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Hello again Everyone, and welcome back to this exciting day in the life of Kay! I will be your host, and your cheerleader for today! How are we all feeling? I am doing fan-tas-tic! You know why? Because Alfred Pennyworth (everyone knows him as the Wayne Manner Butler, but he is so much more than that!). In the early years of being in the Batman comics, he was always the sharp witted, sarcasm driven older man that looked after the young Master Bruce Wayne. After Thomas and Martha were killed on Crime Ally, he was appointed as the Sole Guardian of Bruce. Something that a lot of people don’t know is that the child services didn’t feel it was appropriate for Bruce to be raised by a servant, so they tried to take him away from Alfred’s care. At the young age of 8, Bruce bribed the workers to let him stay in the care of Mr. Pennyworth. Ever since that day, he was the main father figure for the rest of Bruce’s life. Even before that, Alfred was still a powerful figure in Bruce’s life. We just didn’t see HOW powerful he was.

As time progresses, so does our knowledge of who, exactly Mr. Alfred Thaddeus Crane Pennyworth, truly was and is. Is he just a Butler for the richest man in the DC universe? Is he a secret agent that is spying on the superheroes? Is he a father or an uncle to someone? Was he an actor? This might be one of the few glimpses (along with the Gotham series) that we get to see of Alfred, and I am so excited about it. I hope that it turns out to be a good show, because I loved the Gotham series (which I have to finally watch the rest of since the series is finally finished). And obviously there are different forms of Alfred though-out the different universes, but this will be the first time we get to be in the life of Mr. Pennyworth! How exciting!

As time progresses, so does our knowledge of who, exactly Mr. Alfred Thaddeus Crane Pennyworth, truly was and is. Is he just a Butler for the richest man in the DC universe? Is he a secret agent that is spying on the superheroes? Is he a father or an uncle to someone? Was he an actor? This might be one of the few glimpses (along with the Gotham series) that we get to see of Alfred, and I am so excited about it. I hope that it turns out to be a good show, because I loved the Gotham series (which I have to finally watch the rest of since the series is finally finished). And obviously there are different forms of Alfred though-out the different universes, but this will be the first time we get to be in the life of Mr. Pennyworth! How exciting!

The first time that we meet him is in Batman #16 April 1943 and might I be so bold as to say, he might be one of my favorite characters in all comics. He is just so sassy and quick to call Bruce on his bull****. He’s one of the most loyal and trustworthy persons in the DC universe that all other Justice League members (that are close to Batman) know and love. Alfred knows everyone’s secret identities. What does he do with that information? He keeps it to himself. He knows a lot of secrets, but he would never tell them to an enemy or law enforcement, even under duress.

What do you want to see in this new series?

So, this is what I know from just casually looking up what this series is going to cover. There will be ten episodes so far, which doesn’t sound like that much, but I think it’s going to be 45-1-hour long showings. The first episode will air on Sunday, July 28th. It’s an Amazon Original series, which I don’t have that service, but I might just have to bite the bullet…I don’t know (Ha-ha). This show will be based in the 1960s Britain. The cast will consist of Jack Bannon (Alfred Pennyworth), Ben Aldridge (Thomas Wayne), Jason Flemyng (Lord Harwood), Paloma Faith (Bet Sykes).

You can learn more about these character by following the link above!

It takes place in his 20s which sounds really young, but he was a hard worker and a very good shot with a gun, when he was in the British SAS. He is starting up his own protection service, which turns in him meeting Thomas Wayne. Again, this will be the longest we will be seeing Thomas Wayne on screen (not including the comic universe where he is, in fact, Batman). They will end up working together against the villains of this series. I believe that Bruce is alive in this timeline, but if not then he will be born within the series. I say that because Bruce is only 8 years old by the time his parents are killed in Crime Ally. I’m thinking that since Alfred was the Wayne’s Butler/Chauffer/Protector, he must have been acquainted with Bruce long before the shooting. Saying all of that, I would conclude that this is all that I know about this new series.

