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Hey Everyone, and welcome to C&M! It’s another cooler but sunny day in Michigan, and I don’t like it. I know that there is a fluctuation with my posts saying that it’s warm lately, but nope. Michigan likes to tease, which I know that this isn’t just a Michigan thing, but that’s all I know (Ha-ha!). I hope that everyone is warm and feeling the absolutely best you can be! I’ve been having a wonderful week so far and I hope that it continues, because obviously why wouldn’t I.

Since you read the title of this post, you know that this will be about Robert Pattinson becoming The Batman in 2021, and you might be wondering on where I stand on this casting. Well, it took me a few days to think about it and watch interviews with Pattinson, clips of movies that he has been in, reaction videos from other fans expressing their opinions and what not. When I found out that he was going to be playing our Caped Crusader, I didn’t really know what to think. I thought it was like a joke (I’m not trying to be funny or rude at all. Just struck me as a weird choice.). In all honesty, I haven’t been following his career since after the first Twilight movie came out to theaters in 2009. I won’t hold that against him though. I didn’t care to watch the rest of those movies and I believe he wouldn’t hold that against me either.

Since I started to look into more of his career, he is honestly a really good actor. He’s compelling to watch. He shows his emotions clearly. It looks like he has fun doing what he loves. He also seems like an awkward guy too, which makes him more approachable. This isn’t going to be a ‘bash Robert Pattinson post’ because there are enough posts and videos about that. Fans of all medias are hard to please and I will give you an example of it in just a second, but there will never be a perfect person that all of the fans would want to see play their hero.

As an example of judging a casting choice before giving them a chance would be when I found out that Ben Affleck was going to be Batman in the DCEU. I was so confused and upset that I didn’t think that the producers or directors were even interested in the audiences likes and dislikes. I didn’t see the connection from the guy that played Dare Devil to the man that wanted to play the Dark Knight. Though it wasn’t too long ago that he was first casted, I just didn’t know what to think, but after I saw him in his business suit and his Bat-suit, I knew I was wrong. He looked like the man in the comic that I have read over and over again. He sounded, looked and acted just like what I wanted in my hero on screen He quickly became my absolute favorite Batman/Bruce Wayne actor.

It is really hard to be both people because they are super different people. The actor has to be able to separate the brute/sarcastic atmosphere of the Batman with the confident/playful/business shark of Bruce Wayne. This, I would say, is the toughest character to bring to life because the fans of this demographic can be so cruel and judgmental that it can seem like a waste of time. There’s always a better person to play this character, but again, there would never be an over all agreeance of it because everyone is unbelievably picky about something so important to their hearts.

I do believe that Pattinson should try to bulk up for this film. If he doesn’t then that is going to be something that he will be ridiculed by from the fans. He does have the heights and the face for Bruce Wayne, but that is just half of the character. And if he does start to bulk up, I hope that it’s in a healthy way. In no way does putting on weight need to be dangerous.

I think that he is trying to get away from the whole ‘Edward’ thing. Being tight-casted is a real struggle. If you aren’t actively trying to do better and expand your talents, then that will be what you will be known for. Just like Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter or Alfonso Ribeiro as Carlton Banks, they have been trying to get out of the shadows of those characters. I think they won’t be able to move away from those characters: not from lack of trying but the fans just see them as those loveable characters. They just did too good of a job.

In my soul, I believe that if he nails this movie along with the rest of the trilogy (along with other films), I have a strong belief that the name ‘Edward’ will be in the distant past. I’m sure Robert would live that. Sadly, if he doesn’t do too well, fans will rip him to shreds. I whole-heartedly don’t want that to happen. Fans can be vicious when it comes to their fandoms.

June 25th, 2021

Now that we went through some of the reasons on why I believe that Robert should be given a chance on the screen, and that all should not be so angry about it, I’d like to talk about what to expect from this upcoming film. It will be released on the June 25th, 2021, which seems far away, but I like that they are spreading out the films for two reasons.

