It’s the Endgame For Us All




Hello Everyone, and welcome back to C&M! Today, I want to talk a little about Avengers Endgame. I made a special drawing for this special movie and would like to share it with you all as well! I hope that I won’t be spoiling the movie for anyone that wanted to see it, but if you don’t want to take that risk, then I would say wait to read this post.

As I read things the pertain to Endgame, I notice that a lot of people went to go see it the first chance that they got. I hope all of you that got to see it, loved it, but I also hope that all that still want to see it keeps their mind open to new things. I know that films usually have some flaws in it. I know I have noticed some things that I didn’t particularly like, but I promise not to dwindle on them too long.

Now that it’s been about 2 weeks since Endgame came out, I think it’s time for some of my thoughts to be written down and shared with you all. The reason that everyone was asked to wait to talk about it would be of two reasons. So that everyone was able to see the film, and have it not ruined, and that the new “Spider-Man: Far From Home” trailer was just released on Monday and it spoils parts on Endgame pretty much right away. We will talk about that trailer fairly soon as well, because we both love Spider-Man, and we both love Tom Holland.

This was a 3-hour movie, so there will be no way that I could talk about everything, so I think I would like to just touch up on a few things, good and bad that stayed with me since the day I saw it. Mostly just focusing on the characters that I picked out for this piece. Please enjoy, and remember, it’s all in good fun!

From the beginning of this film, Marvel has you gripped in their hands. These are the people that stuck out to me the most.

Tony Stark/Iron Man

(Robert Downey Jr., like you all don’t already know who he is):

The trendsetter for being an Avenger. Though he wasn’t officially the 1st Avenger (Captain America) his movie was the first step into the MCU (May 2, 2008). Seeing him in the opening scene was something else. For the first time, in all of these films, he has no idea how to get out of the predicament that he and Nebula (Karen Gillan). They are floating in the vast emptiness of Space as he informs Pepper (Gwyneth Paltrow) that they only had a little while before the Oxygen levels dissipated. He recorded all of his days in Space so that, if she were able to get his helmet, then she would know that she was the last thing on his mind. Slowly, his eyes get more and more red as he becomes sleepier. Enters Captain Marvel to save the day. We knew Tony wasn’t done yet.

I honestly like how he has grown as a person. From the first time that we meet him, we see that he is very into himself. Thought about no one but his own wellbeing. You could smell the arrogance coming from him and he isn’t even in person for you to do so. Along the way, he finds out that his actions bring an affect to others that he cares about. His inventions and his decisions affect even the people that he doesn’t know, for the better and for worse. I believe that it was Pepper who showed him that he could be better than just a show off. Finally, they have a kid by the name of Morgan (Alexandra Rachael Rabe) who changes Tony’s heart forever. She is the apple of his eye and the love in his heart. The quote that got me was “I love you 3,000 and that will come up later in the movie. Had my ass in tears again. Getting back to Pepper and Toney, their relationship doesn’t seem forced. It seems completely natural and that only happens when actors have that chemistry that we all look for. You couldn’t tell off screen that they aren’t married.

Find and click these icons for more indepth information about these characters!

Sure, he’s still hot headed and it’s either his way or no way, but what can you do. He’s a genius who thinks about outcomes that others don’t want to think about. I can picture that he struggles with being a realist and an emotional man. He debates, internally, with himself for that reason alone. There’s more to him but, again, I simplify a lot.

The lost of Peter Parker (Kid) and relaying that information to Steve Rogers was too much for me. I started crying like a baby on it’s first day of life. It’s something about a grown man crying (be free to show your emotions, boys/men. There’s nothing to be ashamed of) that just makes me lose it. Tony Stark is the manliest type of guy that I have seen on screen and he was just devastated about him losing the Kid. The fact that he needed to share that with Rogers brings another depth to their relationship as friends

The meeting of Howard Stark (John Slattery) and…Howard Potts? It’s actually Tony but he couldn’t tell his father who he was. That would be crazy! The interaction between Tony and Howard was super interesting. Tony’s father passed away very early into his life and there was so much that he wanted his father to see.

Turns out that Howard hasn’t had Tony yet, and asked Tony how he felt when his baby was born. Honestly, this scene enveloped me into an emotional rollercoaster! What am I supposed to be feeling here, Everyone!? Do I have to tell you my eyes were brimming with tears? Because if I told you they weren’t that would be a lie.