So, who do I believe Alfred Pennyworth is and why do I think that he is important in the world of DC? Who is it that this man, that holds himself so proper and full of love and compassion, believes he is? Well, since you asked, I will tell you!

  • Courageous
  • Firearms Expert
  • Devoted Caretaker
  • Sassy/Sarcastic
  • Loyal Friend
  • Family Man

Though-out the whole history of Batman, we all get to see small parts of who Alfred was, but other than the small flashbacks, is there any graphic novel concentrated on just the Man of the Hour? I will say this, if there is a comic book with just him in it and I missed it, then I am sorry to the die-hard fans out there. I think I am pretty well in knowing that he doesn’t but there is a chance that I could be wrong. I believe that Pennyworth is a very essential part in Bruce’s life because I feel like if there was no Alfred, there would be no Bruce. Batman would have been dead before he even got started in his cruised.

I believe that this series could give us an understanding of Alfred and what abilities he has passed along to our favorite Master Wayne. I couldn’t be more ecstatic about this series. I wish it wasn’t on Amazon. I wish it would have been on Netflix, but I think it will be worth the try out for the membership. Maybe they will put it on Netflix after a while (Ha-ha)! I can only hope!

Thank you Everyone for coming back to read my thoughts! I’m glad that I can be here for you all and listen to you talk about your favorite things. Are you all looking forward to this series as I am? I have so much to catch up on that it can be overwhelming but there’s all the time in the world to enjoy things!

I hope that you all enjoy the original art pictures that I’m trying to do for each post now. I’m working really hard to have something you all haven’t seen before. It gives me joy to have you all here. Thank you all again for stopping in and I will see you all again very soon!


Is It Captain Marvel or Is It SHAZAM!


Good day to you all and welcome back to our little part of the internet! My name is Kay, and it is my pleasure to get to know all of you! The sun is out, and I am ready to go to the beach with my husband and friends! Nothing more amazing than a long day outside enjoying the sun kissing my skin.

This last Saturday was my 25th birthday, which was a lot of fun. I got a cake and balloons! I was able to talk to my family and friends. It was a long day of eating and laying around with our cat, Lucas Bucas (Luke for short as you all know). I knew that Chris was planning something for us to do later on in the night, but I didn’t really know what to expect. We showed up to our local theater, but for the life of me, I could not recall what movies were out that we would have been wanting to see. Then he let it out. SHAZAM! Confusion swept over me as we haven’t talked about this movie coming out since we hear of it’s release date.

Just like Captain Marvel (funny because they use to have that name in common), I was not all that excited to see this film. Not because I didn’t think it wasn’t going to be a good movie to watch. Not because of the critics either. By no means did I think that it was going to be trash. I knew that it was going to be good. DC has been taking good strides with the new direction that they decided to go. I just didn’t know that much about Shazam. I knew of his name. I knew of the general information about his character, but I just didn’t know all that much about him. The trailers seemed to portray him to be a super goofy person, to the extent that I thought it was going to bring me out of the experience.

Since this post is about this movie, I will be talking about some of the events that happened. If you haven’t seen it and want to, then you might want to wait reading this until after you see this film. The young child in this opening scene is Thaddeus Sivana from 1974 (Ethan Pugiotto) and the wonderful Wizard (Djimon Hounsou). Thaddeus’ father Mr. Sivana (John Glover Jr. I just have to share this, but he was Lionel Luther in CW’s Smallville. He was also in the 1997 Batman and Robin film as Jason Woodrue. He’s involved in many DC shows and movies. I was very excited to see him again…carry on.) Lastly, Sid Sivana 1974 (Landon Doak). 

If you would like to see the whole cast members then you can click the link below!

