ¼ of it. There’s so much more to this story that I would have to write several pages to even get close to the masterpiece that it was. This story turns into an exciting ‘Mad Max’ type way that explored on what depths of humanity that Bruce would want to save. Joker turns up, but only as a head! He’s still alive, but there’s no explanation of why he can still talk. The back and forth between Batman and Joker are great. You can see that they are, in unusual words, close to one another, which is true! They are faces of the same coin, but how does it play out. Batman carries Joker’s head in the glass container by his side for most of this book. Joker has a lot to say because over 25 years, Joker has been alone, buried in the sand. Only by luck does he get found by his favorite person.

This is going to be only a limited edition, three-part story under the adult ‘Black Label’ imprint. This is the last storyline between the two greats, ‘Snyder’ and ‘Capullo’. Having that knowledge, I would highly recommend getting your hands on this series as fast as you can! They won’t last very long. I was so scared that I waited too long to go and get our own copy, but luckily, my local comic shop (LCS) ordered a bunch of them! *pew* This series has been coming to light for little over 5 years. That that magic of comics. They have surprises that you don’t expect!

If you want to read an in-depth recap of this series, I found this page that does a really good job about setting up the story. Just click the link above!

Short but sweet-continuing on what I was talking about earlier in this post about the Psychology degree I’m trying to get. And if I had the level of education under my belt that I could teach kids about psychology. For one of the papers that I would want to assign my students would be for them to pick a character (mostly comic related) and try to diagnose that said character! How amazing would that be!

Thank you for coming to visit our site again! If you are new here, then I think that you should become one of our fans! We would love to have you back! Thank you for taking the time to read my rambling as well.