By the end of the film, we see that Tony gives up his life for the chance of saving everyone. He is posted up on something to steady him. Of course, Peter finds him and tries to plead to Mr. Stark that everything will be okay and that he will be fine (I am the biggest emotional wreck on the face of the earth). Pepper finds herself in front of Tony telling him it’s okay and that he needs to rest. It’s okay. Slowly and quietly, he drifts of to his peace. We see Peter devastated from the lose of his mentor and father figure, yet again.

I have to say, that Tony was the life of this movie. I, mainly, wanted to watch his character because he brought so much emotion and personality into the role and so much heart that it broke mine. We, as an audience, have known him for 11-years. Some people grew up watching him he Iron Man. This film had a lot of downs, but when there was good in his life, all he wanted to do was protect it. The only way that he could have helped was to make sure that his life (family) were to not change.

Peter Parker/Kid/Spider-Man

(Tom Holland):

He always makes me emotional (as you all can tell). I don’t know what it is, but I want to protect him from all of the evils of the world. You make me cry, Tom. But in a good way. You are my favorite Spidey by far.

So, we don’t get to see him until the last part of the movie, since he was apart of the half that turned to ash, so there isn’t too much to go off of, but when he was on screen, I felt my heart lighten! As fast as he can go, he gets his hands on the Iron Man Gauntlet and plays keep away from all the bag guys. He does a great job until he gets knocked down, in comes Captain Marvel!

Part of Peter’s part in this post is connected to Mr. Starks, because of obvious reasons but I do have my thoughts on him and what he has become.

I haven’t seen the trailer for, “Spider-Man Far From Home” yet, but I know its going to be great. What I’m getting at is that Tom Holland makes me feel as if this particular character is alive and feels strongly about the people that he loves. His father figure (Tony) is now gone. Greif comes with lose so I’m guessing that we get to see how he overcomes his feelings and learns to be okay with the situation that had occurred. I’m sensing that he will be going through the stages of grief and will need the help of friends and family to overcome the loss. I hope to see Tom in many many more movies. I can tell that he enjoys being a Superhero, which is super important, because it would be plain to see if he didn’t enjoy his time there.

Steve Rogers/Captain America

(Chris Evans):

This isn’t one of the larger passages, but it’s still full of beauty. I enjoy Captain America, but he always seemed like he was battling a war that wasn’t for him. He was a badass for sure. Don’t get me wrong. It just seemed like he was missing that one something to make his life more meaningful. Sure, protecting America was his man objective, and sure that he seen it as a duty for the brave. But deep down, there was something missing, which I feel he found a way to get what he wanted.

Obviously, he has always been the leader/co-leader of the Avengers. He wasn’t on the ash-ed away people (again, that’s obvious) but the part that I really wanted to touch on was the very end of the movie, where he has to return all of the stones back to the exact time that they were taken. There was an offer to go along with him, but Steve said that it wouldn’t be necessary. Since it wasn’t a dangerous mission, there wasn’t too much of an objection. Only taking a five second outside of the time jump to bring back Steve, there wasn’t a need to wait all that long for them to get their Captain back. At the end of the 5 seconds, the platform neglected to show Rogers. Panic and yelling started with the present characters, but soon it fell to silence. Off by the lake, there sat a figure with a tan jacket and dark white hair.

Steve Rogers decided not to come back as the Superhero that we all love. No. He decided to take up the advice that Tony would tell him over the years. Get a life. So, he did. After the last stone was put back, exactly the way that they were supposed to, he thought about his life and what he could do to make it fulfilling. Peggy Carter was Steve’s love of his life and he decided that it was time for him to get that life that Tony told him to get.

Our last scene was of him dancing and listening to music in his house with his Peggy. He was finally happy.


(Chris Hemsworth):

Thor is overcome with the loss of his brother, most of his people, half of the universe and friends that he felt love for. He turned into a slobby drunk that had a beer belly the size of his own miniature planet. Not a lot of fans like the direction that the went with this character. I was waiting, throughout the movie, for him to use his powers to scalp out his body to be what it once was.

Grief and misery envelope him over the years of him believing that he was the one that failed everyone. He was the one that could have prevented the ending of so many innocent beings. “You should have gone for the head” rings in his mind as he can’t sleep. Screams and cries keep him up at night. Though the fans didn’t like the way that he was portrayed in the film, I think there was more depth to it now that I am thinking about it. Sure, you might have to fabricate the story a little bit, but just looking at the expression on Thor brings you to feel badly about being upset about his body.

Depression is a powerful feeling. It can affect even the God of Thunder.