Understanding The Beginnings of A Villain

Imagine yourself being a young child of your family. A Black Sheep if you will. Imagine that no matter how hard you try, there’s nothing you can do to win your families affection. Traveling, quietly to your grandfather’s house for Christmas (1974) with your favorite toy in your hands. A Magic 8 Ball cradled into your tiny fingers to tell of your future that you so desperately want to know. Small sounds coming from you, start to inch into your father’s patience until he yells at you about bring a toy along with you when he told you not to. Your older brother is the wanted child. The football star. The perfect student. He doesn’t need glasses. You got all the “bad genes”. It’s obvious that your older brother is your father’s favorite. You’re still young and haven’t really figured that out yet, but all your life you’ve been yelled at or told that you weren’t doing it right. Nothing that you do makes the cut. Imagine that you were the least loved person in your family unit.

On your trip to your grandfather’s, something amazing happens. The family that you feel you don’t belong to, has disappeared. The car is going into overdrive as the windows start to ice up. Your heart starts to race. Sweat starts to pearl onto your skin. Your eyes are the size of saucers. Snapping your head from left to right to front to back…but then…silence.

Stepping out of the family car, snowflakes stick to your hair as peaceful as a morning dove to branches. Thoughts of peace and quiet mix into this mind of child.


No one answers. Why isn’t there an answer? Didn’t they bring you there? It’s cold here. Its dark here. Where are you supposed to go? Where is your family? Who is that old guy at the end of the room? Questions that soon will be answered, just focus on the old man with the glowing Thunderbolt on his chest. Shh now, let him speak. He’s speaking of ultimate power…of being a Champion. Is that you? Could you be that Champion? What’s he saying now…? What Eye? Is the Wizard talking about that glowing circle? It’s talking to you in low but firm voice…voices? One, two, three…seven? Right! The wizard said something about the Seven Deadly Sins, but what does that have to do with this glowing thing.

It’s telling you to reach out and take it away from it’s perch. It makes you feel powerful. Finally! The small field around it starts to open up as it invites you to grab it tight, but suddenly your gaze gets snapped back to the Wizard! What happened? What’s going on?

What did you do wrong!?

“You will never be good enough to be the Champion!”

A feeling of despair envelopes you, but this is a little different. Now it’s a Being of Power telling you that you will never be good enough. What are you talking about? Why would you say that? I can be good enough! Please! Just give me another chance! Panic fills your being as you start to lose the connection that you desperately carve!

The voices that you were hearing speak to you. They want you to come back for them. That’s the last thing that your child like ears hear as you are whisked back into your family car, with the family that hates you.

It’s like it never happened…but you remember everything. It stays with you forever. Panic.

With that imagery, if I am at least half as good as I think I am, how do you think that you would feel in this situation? Would you become obsessed with the thought of getting back to the voices so that they can bless you with the power that you deserve? Could you let it go or work hard enough where you didn’t need that power? I don’t know what I would do.

So right off the bat, this movie is pretty dark. Not just because of the color schemes, but also with the atmosphere that I had just got done describing. DCEU has become the masters at creating uncomfortable but compelling storylines that make you gawk at the screen, but just as quickly as you were introduced into this small window of this young boy’s life, you are pulled out of it and planted in 2019.

Who is the Champion you ask? Well, that will just take a second to get to. The beginning of finding the new Champion will start off with us being introduced to a trouble making, Billy Batson (Asher Angel). An adolescent foster child that runs away from home after home in hopes of locating his long-lost mother, which comes with a fascinating story and imagery.

His side of the story:

Billy remembers this memory being a happy one with his beautiful and responsible mother. The weather is pretty and bright. Her hair is perfect, her smile is to die for, her clothes are freshly washed, and the love that she had for him was unmeasurable. They are playing the balloon game where you have to throw a dart at the balloons to win a prize. The more that you hit, the bigger the prize that you’ll get. Billy obviously wanted to get the bigger prize, but she just can’t hit the balloons! Finally, she hits one and the game is over. Billy didn’t get the prize that he wanted but at the end, his mother gently hands him a small compass so that he can, “always find his way.”

It seems like the whole park was leaving at one time, because the crowd was so thick as they were walking away from the game to go home. Billy drops the compass, people kick it while walking, he runs off to retrieve it, getting further and further away from his mother. The small child picks up his prize, but then realizing that his mother is no where near him. A panic consumes his small body. Next, we see the police have him sitting on the top of the police cruiser hood, trying to find his mom.

