Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

To You!

Happy Holiday’s to you and to your families! We here at C and M are happy to have shared this year with you all and hope that we can share this holiday season with you as well! We like to look back and thank all the people that have reached out to us about their experiences with comics and comic related things. Pretty much any fandom that you admire, we like to hear about.

We are going to be bouncing from house to house over the next few days, but you all are always on our minds!

Yesterday, we got to see the movie, “Aquaman” and man oh man was it good! I would like to see it a second time just to make sure I didn’t miss anything, so just give me a few days to do that. It’s a busy season for us, with family and good friends, that we probably won’t be able to post our thoughts on the movie just yet! I have a lot that id like to take about and I would also like to make Aquaman one of our Character Spotlight, because…who ever thought that Aquaman was going to be such a badass!? He is no longer the butt of the joke, that’s for sure.

Both of us will try to get our own posts on here soon (I’ll probably beat him to it).

I also want to let you all know that Chris is now running our new Instagram: cmcomichub

If the link on this icon doesn’t work then just look us up on the actual app. I will try to fix it if it causes issue.

I, honestly, am so bad with anything related to social media, I can’t even run my own personally Instagram. That’s how bad I am. Thank you so much Christian, for taking the lead on that.

Happy Holiday’s to you again! We hope that the season fills you with love and care! Join us on Instagram to be our Instafam!

With Care,