We are brought to Asgard (time travelling part of the movie so that we can find the Stones), and we see a beautiful woman surrounded by other beautiful but younger women. Hiding away as she looks around, Rocket (Bradley Cooper) half way yells at Thor to get ahold of himself because everyone lost family and friends on the ‘Snap’. Thor agrees but as soon as Rocket turns around Thor pretty much runs away from the situation. Behind a pillar he hides away from the gaze of his mother, but as she walks past his position she stops and tells all of the other women to leave her. She sneaks up behind him and waits for him to turn around. Trying to regain his poise he tells her he isn’t who she thinks he is, but she knows that’s a lie. A mother knows her child, and she knew that she was hers, just not from this time period.

It’s a very heart tugging moment because no one in the universe could ever understand how Thor was feeling. When you are in-trouble, you want your mother to make it all better. Now, he is in the position to talk to her and get any advice whether he wanted it or not. Listening carefully to all of her wisdom, as he wanted was to be told it wasn’t his fault. It was out of his control. Everything was going to be fine.

I feel for Thor. I’ve done some wrong things in my life. I have lost loved ones and friends that I wish I could change. Sometimes I feel like it was my fault that some of the people in my past are not apart of my life now. I, most of the time, would like my mother to tell me everything will be okay. Thor is in raw emotion, which he has never had to deal with before the beginning and ending of the Infinity War.

Giving up his position of being the King of New Asgard to Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson) because he wasn’t the person that he was needed to be. He wanted to be the person that he wanted to be. Isn’t that how we all want to be and do?

Clinton Barton/Hawkeye

(Jeremy Renner):

Losing your entire family to the event of the ‘Snap’ would be a crazy and confusing way of starting your BBQ day out. There’s no way that I would be able to handle that shock. Out of nowhere, it seems, that he just picks up the want to kill every single bad person on Earth. He was traced down to Mexico, but he was too fast to be caught, but then the team finally found him in Japan killing Yakuza with a big ass sword. He might have had two. My memory is of fog though it really isn’t that big of a detail.

As a plan is hatching for them to go back in time, he volunteers to be the test dummy. Clint went back to his farm, as to see if it was something that could actually work. Turns out the time machine worked. 2 seconds away from seeing his family again and he was pulled back super-fast. Thankfully he was safely returned with no repercussions (except emotional strain).

As the remaining Avengers hatch out a plan to get the Stones before Thanos does, he is teamed up with Natasha to retrieve the Soul Stone. If you saw Infinity War, then you could correctly guess what will happen next. Continue with this part of these character on Black Widow’s part of my review.

Black Widow and Hawkeye have interlocking storylines. I see them as one character most of the time.

Natasha Romanova/Black Widow

(Scarlet Johansson):

Natasha is a mess throughout the first 3/4th’s of the way through this movie. She feels a strong guilt and a lack of wanting to move on from what everyone had lost. She wants to get everyone back. Why did she survive? Why couldn’t she have gone to save someone else? She thinks of herself as a bad person. An undeserving person of the gift of life. This Natasha has never been portrayed this way on screen. Sure, she pretended to be emotional, but her training from her past allowed her to take charge of her emotions, not the other way around. You can see that in the first Avenger movie when she was talking to Loki.

He mindset is to find and help out the one person that she looks up to and fully trusts, Clint. Where is her? Why didn’t he take her with him or why didn’t he come to her when he was hurting so badly? Questions swim in her head as she assigns Rhodey (Don Cheadle) to locate Clint. Lucky for her, but unlucky for others, her friend was leaving a large amount of bodies in his path of destruction.

Moving forward, we are at the location where the Soul Stone resigns. Red Skull (Ross Marquand). We all know how the stone is revealed. You have to lose something that you love. Something that you hold close to your heart. They look at each other and gave each other understanding looks. Turns out that they were thinking of sacrificing themselves-not sacrificing one another! Natasha knew that it had to be her. She had no biological family. She only cared about the well beings of her friends (the only family she ever knew of). Clint believe that it was he who should be sacrificed, but I don’t see why he would have thought that? I know that he didn’t want his friend to die, so that makes sense, but it was obvious on who was going to be taking themselves over the cliff.

A race develops between the two. It’s almost funny on how it was played out but then you remember what they were racing for! You demented person, you!

Suddenly, we see our two characters dangling from the cliff. Clint is hanging onto Natasha as tightly as he can, but he only holds onto her wrist. They look at each other and she tells him that he needs to keep living and to let her go. “It’s okay, Clint. Just let me go” (not exact quote but close). Not because he lets her, but she slips from his grip, falling further away from life.