Going forward to when Billy is caught from running away from another Foster Home, we meet a lovely couple by the name of Victor and Rosa Vasquez (Cooper Andrews and Marta Milans). They seem like a very fun-loving couple, and Billy is out of places to go. I believe that he ran away from 20 homes by this time. They have 5 other foster children in their house, but they have more than enough space for number 6. Even if you didn’t know all that much about Shazam, it’s pretty normal for superheroes to have their “_______ Families” Like the Flash Family or the Bat Family, there’s a Shazam Family, and we just got introduced to them.

First, we get to meet Darla Dudley (Faithe Herman). She is the cutest little girl! She reminds me of my little cousin Ni-Fearia. She’s so open with everyone and loves to talk to everyone and anyone that will listen. You can see that family is really important to her. Luckily, the Vasquez’ got her. Secondly, we get to meet Eugene Choi (Ian Chen) sitting in the living room playing a game online with other players. He’s shouting at the screen/shouting at his teammates to do better. He knows he isn’t allowed to play games after dark and plays it off as smooth as a kid can. I believe that we get to meet Mary Bromfield (Grace Fulton) next. From the sounds of it, she is applying to college’s and is very goal orientated. You don’t get too see too much of her because she’s a busy girl, but you can tell she is a sweet young lady. Second to last is Pedro Pena (sorry I can’t make my Spanish N on here Ha-ha!) (Joven Armand). He’s a quiet kid that seems to take time to warm up to others. Though I think that is true, I think that he could be silently rooting for your success in the meantime. There’s a small part after they come out of the strip club (funny part of the movie) that makes me laugh. Go see the movie and see if you can hear what he says. I loved it (Ha-ha!) Lastly is Freddy Freeman (Jack Grazer). He has a physical disability which causes him to stand out amongst his peers. He ends up being the one that gets to room with Billy. Funny enough, we get to see a bunch of Easter-Eggs because of this one character.

So, what we’ve all been waiting for, the part when young Mr. Batson becomes the famous hero that we all paid to see, is finally here. Dr. Sivana has come and gone for his power, leaving the old Wizard alone and desperate for his Champion. Luckily, Billy was already up to be “interviewed” for his shot at power, but this kid doesn’t know when to stop talking. The Wizard doesn’t care much for wasted time, so he puts a stop to any unnecessary questions or actions.

The old Wizard (can also be called Shazam) asks Billy if he believe that he could be the next Champion. In all honesty, he tells the Wizard that he doesn’t think he is worthy of such a power. This is the most grown up answer he could have possibly had said. He showed no sign of greed but humility. Obviously, this was the correct answer, because next thing you know, the Wizard is barking orders at Billy, which is being followed to a T.

“Speak. My. Name.”

Is it just me or is this whole movie intense? From the first scene to this one that I ended on, it’s been nothing but sad or dark experiences.

Flash forward a bit past Billy shows Freddy who he is and what he’s become. They figure out how to get him back to his normal size. Now this is what I would like to touch on. Them trying to figure out what powers he has. Its all new to them, so why not try them all out, and since Freddy is the only one that Billy knows that it into Superheroes, then he would be an excellent person to share this with.

So, this is my favorite part about the movie, them figuring out what powers he does and does not possess. Even though super powers like flying or super speed are way out of reach, this is the most down to earth acting I have seen in a long time. Each time that Shazam does something off of the list of abilities there’s a check mark next to the word, like super speed. And a cross/scribble out when he doesn’t complete the challenge like being fire retardant. A big whopping NO! (Ha-ha) Shazam did not like being set on fire, while he was in a box two sizes too small.

I do want to comment on one thing that I didn’t like seeing in the film. I thought that the first flight scene that Shazam was in was a bit cheesy. Not because of the acting. It just felt a bit unnatural and uncomfortable. The later flying scenes were up to standards, and I understand that the flying and acting are hard things to do. I honestly would be terrible at doing one or the other. I would definitely fall face first if I have to do both at the same time. I get that. It’s just for that first time seeing it (the mall scene, trying to get away from Dr. Livana as fast as possible) it brought me out of the movie.