  1. It makes it seems like they are taking their time with filming and studying the content so that it can be as spectacular for the more serious audience as it is for the casual audience. I look forward to the Easter Eggs that they will sprinkle in the film. You already know that I am going to be super excited about that. No one wants to have a trilogy to be shoved down their throats that wasn’t ready to be aired on the silver screen. I’m sure that Robert P. will want to make sure that he can be proud of his work and to be able to show to everyone that he is, in fact, a serious actor.
  2. So that I can catch up with everything (Ha-ha!)! There are so many movies, shows and comics that I want to get to write about that it’s nice to have a little breather. I never realized on just how much there was to dive into until I started this Blog! I’m grateful to be busy though (Ha-ha!) that’s for sure!

Who would you want to be Batman/Bruce Wayne in future movies? Should it be played by two different people that look the same? Why do you think they would be better than someone else? What would be your preferred movie look like? More of a detective movie or a pure action movie? Something that makes you think or something to just make you sit on the edge of your seat?

‘The Batman’ is going to be more of a ‘Noir Detective’ film in which there will be more of the processing of Batman and mysteries to be solved with logic and grace instead of all just straight fighting. If you have played the ‘Arkham’ games that ‘Rocksteady’ has made in the past (and soon to be future) then you might know what I mean if you haven’t read any of the comics. Throughout the game play, you have to find clues to help you discover the criminal’s plan at hand. Batman uses his gadgets to locate, stop and collect information from perps that work for the super villains that we all know and love to read about or watch. Batman is so much more than just a man in a bat costume. He is a world class detective, and it honestly hasn’t been shown in the past films, so I am really excited on how they are going to play this out. What do you all think?

And if you were saying that, “it’s weird that they re-casted Batman in the middle of the universe”, then you might be interested to learn that these movies that are coming up in the near future are going to be prequals, not a continuation. I think that this is a really good idea, “but I don’t want to have to see the origins again” you might be saying. Well-well-well…do I have something for you! This is going to be set in his early to middle years of being the Bat. He’s sharpening his skills as a detective to solve mysteries and to keep his reparation of being a world class detective as active as possible. I’ll say it again and I will keep saying it, but I cannot wait for this idea to come to life. If it is pulled off right, I feel like the DCEU will become a more enjoyable experience for active and casual fans out there in the world. In all honestly, I believe that the are going to create an amazing universe, but it just needs a bit more time.

There are a ton of reaction videos of this news, and there are a lot of other blogs or sites that are talking about his rise to Batman. All I feel that needs to be said is that I hope that we all can have an open mind to this casting. I wish that Ben Affleck would have stayed on as the Bat, but he isn’t. You can doddle on the fact that he isn’t, or you can open up to the possibility that Rob Pattinson might actually be a good to great Bruce/Batman. I like being surprised and I hope that I am, but this man seems like he is ready for this role, and I hope that he is. Because if he is not, there isn’t a thing on this earth that the fans wouldn’t do to tell their opinions on the subject.

What do you all think is going to happen? Do you think that he is ready for this role? I know it’s just a movie to some, but for the rest of us, we get to see our childhood hero come to life once again and we don’t want to be disappointed.

I hope the best for Robert Pattinson! No matter what, all we all want is you to try your best and to put your heart into their role. There will be picky people that can say nasty things, but if you tried with all of your heart then it will show!

Thank you all for stopping in to read my thoughts on the matter! It was a pleasure to be able to grow with you all! I’m happy that I get to talk to you all and analyze things the way that I do, while you all listen and respond back. Though this film won’t be her for another 2 years, I feel as if it will be well thought-out.

You all have been super wonderful to have around and to talk to. I wish you all the best of days and hope to have you back here. If you are new to my little dot on the internet, then please look into my older posts. If it’s not your cup of tea, then there are no hard feelings! I have a few ideas to improve the site in the near future that I will be announcing later. I hope that your day just gets better and better! If you would like to contact either Chris or I, our direct e-Mail is We respond to every e-Mail that we get. We love the input that you all have sent us, and it warms my heart to talk to you all!

Have a wonderful day, again, and see you next time!