Natasha is then seen as a lifeless body at the bottom of the cliff. Hard stone ground catching her fall. The scene of Gamora (Zoe Saldana) comes to your mind as you remember that she suffered the same fate as Natasha.

Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel

(Brie Larson):

I feel like she was just thrown into the movie. The fans didn’t get to connect with her as much as other characters, so I feel like she wasn’t as ‘major’ as the MCU would have wanted to her to be. She came at the absolute first part of the film, to make sure that the other characters knew of her, but then she leaves because there are other world that are in need of her help. I also feel like her movie should have been introduced earlier into the MCU line-up. Maybe around the Iron Man 2 area, so that we could have gotten an emotional connection and understand all about her powers and personality. They tried to get her whole story told in one movie, which isn’t that bad. I won’t say that it was, I feel as if they rushed her and threw her on the audience’s lap expecting them to just except it. Still, Brie did a wonderful job with what she was given. A lot of little girls and little boys look up to her for this reason.

Though I have made a review about Captain Marvel, and it did surprise me that it was as good as it was, Christian says that she just seems too overpowered. I can see what he means. She seems like she has no weaknesses, which isn’t relatable.

Look. I understand that there are other planets and more than just the human race. I get that. But she had loved ones here on Earth. Shouldn’t she have wanted to avenger her own loved one, including Nick Fury?

Her hair and the jokes. I knew as soon as I seen her hair cut when she was projecting herself to inform Black Widow of any update on her end. I knew that someone on screen was going to comment on it and joke about it. It was a little bit of an easy joke to throw out there. In the comics, she does have that hair style. It’s cool that they made that apart of this world as well. Also, I knew, as soon as people were able to talk about the movie, was that they were going to make jokes about her hair as well. It bored me a bit and lacked some imagination (the Can-I-See-You- Manager Haircut). She had it in the comics. I didn’t see the big deal, but that was what we were given for her character in this movie.


She shows back up at the end of the film to help defeat Thanos, which of course, she blows through all of the ships, which knocks them out of the sky. Christian doesn’t like overpowered characters because he believes that she could just fight all of these beings by herself. She could have taken the Gauntlets, created by Iron Man, and just leave the solar system. She could have hidden it or destroyed it. She could have taken Ant Man, Wasp and the van with her to a different country or something so that they couldn’t have been interrupted. There’s so much that she could have done by herself that it almost makes this a waste of time. I don’t mean to smash this movie at all, but I wish that we could have gotten to know Carol Danvers more than just right before Endgame came out. Sorry for going on a rant. Brie (if you ever see this), this was in no way a reflection on you as an actress or a person. I wish they would have done better by you and had you in the franchise a lot sooner so that we could have gotten to know you more, but I have a gut feeling that you will be the main person in the new set up for the MCU (if that is what they will keep calling it).

Dr. Bruce Banner/Hulk

(Mark Ruffalo)

What do you get when you have a genius IQ and the muscles of an invincible being? Maestro? A really big bad guy says the comic book guy in the back of the room looking at Hulk Figurines. A bad time for others, says the girl by the Hulk comic books. You guys all guessed wrong! I know right? But you all are wrong. You get a big green man that is calm and collected, who is also capable of ripping a car in half. I love Bruce Banner. I love the Hulk. I think Mark R. is a really funny guy, but them together in-sink was a weird thing for me. I thought that it was going to be something completely different.

When they were doing the actual time traveling testing, I thought that the Hulk’s fingers would mess up the controls. I feel as if the Hulk might not like the fact that, thought his body is out and about, his brain isn’t being used, and I think that is going to cause some issues for the future of Bruce Banner. Maybe it’s a set up for Maestro in the later years of the MCU? Maybe it will be dropped completely, because the original Avengers seem have all left the front seat of the team. They all passed it along to someone else. I honestly hope that Maestro comes out, because that would be such a nice little twist.

Mark Ruffalo is probably one of my favorite actors in these projects. I can understand that it’s hard to keep both casual fans and life long comic fans happy, but it seems like, if they don’t do something with this form of Hulk, then it will cause people to have a lot of questions and issues that it was just dropped. The movies belong to the producers and the directors, but the fans are a huge part of what is and isn’t an acceptable play on character’s or storylines. Just look at Suicide Squad. That isn’t even cannon anymore. The audience is just being told not to pay attention to that film (off topic).

Please do something with this character, MCU. It would be such a great set up for something fantastic.