And this is no way a disappointment at all, but the villain figured out how to get to Shazam superfast. It’s not hard to remember that we are watching a 15-year-old in the body of an upper 20 to lower 30-year-old. Freddy has been adamant about talking to Shazam in public, where videos can be taken. Also, the news is always around so there is no chance that people wouldn’t see the relationship that they share. It’s not hard to figure out if I (the villain) were to take this kid, I could get the attention and obedience of the person I’m trying to take power from.

Billy gets in trouble and sulks in his room. Freddy isn’t there (obviously because Dr. Livana captured him and is interrogating him). His foster parents leave the room, telling the other kids that he needs some alone time. Not one second later, they all walk into the room, ignoring the instructions that were given to them. Pedro was the one that found Billy’s old notebook (that he threw into the bathroom trash when he arrived at the new home). Eugene used his computer skills (that he just had to learn to play video games better) to track down the true address of Billy’s mother. ZOOM!

Guess who was living, conveniently, two blocks away from his exact location. Movie magic is the real deal! She didn’t go by Batson anymore, so that’s why no one could find her. Rushing out of the house, he makes his way to the apartment complex. One door, two doors, three…finally. After years of searching, getting in trouble, running away, being alone, her door is in front of him. Billy knocks and is amazed as he sees his mother for the first time in probably 9-10 years. Billy’s Rose-Colored-Glasses are still on. She is absolutely beautiful and all he wants is for her to match his wanting to be together again. Arms from this young man comes towards her but shockingly, to him, she pushes him away. A loud gruff voice comes from inside of the apartment that she was leaving. The audience is left to figure out that Billy was a secret from her new life.

In this time as well, as the mall is being covered by the media, the other foster kids (Mary to be exact) figures out that Billy is the new superhero of Philly. Darla already knew but was told not to say anything, because good sisters don’t tell other people’s secrets. This is the first superhero movie that I’ve watched, that wasn’t a joke movie, to actually have supporting characters figure out the big secret on their own. And I highlight again that Billy and Freddy are just kids. They don’t know how to keep it a secret. They want to show off and do cool things. Maybe make some money in the meantime. They didn’t have a strong structure about what it is like to be a real-life superhero. I thought this was a really cool and different approach to this film.

His mother’s side of the story:

The day is cold and gloomy. She is in old winter gear and frustrated that she cannot hit a balloon to make her wanting child quiet. He wants the big prize, but she can’t hit anything. She was running low on money, so Billy only got a small toy. Her hair is put up, so she won’t have to deal with it, her smile hasn’t been seen in ages, her clothes are dingy looking, and the love that she had for him was measurable. His mother gruffly hands him a small compass so that he can, “always find his way.” Snatching him off of the counter as they quickly try to leave the Christmas Town.

It seems like the whole park was leaving at one time, because the crowd was so thick as they were walking away from the game to go home. Billy lets go of her hand and before she knew it he was gone. Quickly she tries to look for him, pushing people out of the way and shouting his name angerly. Next scene, we see the police have him sitting on the top of the police cruiser hood, trying to find his mom. She sees that Billy is safe with the police and decides then and there that she and he would be better off separated. Quickly, she disappears into the crowd, leaving her only son with the Law.

For as goofy and fun as this movie could be, it sure does have a dark side to it, but what is balance if not light and dark. Even if we didn’t know her side of the story, if she would have called the cops asking for help into finding her young son, the stationed police would have tracked her down and returned her son to her. But she didn’t. You wouldn’t just give up on looking for your son if you really wanted him. She gave him up willingly because she was out of her depth and wanted a way out. Like everything, it can be a tricky subject, but that’s how it played out in this universe.


