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Hello Everyone, and Happy May the 4th! It’s been such a great year so far, so let’s keep doing our best and hopefully it just keeps getting better and better! To celebrate, we will be watching the original trilogy! YAY!

How are you going to celebrate today!

Here is an original piece that i made. It’s really simple but I think it was really cute! Sorry for having it so dark, but you know, night-time. Let me know what you all think!

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New Star Wars Fan

A Force To Be Reckoned With: A Star Wars Review

So, not to cause an alarm, but before a couple of months ago, I had never seen a Star Wars film. I understood what it was all about. I understood some of the more common culture about it, but never have I ever seen a show, or movie. Makes watching some of the Robot Chicken episodes kind of hard to grasp at times. When I was younger, I thought that Darth Maul was Darth Vader without his suit on. That was when I was like five or so years old. I know they aren’t the same people now, don’t yell at me Ha-Ha!

So shortly after meeting my fiancé, he introduced to idea of me watching all things that had to deal with S.W. I, of course knew somewhat how much that would be, was not really wanting to start this little endeavor. Did you know, before the Solo movie that just came out, that it was roughly 92 hours of footage I would have to watch? He wore me down, of course, and we stated to watch everything in chronological order. That’s right! I didn’t know that it was out of order as much as it was!

Why did George Lucas start with Episode IV-VI and then go back? Was it to make it more interesting? I don’t know, but it caught to eyes of a bunch of people. It was the first of its kind.

Did you know that Star Wars was a German musical on T.V., also casting Mark Hamill as Luke and Darth Vader playing the trumpet? Neither did I. Came as a surprise to my fiancé too!

Since I am new to this franchise, I wanted to write down a lot of my first impressions of popular and secondary characters, and how they were being portrayed to me. I have a unique set up for myself, since I have never seen any of the movies, or shows, I can watch all of this in order with little to no bias. I will say this, since I’ve started watching these films and shows, I love it. All the varied species and creative names. All of the racist accents and jobs they do. Crazy stuff to a newbie. So, let’s get started! I have only gotten to the end of Rebels and I just seen Solo: A Star Wars Story, so I am only talking about the character that I have seen so far. Soon ill make another post about the rest when I see more of the movies.

Qui Gon Jinn

Qui Gon Jinn:
-Green Lightsaber
-Padawan of Count Dooku
-Master of Obi Wan Kanobi

My first thought about Qui Gon was that he was a respected member of the Jedi Order. Though he was respected, he had a rebellious streak in him. He was the first and only person to see the young Anakin as something more than what he was. He, though he was told no, decided to want to train the youngling as his own Padawan. Sadly, only one per master. Since Kanobi was Jinn’s Padawan, that option was a bust. The best thing he could do was to tell the Council that Obi Wan was ready to be on his own. To me, Qui Gon was a man of progression. Ani would have never been out of servitude and would have probably have died younger because of he rebellious characteristics. Depending on if you like Darth Vader or not, you can see this in either light.

Obi Wan Kanobi

Obi Wan Kanobi:
-Blue Lightsaber
-Padawan of Qui Gon Jinn
-Master of Anakin Skywalker

I love Obi! He is probably my favorite character in this series! Throughout the whole time, that I have seen so far, he’s been nothing but admirable. He has his days where he wants to do his own thing like his late Master, but I feel like he’s scared of what the order would do. I feel like he knows, generally, what the Order wants for the galaxy, but he has his doubts about their way of doing it. I think that he could be a really good leader since he has a much better grasp of how things are being perceived by the public.

............Anakin Skywalker...........

Anakin Skywalker:
-Green Lightsaber: Blue Lightsaber: Red Lightsaber
-Padawan to Obi Wan Kanobi
-Master to Ahsoka Tano

Though he did not want to have a Padawan. He didn’t want to drift far away from his Master, and he seen Miss. Tano as a dreadful thing. Husband of Padme Amidala, father of Luke and Leia. Infamous for losing his lightsabers, he’s had many changes over the years. Ani as a child was kind of just there. I probably wouldn’t have taken a second look at him and kept on my way, but he was charming and smart for the few moments he was on screen. I thought that the teenaged Ani was okay. He seemed really anxious about being a Jedi. He knew a lot of things but his lack of discipline and his want to progress quickly in the order clouded some of his judgement. In Clone Wars, he was so much more likeable! He had abilities that I think a young Darth Vader should have. He’s swordsmanship is incredible and cannot be beaten! Watching all of the series in order helped me understand the progression of how the characters came to be.