The Funeral

We are brought into the living room of the Stark’s family house to watch the last words of the late Tony Stark. Both Pepper and Morgan are on the couch closest to the projector along with Happy (I believe). He made this recording just incase the time jump stuff didn’t pan out the way that they wanted it to. At the end of his speech, he blows away everything that he was saying that there was no way that their plan wasn’t going to work. As if he knew where she would be sitting, he turns to Morgan and looks her in the eye to say his last words (I’m tearing up just writing this), “I love you 3,000”. With a smile and a way of certainty, he gets up and shuts off the recording.

People that you remember and people that you don’t show up to Tony Starks funeral to say goodbye, as most funerals go. The very first ‘Heart’ made by Tony with the words, “Proof that Tony Stark has a Heart” is set off to float into the lake that lays behind their house. It was very tasteful and very relatable. It’s the end to an era.

Obviously, there were hundreds of Characters that deserve their own spotlight, but these are the ones that I found that were highlighted. I want to say this; everyone did an amazing job. The acting was phenomenal. Storyline was emotional. There were spots in the movie that I was thinking, “If I were in that position, what would I do”. There were tears, and there was laughter. People clapped when certain things happened on the screen, like when every character came back to “life” (even though they were alive in a different sense, like if they were on Earth but in a different frequency of that Earth…if that makes sense). It was a bitter sweet ending that I didn’t fully expect. I believe that ever since person that was casted and everyone in the backstage of it all are all extremely talented. I doubt I could ever be as brilliant as you all.

Any time of criticism that I might have shared with you was not out of annoyance but because I have invested countless hours watching and reading about characters. In my mind there were things I wanted and didn’t want, just like everyone else, but at the end all I can say to everyone, and anyone that was involved in this 11-year-long production that you all were amazing. You’ve all become someone’s hero. You will always be the reason that some child out in the world wants to stand up for what is right. You should all be proud of what you do and I cannot tell you how happy I will be when I get to share all of these movies with my future children. I hope that my daughter(s) want to be as strong as Captain Marvel, Shuri, Black Widow or so many of the other heroes. I cannot wait to see my son(s) walk around in his super-suit, trying to blast a hole in the orange juice container, or become an angry green beast to smash his Lego towers. Thank you for being that Hero to someone.

Stan Lee’s last cameo was a driver. Very small part, but still some of the best things to see. We hope that the family of Stan Lee knows they are loved and remember that their father made millions of people happy as a Clam. Excelsior!

Thank you, to my Everyone’s that came back to read my writing again. I always want to keep you all entertained and to have something good to read! It’s always so great to have you all here with me! Have a beautiful rest of your day/night, and I hope to have you come back soon when I cry over yet another Tom Holland movie.


Infinity War!

Is This the End?

     Hello, Ladies and Gentlemen! How is everyone doing today? If it’s good…then AWESOME! If there’s a bump in the road, I hope this gives you at least a little happiness. I hope that I gave everyone, that reads this, time to go see Infinity War! I went to go see it the day it came out around 7pm (That’s not important). My fiancé and I see that the tickets were on sale and bought our tickets on our movie app. Again, you didn’t click on here to ready about my play by play of how I bought tickets. Let’s get to the movie! And I know I said this was supposed be out by the 11th, but I’m a terrible person that procrastinates.

     Going through play-by-play for this movie will take more than just one day to get through. So, I thought I would tell the story of Thanos and why I think that he did the right thing instead of the avengers doing. I’m sure there’s people that don’t agree with me on the subject, but I feel like he was correct. I also want to touch on a couple heartstring tugged scenes. Believe me there were a few. This move we had me almost crying a couple times. 

     Infinity War takes place right after Thor Ragnarok ends. (Marvel is putting out a timeline of events that you can follow along to. Sometimes it gets a little hard to figure out what and where things happen.) While Thor, Loki and all of Asgard are in space on their ship, they are taken over by Thanos’ crew (him included) and I are boarded without permission.


     As the opening scenes start up you can see people littered all over the ground. All but three are dead. Thor, Loki and half dead, Heimdell. 

     As Avengers do so well, they try to formulate a plan to defeat Thanos. Hulk has always been the key person in any fight. He’s always had the upper hand because he is underestimated in most fights because people forget about him. He punches Thanos‘ face in surprise and seems like he’s winning but Thanos decides that he doesn’t want to play around anymore and beats hulk nearly to death. We all know hulk is one of the strongest beings on earth but as he has seen, Thanos is much stronger which shakes hulk’s self-esteem to nothing.