She asks him if he’s been okay, and that he seemed to have become a stand-up young adult. More for just lip service. You can see that she is uncomfortable with this transaction and just wants it to go away. I can tell that Billy is getting the hint and decides to distance himself with the thought of his mother. His Rose-Colored-Glasses slipped off of his face, onto the ground, and under her feet. He sees what really happened. He needs to get back to his real family. Not looking back, Billy walks down the hallway. On his way out, his phone goes off…it’s Freddy…no it isn’t.


How are you all feeling about what you all just read? Though the movie has you giggling the whole time, there are some dark themes to it. How do you feel about Billy’s mother? Do you think that she is going to try an get into her son’s life? Can she even call him her son? I think the resolution, though it wasn’t happy, was the most realistic thing that could have happened. Like I said before, if she wanted to find him and be in his life, there isn’t a thing in this world that would keep her away from him. She left him when he was a toddler. She didn’t want to be apart of his life. It’ dark but I’m glad that she didn’t stick around him. I don’t think that he would have been able to grow up to be this amazing person if she decided that she was finally ready to be a mother. She, figuratively, threw Billy at the police and ran away.

  • Going forward we see that Dr. Livana is weakest when all of the Deadly Sins are out of the Eye.
  • There’s a point where Shazam takes the glowing staff away from our villain.
  • Villain gets upper hand.
  • Shazam has the upper hand and turns all of his family into Shazam heroes.
  • Shazam comforts a young girl, with a plush tiger, hiding from the monsters with her father.
  • Mary tells Shazam that Dr. Livana is weak when the Sins are out of the Eye.
  • Idea forms.
  • Uses the weakness of the Sins to draw them out.
  • Good guys win and the citizens rejoice to the image of their own superhero team!

Now, all of those bullet points are very important, but it is the fight scene, and just like a joke, no one likes to be explained a fight scene. So, were just going to move on to our next talking point (Ha-ha)!

Since we already have the quick line of events, we can focus on two of the last things I want to mention. Christ was actually the one to bring this up, and it was the last part of the movie, where they were all sitting down for dinner. While it’s a really nice scene and Billy finally releases the anger from his small body and joins in on the dinner traditions, there is a question that popped into Chris’ head…did everyone tell the parents what all happened? Most likely not, because who would be fine with their child fighting super villains? How did they keep the fact that they were all out of the house at the same time while there was a SUPER VILLAIN attacking part of the city? What lie could they have possibly told their caretakers to make up where they were all that time?

Lastly was when Freddy is at lunch at school. Everyone is watching him and staying away from him because earlier in the film, he claimed to have know Shazam (Captain Sparkle Fingers (probably making fun of the whole Captain Marvel title that he once shared))). He sits down at the back table alone, but suddenly, all of his foster siblings sit down at the table.

But they all had different lunch periods. *you say to yourself* How are they all here at the same time *as you grow more and more intrigued and confused*

The shot is that of Freddy being equally confused as you are (but you aren’t really confused because you see a doorway in the back of the shot.) Suddenly, Shazam stands in the door, and it’s just jokes all the way around. Saying things like, “He’s the coolest!” and “Oh yeah! We go way back!” Instantly making his status go up in the school. Most likely won’t be bullied anymore…but that wasn’t the last surprise. The collective lunch room dropped their jaws even further as soon as they seen the most famous hero in all the world (besides Batman). Superman comes in on the right. But here is the little trick that they did. They didn’t show his face. They didn’t have to have to pay Henry Cavill for a small guest appearance. Genius.

Thank you all again for coming to read my new post. I appreciate all of our viewer and hope that comes across in each post. Thank you all again for the lovely comments and e-mails. I always love hearing from you all. If you are new here, please feel free to contact us at we check our mail regularly to keep up with any thoughts or concerns you all might have.