Before Ani went to the Dark side, he seen his future. The future that he didn’t want to happen. That was the first time we seen the Vader mask that’s oh so recognizable, even to casual fans. He seen the future and tried to keep it from coming true. It turned out to be one of those self-fulfilling prophecies. That’s just meaning, if you hear something about yourself, like a zodiac characteristic, you will either subconsciously or consciously make it true. In this case, he wasn’t trying to make this happen. It was just happening.

Darth Vader: Completely a different person from Anakin. He has a dark humor that could be connected to Ani before the lava, but there is so much pain inside of him that Darth Vader completely took over. It’s like he developed another personality to keep safe from the dangers of the world. Anakin comes out, sometimes. Just like when Ahsoka and him were battling in the TV show Rebels. His mask becomes damaged and a little part of him seems to be pleading with her. All in all, I feel for Vader. I think that he is the most tragic character, pretty much, of all time. He lost everything and the one person that he can trust was the one that did it to him. Obviously, he didn’t know anything about that. He didn’t even know that his child(ren) survived. He didn’t even know that he had a daughter! Just a son! Which he didn’t even know the name of! How insane is that? I feel for this character, though he has killed a bunch of people from various of ages, I feel for him.

Padme Amidala

Queen/Senator Amidala: Strong woman, and proud of it. 15 years old and in charge. I thought it was an interesting concept to have. Have a young female in charge because they have a child like look to the world. They are usually more honest and will try to keep the peace over the land. What teenage girl do you know would what to be the cause of a war or huge dispute that would be only her fault? Not. One. Girl. I like that she, which it might not have been her idea, to be the servant girl to the fake Queen of Naboo. It’s really interesting to me that the culture of their planet appreciates the young female and that they hold them to a high respect.

Sheev Palpatine

Palpatine/Darth Sidious:
-Red Lightsaber:

He barely used his Lightsaber because it was seen as not needed. I was told he sees it as child’s play. You can really only see him a handful of times with the saber out to see. He is so powerful that he can just zap you with his magic zappy fingers. He is, for sure, the scariest on in the whole series. He has a very unique fighting style and power. The more he wins, the more powerful he gets. I would say, the more he’s hit, that meaner he gets also giving him power, but the winning thing is more interesting. So seeing it as this, the more he wins, the more powerful he becomes. Winning more, he starts to get mighty powerful…so what happens when the winning happens all of the time? Pretty much unstoppable. There aren’t too many people that could take him in a hand in hand combat. I think the list is about 2-3 people. Mother Talzin is definitely one of those beings.

Ahsoka Tano

Ahsoka Tano/Snips:
-Green Lightsabers: White Lightsabers

Her people are usually enslaved and are under others control. I feel like she has to try extra hard to be looked on as a respected being. I think other species see her species as a weak one, so she has to take control and stay in control. I love Ahsoka. She never gives up on what is right, and all she ants is to be respected just as Anakin and Obi are. I believe that the her last episode in the Clone Wars was one of the most saddening things I’ve ever seen. Her and Anakin were as close as family. He was the only one that believed in her when all others turned their back on her. She is never shy about how she is feeling, and she didn’t want to leave her Master, but Ahsoka could not go back to the Order after they all gave up on her. Anakin knew that and understood, to some level, that she was not happy. She was one of the losses of Anakin that made him start to doubt the Council more and more, which was what Darth Lord Sidious wanted. All in all, Ahsoka is a spunky woman! When I seen her again in Rebels, I had this excitement that only a child could have. She had gotten older and wiser. No longer a Jedi, no longer a Padawan, but will always hold the memory of her Master to the highest standard.