     For everyone that is still alive on the ship, they know hulk needs to be sent back to earth as a last defense and a warning to the Avengers. Heimdell tried to rebel against Thanos. He opens a portal for hulk to get back to earth. After being found out of what he was doing, he is stab and finally dies. Thor watched as his friend passed onto the afterlife. Heimdell was the first, on screen death in the movie, which sucks because he was one of my favorites. You can see Thor’s heart just break after seeing the light in his friend’s eyes dim. 

Just a quick clip for you to enjoy:)

     Thanos clutched onto Thor’s head in his hand as he trying to get Loki to give him the Tesseract. Thanos knew that even though Loki does not like his brother, at times, he still loves him. And will do anything to keep him safe. Loki, all in all, had some of the most drastic character developments in all of the 10 years of Marvel. You can say many things about Loki, but the love for his brother is real. 

     This was not the first time Loki and Thanos have had a conversation together. You can tell that by the way they talk to one another. As Thanos knows, Loki is the God of tricks, so when Loki tells Thanos that he doesn’t have a Tesseract knows he’s lying. Thor sees that Loki developed a dagger in his hand that is being held behind his back to kill off Thanos. Thanos obviously knew Loki was going to betray him so the dagger was of no issue. As soon as Loki figured out that he was doomed he tried to bargain with Thanos. But before it was too late Thanos had let go of the god of thunder and had Loki’s throat in his hand. After a short talk to Loki explaining that, “there was no more resurrections” a sharp crack was heard by the audience, we see a lifeless body in Thanos‘ hands drop to the ground. Thanos had the Tesseract now. He crushed in his hands and now had the Space Stone in his possession. 

     Thor lays immobile as he watches his only brother, his only family, an end to Asgard drop dead to the floor as Thanos heads back to his ship. 

     Usually, in these Avenger films you don’t see the “bad guy” until about the middle of the movie but in this film, you get to see Thanos instantly in the beginning scene. If you know nothing about who Thanos is you instantly think that he is the bad guy in the movie, which in fact is debatable. Sure, in the beginning scenes he does kill everyone on the ship. He stands out to be one of the bad guys and I can get behind that. But after a while your feelings start to change or at least mine did. 

     As I have said, and you might be getting sick of me saying this but, every character has their own reasons on why they are doing things. The Avengers see him as a threat, so they want to defeat him. Thanos see the worlds he visits in turmoil, so he wants to do everything in his power to correct what was wrong.

These are my little thought…you can skip if you want to

     By the end of the movie…actually, not even just the end. towards the middle of the movie I started to like Thanos so much more than I like any of the heroes in this film. That’s kind of, you know, different. I am not used to feeling bad or connect more with the enemy instead of the heroes. To all honesty I don’t think Thanos was even a villain. I think that he was in the right even though the idea is not very popular. It’s not a new concept that was developed by Marvel, but it was and is a concept that could possibly save worlds. Though in this theory it kills randomly: poor, rich, big, little, young or old. It doesn’t matter. It’s all about unbiasedness. And other theories like this one it’s usually who could be more of an asset and who had the most money who could do the most difference in the world. 

     Since this movie is so detailed, and so many things were happening in this film, I thought that I would get through some of the deaths of the “tugging of the heartstrings” type of scenes, that did make me shed a tear or two. We already covered Loki’s (poor Loki) death so I thought that I could finish up one of the bigger deaths in the movie. Gamora’s.

Gamora’s Death Scene

     Thanos and Gamora are walking in a different world where the Soul Stone is supposed to be. She ended up telling him where it was located at because he was hurting her sister, Nebula. (Nebula was floating in the air as Gamora was watching her. Her sister’s body parts just ripping off of her whole. Tears streak down Gamora’s face as she sees her sister in tremendous amounts of pain. Finally, she told Thanos where to look.) They both hike up to the mountain top to where Red Skull(???) is located at. He says something in the lines of, “I direct others to things that they want to most never to get what I really want”. I don’t think it was necessary to see him? Seemed like they were just putting him in here just to make the audience take a second look at him. I don’t know. I didn’t care to see him in it. Moving on!

     They go up to the cliff side of the mountain, and it because clear. For Thanos to get his hand on the stone, he has to sacrifice something that he truly loves with all of his being. Gamora hears this and smirks. She gloats that he has NOTHING in his life that he could possibly have that would satisfy the requirements of getting the Soul Stone. That he could not possibly hold love in his heart because of all of the things that he has done. All the things that she knows. She laughs at him, believing that all that he was trying to accomplish is at it’s end. She laughs because she believes that he has failed.