Joker Trailer First Look

Joker's Universe

It’s finally here, Everyone! I’ve been waiting for it and I know a lot of people on here have been waiting for it too! Joker has an official trailer out! It just came out on the 3rd of this month but it will be in theaters on October 4th, 2019, just 15 days away from my anniversary! I’ve watched it little over 20 times trying to see all that there was to see about it, and I was not disappointed in the slightest. I even watched some reaction videos to see if someone else had found something I did not. Juaquin Phoenix has mastered his facial expressions to give you a sense of uncertainty as you watch the clip. I feel a tension and a sense of anticipation as the short scenes cut from one to the next. I’m going to be giving my opinion on the trailer! If you would like to know more about Juaquin Phoenix and my touch on how I think he’ll do, then you can use this link to jump over to my post I made about him! Click the Laptop to race over to that post!

This is a little side note, if you didn’t know, the DC franchise has spoken about their films not being from the same universe (like Marvel is doing for the MCU). The DCEU (Detective Comic Extended Universe) is playing with the thought that there can be multiple universes being shown to the audience, at one time, just like if you were reading a comic book storyline (Batman: Rebirth and Batman: Metal), you have many options to see different types of character growth even though you are watching the same character.

Putting it in simpler terms…You are a scientist and you have an experiment. You have a controlled group, Experiment A, Experiment B, Experiment C and so on. In each of the beginnings (how Bruce Wayne handles his parent’s deaths) you change just one small thing. In the controlled, you notice that Bruce dedicates his life to protecting the helpless and training his body to undergo immense amount of pain and stress, but he has a moral code. Experiment A: does the same but abandons his moral code. Experiment B: does the same as controlled but now he uses guns. Experiment C: he doesn’t become Batman at all. All these Bruce Wayne characters are initially the same person, but just one tweak and they end up having different lives. An example of this would be ‘Batman: Metal’. If interested in this series, I will be covering it as soon as I get my hands on the last issue.

So! Let’s get started on my thought process through this trailer, shall we?

It looks as if this film takes place in the 1980s as the start the trailer panning to a building with the name of Arkham State Hospital carved onto the establishment. Some are saying that this might be Arkham Asylum for the Criminally Insane, but I don’t think it is. I believe that it is an asylum, but not the infamous one that we know. I don’t see why Arkham Asylum for the Criminally Insane would be in the middle of the city, but then again, I guess I don’t know why some people do the things that they do. In one of the offices, a Social Worker by the name of Debora Kane speaks, “Arthur, does it help to have someone to talk to?”. You can see him remembering what his mother, Penny Fleck (Frances Conroy) says, “Smile and put on a happy face”, turns his head back to the worker and smiles politely. I believe that you can see the metal illnesses that he suffers from in his eyes. To me, this character is very realistic. He doesn’t what to keep coming to this facility. If he can fake it, then he won’t have to be there anymore. He’s a smart man and shows to be very crafty already.

Since we are on the subject, what did Arthur do to have to speak with a Social Worker? Does he have to see one because he is the primary caregiver for his mother? Or is it because he had a run-in with the law at an earlier age? Maybe the movie will answer these questions, but knowing it’s a Joker movie, questions could stay a mystery. In all honestly, I don’t know if I would be satisfied either way.

Now, Arthur Fleck is the name that we get introduced to in this movie as the pre-Joker era. What is interesting is that in all the comics, movies, shows, novels, and games that have the Joker in them or mention him, we all still don’t know his real name. He’s gone by Jack White, Jack Black, Jack Napier and now Arthur Fleck. So, I ask the question…is this his real name? or is this some other person, in a different universe that will be taking up the role as the Clown Prince of Crime? Along with his many names (as I was hinting at in my last sentence) he has a lot of beginnings to his story as well. What is so interesting about this new upcoming movie, is that it seems to be closely related to ‘The Killing Joke’ which is an amazing storyline and a bit disturbing. I found the Motion Comic off Youtube with Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy for you to watch!

If you haven’t read the graphic novel, this is a Motion Comic that stars Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill. It’s a long video but it is very much worth the time. 

Passed the hospital scene you see Arthur walking up a flight of city stairs with a limp. He seems to have this limp from an injury, which is carries out in the rest of the trailer, but it seems to decrease in how bad it was. Maybe that was from a beating he had receive earlier in the film. We do see that our star of the show being punched, kicked, and cracked in the face with a sign. Id it possible that it is showing that life in Gotham was the one to create this future monster? We won’t know till October 4th (Ha-ha!).