Darth Maul

-Darth Maul: Red Lightsaber, double bladed:

Taken from his village to serve as an apprentice to the great Sidious. He was the first pick to be with the Darth Lord, and was still the favorite after Count Dooku. Did you know that the black tribal marks on all of his body is a tattoo? He got those because he needed to show his allegiance to the Dark side. He was picked by Mother Talzin in request to the Darth Lord. He also was “killed” in the first movie he was in by Obi Wan Kanobi after he killed Qui Gon Jinn. A bunch of killing in the first movie, but it’s not hard to follow who did what. He was a fan favorite instantly, so he was written back in. He appeared a lot in the animated series: Clone Wars and Rebels. The power of hatred kept him alive long enough to be fixed up. He was only in the cartoons before Solo came out in the theaters. Casual fans that didn’t watch the cartoons were confused about what he was seen in the movie, but that film falls between episode. Everyone knows that he was killed by Obi, again, but this time, he couldn’t come back.

Savage Opress

Savage Opress:
-Red Lightsaber:

Brother of Darth Maul is a lonely person. He is absolutely alone. All he wants is his family back, which he was forced to kill his own brother. Little did he know that his other brother was still alive. Savage was so confused and out of his element. Everyone leaves him and all the rage that he feels just expands into a volcano from hell. What is it like to be him? To be so tired and alone.


-Green Lightsaber:

No one knows what species he is. They know very little about this Master, but all that is know is all surface things. Why does he talk in riddles? Why is he so small? Where did he learn English? Who found him and brought him? Why did the lady Yada go? How can he see when he’s flipping in the air so quickly? There are more questions than there are answers. I hope that they make either a movie or a short TV show about him. Would it be better to know more about him or keep the mystery?

Mace Windu

Mace Windo:
-Purple Lightsaber:

When making a deal to play Mace, Samuel L. Jackson requested a unique Lightsaber for his character. How special can you be? He was, pretty much, the strongest Jedi of the Order. I was told that he stepped down. I don’t remember why…buuuuut Yoda took over. I would say they are about equal as one Master to another. His Lightsaber is one of the most unique ones around. What colors do you use to make the color purple? Red and blue. He can access the Dark side of the force as well as not letting it overwhelm. For you to do that, that must be the most amazing amounts of will power that anyone has ever had. I don’t that that would be something that I could have done, myself.

Asajj Ventress

Asajj Ventress:
-Red Lightsabers:

Apprentice to Count Dooku. She comes in and out of the series pretty regularly. Though she was supposed to die by the hand of Dooku, she still lives in the underbelly of Coruscant. She tried to kill her old Master by bringing in Savage. That didn’t end well. All in all, I liked her as the series progressed. I hate that she would flee each time that something wrong happened.

Count Dooku/Darth Tyranus

Count Dooku:
-Red Lightsaber:
-Apprentice of the Palpatine,
-Padawan of Yoda,
-Master of Qui Gon.

He left the order right after Qui Gon’s death. He was not too fond of the politics of the Order. I don’t like him, in all honesty. I don’t like him…moving on.

Han Solo and Chewbacca

Chewbacca: CHEWIEEEEE! Who doesn’t like Chewie? The first you see of him is in Clone Wars as a captive. I wonder how long it takes him to groom.

Han Solo: He was only blessed with one name, that he knew of. He was given the name “Solo” from an Imperial Officer for the Empire. All he wanted to be was the best piolet of all time. I know that he won his ship from the smooth talker Lando. I don’t know that much about Han or Chewie, so I’ll have to make another post about this king of stuff later.

I also think that the colors of the lightsabers are super cool! There are so many designs and colors that mean so many different thinks. I know that a lot, if not most people that are fans of this fandom knows all of the colors and the meanings, but I just want to mention what all of them mean.

Each young Jedi must create their own Lightsaber, and it can be as creative as they want it to be. The real important thing is the crystal that is inside of the hilt. The crystal starts off clear but is influenced by the personality of said Jedi. It can change into any of the colors listed in the picture above, or it can also be a color introduced in the extended universe. I don’t know much about that part of the fandom, but I’m sure that I’ll hear about it from my fiancé!

Well everyone! It’s been a pleasure as always! I’m rounding the end of Rebels and will be watching Rouge One tonight! I gotta tell you that I’m only 75% confused about the ordering of these movies. I really just wanna watch the ones with Luke and Leia….but I guess I have to wait just a little bit longer.

Let me get to it and I hope that all of you enjoyed my writing! I’m still working on making the site up to date and easier to look around. I’m going to go around and edit a few things that I think need it.

As always, I loved reading e-Mails from all of you! I will always try my best to answer all that I can. You all are wonderful! May the Force be with you!

Have a wonderful day!