     A tear escapes his eye and rolls down his face as he knows what this means, and what has to happen. Heartbreak and disbelief crosses his face. Red skull notices and says nothing. Gamora sees the tears and mistake them for self-pity. She believes that he is crying because it’s the end of the road, as I have said so before in the previous paragraph. As you can tell, or that you know, that isn’t the reason. Red Skull interjects his opinion about what the tears are for. Thanos still quiet, lets him speak freely. “Those tears are not for him.”

     Thanos looks towards Gamora over his shoulder. Slowly she starts to realize that what Red Skull was saying was true. Confusion mixed with panic filled her eyes as her father moved slowly to her. (I know that Gamora knew that he loved her in his own way. She was, by far, the favorite youngling that he’s ever adopted. Out of all of his children, she was the most important one.) As he watched her carefully, walks towards her slowly. Knowing what has to be done he grabs her elbow to direct her towards the cliff that was right behind her. She struggles against his grip but knows that it is pointless. Her death would be coming for her soon. Her face pleads to be let go of, but this is what he has to give up helping all of the species, in this galaxy, survive.

     Her feet are hanging onto the rocky ground as hard as they can while her father holds her over the empty space in front of him. “I’m sorry, Little One” (I believe that is the quote. Sorry I’m trying to do this by memory.) and let go of her arm. He watches her accelerate to her death. And then…that was it. She laid at the bottom of a rock-hard surface with her unique colored blood surrounding her. Despair takes over the expression of the Mighty Thanos as the Soul Stone comes to him. It costed him everything.

     This was, by far, one of the saddest things that I have ever watched. Thanos. This titan, all powerful being that has the ability to kill off so many would have to let go of the one thing that he holds precious. I liked his character, so I felt sorrow for seeing this scene. Definite tear jerker for me. My fiancé said that it made him feel some type of way too (Between you and I…I think he cried a little bit too.).

     She wasn’t taken out by the Infinity Stones, so I don’t know if she will come back to life just like all the others will. Same with Loki. I think they are actually dead dead.

Honorable Mentions


     Spidey! Nooooooo! I love Tom Holland as Spiderman. He is absolutely what I think of when I talk about the masked hero. He’s actually one of the few heroes that still has a secret identity. Getting back on track…sorry! Peter “dies” in the arms of Tony Stark. With (as I have seen there are a lot of memes about this scene) the line, “I don’t feel so good Mr. Stark”, you know what was going to happen. I was hoping it was going to be him saying he was going to be sick, but you see part of his profile start to leave his body, and I just knew I was going to shed some more tears. Parker starting to float away, as he starts walking towards Tony. Scared and unsure of what is happening to his body, he exclaims that, “I don’t want to go, Mr. Stark!”. If you didn’t shed a tear for this innocent young man, scared to death about going somewhere that he wasn’t prepared to go…you’re a monster! Just Kidding! But I really just wanted to go and hug him and tell him everything was going to be fine. Even though he wouldn’t believe me.


     Interestingly enough! Did you know the Tom Holland had to just assume what he was acting? He didn’t know what he was doing. If you didn’t know that, look at how scared he was in that scene and tell me that Tom isn’t good at acting. Most of the scenes, he was acting with tennis balls. He’s no good with keeping secrets! When there is an interview for the actors of Marvel, they always had Tom with someone else. Usually, as I have seen, would be Benedict Cumberbatch (Doctor Strange).

Black Panther

     Black Panther? What? He has another movie coming out in a year or two! Did they only do this to put a “wow” factor in this movie? I’ve read that they will start production when the director from the first film is ready. So, I know there’s another on in play…unless they are making another movie with past Black Panther Kings? We all know that the “dead” won’t stay dead. Most of the people that are fans have been reading up on Infinity War before the movie was even brought up. So, the people that “go poof” won’t be gone for too long.


     Side note…I don’t think Wakanda should have been in the film. I loved Black Panther. I think that it is one of Marvel’s tippy top of greatest MCU movies. But I didn’t really get why they thought bringing Wakanda to the screen was necessary. Sure, I get that Bucky was there. Sure, I know that they had to bring T’Challa and royal guards into the movie. “Sure”, they thought that removing the Mind Stone from Vision was a clever idea and would be able to destroy the Stone before Thanos got ahold of it. Thanos already had possession of all of the other Stones so, don’t you think he can just turn back time and get it back after being destroyed? That’s what happened. It’s was a little predictable.

Doctor Strange

     Doctor Strange…you know he has a plan. He says so in his dialog to Tony Stark saying, “This was the only way.” I don’t have much to say about D.S. because he knows how all of this is going to go down. I like D.S. a lot, and though it seems he is an a**hole, I like him for it. There’s only one way that they could win, so I believe that he is doing just that. You do you Stephan!


     Did you know that Benedict Cumberbatch was the only actor in the whole film to read the whole script from start to finish? Someone caught wind of him reading the script and got someone to take it away from him, but it was too late. Sneaky, sneaky man you are Cumberbatch.


     What can we say about Star-Lord. He lost some fans in his actions, but who am I to say I wouldn’t want to do the same thing he did if I were him? I’d be a d*mn liar-liar-pants-on-fire! Chris Pratt’s character, legit, is the most emotional one in the film. A lot of people are hating on the fact that Star Lord kind of ruined the small chances that Earth had to saving the innocent from “death”. I hear that, “they would never do that because the value of one man/woman isn’t worth thousands!” but not one of them ever had to do as he did. This is a fictional world. This is based off of comic book people. This is nothing to get upset about where you start to look at C. Pratt in a negative light. In all honesty, I didn’t care for the love story that was happening. But that really is just on me. I just don’t like to see a movie stop to explain a love interest to the audience. I’m all about the action and adventure.


     I felt a bit bad for Star-Lord because he had just lost a loved on to a man that was described as a monster, in Gamora’s words. So, I get where his anger is coming from.


     Most of the funny things that Dave Batista said on set were used in the film. The quote, “I’ll do you one better. Why’s Gamora?” was not scripted and became on of the most memorable quotes in the whole movie. He didn’t have too much screen time so there isn’t too much to say, but he was an enjoyable addition to the screen.


     Angry teenage tree creature, playing on a gaming device with the words, “Defenders” on it. Hinting that the Defenders, although they weren’t in the movie, they are still around somewhere trying to keep their city from failing. I hope they didn’t go “poof” too. I really love the Netflix shows they have on.

Nick Fury & Maria Hill

     Was only on screen enough to call Captain Marvel, then prooooooof. Gone. That was just enough time to almost get his famous catch line, “Mother F…”. As you can imagine, we all laughed. The guy behind me seemed like he heard the funniest thing ever said in the history of the world (Calm down, Guy.).

       It’s probably easier to just tell you who survived. The original six and a few others.

     By the way, Thor is a mystical creature of amazement and power unlike anyone has ever seen in the MCU. Electric eye is scary.

     Hulk never came back out to fight like it was seen in the previews of the movie. (They lied to us all.) he did not like the feeling of being vulnerable. I read that someone hopes the Hulk succeeds from Bruce Banner, for some reason. They stated that Hulk wants to be his own person. Why do you want that, you might ask? I’d ask the same thing, to be honest. They are, just now, starting to get along. Hulk is now under control of himself. Leave Hulk alone! He was just scared!

     Now that I covered some parts of the death/“death” scenes, the ending was what I was hoping on covering as well.

     I was not disappointed with the ending at all. I liked that Thor, with the Storm-breaker (with parts of Groot), was the one that hurt Thanos the most. He became the most valuable Avenger out of all of them. How great was it to see Thor (Chris Hemsworth) all angry/excited to fight the Titan? He was the only one that caused Thanos that much physical pain, but he made a mistake. “You should have gone for the head.” And with a smirk, the giant’s massive hand raised up to show of the completed Gauntlet. With just a snap of the fingers, the vanishing (Poof) act begun. We lost all of the characters that we have been waiting for. All of the ones that I had just mentioned and many, many more that I did not have time to mention. All off to the Souls Stone. That’s right! The death’s might have been real (in time)…but do you really think that there isn’t a plan to get these characters back to where they need to be? Dr. Strange already told us that, “This was the only way”. Marvel and their sly wording.

     So, what were your favorite scenes in this film of our great Superheroes? Did you like the ending? How do you feel about Thanos and his goals? Do you think he was to into himself by saying that our galaxy needed saving and he is the only one that could help? Do you think he was right in any way? I read your emails as quickly as I can, and I always love hearing about your opinions. I love to post your comments on this page too! Let me hear your opinions! Tell us about your experiences throughout the 10-year span of MCU building their unique universe!

     As always, it’s so great to talk to you all! I’ll be posting about another Marvel movie that just cam out too. Deadpool! And the guy that played Thanos is playing Cable!

Thank you for reading!