In a small and dark apartment, we see him helping his mother bathe in the tub. She looks like she is in needs a lot of help from others, but Arthur seems to be managing on his own. She’s able to walk around, but it might just be for short amount of times with the assistance of her son. This scene you can see them both enjoying each other’s company. With a lot of joy and wholesome fun with his mother, she seems to be one of the only sources of happiness that he has (besides the love interest that we see quickly). I can tell that times are tough and working to support two people (especially his elder with help issues) with the cost of a city apartment and bad gigs can create a sense of panic in a person. It seems that Arthur picks up any job that he can just to stay afloat, but since they are low paying jobs, he seems to have to work several of them at one time. He also seems to want to stay in the Clown position. I believe that is his way of honoring his mother out in the world. To try to make people happy. It doesn’t work out to be that way, since about half of this trailer is of him being bullied and beaten up by just about everyone.

I have a guess about why he started to change his outlook on life. I’m thinking that since he is living in poverty, and see that people are living a lot better than him, he started to pay attention. I don’t know if his mother passes away (which I think is highly likely), or if he does this what she isn’t around (either sleeping or he’s out of the apartment). We see Thomas Wayne (Brett Cullen) on the T.V. It seems like Thomas Wayne is running for Mayor of Gotham in this universe, which he has done in other universes as well. Thomas seems to be talking about people hiding behind masks are cowards. I’m thinking this takes place after the part where Arthur is tumbling down the steps of Wayne Hall. Did Arthur kill someone already? Pre-Joker is getting pretty brave for what he is at this point (It’s getting spicy!).

Did you all guess that the little boy on the sprawling compound is the young Bruce Wayne? I heard that it was, but I just had to make sure, so I looked up the cast members on google, and low and behold, it was true! Bruce Wayne (Dante Pereira-Olson) will be on the screen, but this screen time is special. We see that Arthur is playing around with Bruce by peering over a wall that boarders the compound. A visual representation of the division of the other classes with the first-class citizens. Young Bruce seems interested in the clown, which brings them close together near the front gate of the compound. Close enough to have Arthur puts his thumbs in Bruce’s mouth to make him smile. Probably telling the young boy that he should “Smile and put on a happy face” just like his mother says.

I didn’t see Alfred Pennyworth (Douglas Hodge) but I’m thinking that he urgently calls Bruce back away from the gate in hopes of keeping Bruce safe. Some people don’t know this about Pennyworth, but he was trained in the British Special Forces before he was a Butler for the Wayne family. Quick little fun-fact. Moving on!

After the Bruce Wayne teaser, the rest of the trailer increases in speed, which I think serves two purposes. Firstly, being that it is trying to wrap up the trailer to keep the audience wanting more, which I think that it did a wonderful job of doing. Secondly, it represents Arthurs quick ascension of becoming the Clown Prince of Crime. We can see that he is happy about his decision in life by the last frame of the clip. That slight smirk that takes over his lips. Oooo! I cannot wait for October!

I never thought that they were going to make an origin film for the Joker without it being rushed and without the Batman being involved. And before anyone says it, Bruce Wayne isn’t Batman yet. He isn’t fighting the Joker. I’m thinking that Thomas Wayne is going to have a bit more of screen time, or voice bits in the movie, which is super special too. Usually he is in the scene when he and Martha are shot. And speaking of Martha, I didn’t see her in the trailer, nor is she casted, unless I overlooked something. Big curiosity to why that is.

Here is the official trailer for Joker! Please enjoy! I know I’ll be watching it a few more times.

My Prediction For the End of the Movie!

If you don’t want to read my idea of what happens at the end of the movie, now would be a good time to skip over this boxed in text!

Alright! So, I have an idea of how the movie might end. Throughout my life, I have listened and watched things related to Batman and I think I have a good understanding of characters and who’s who, and what is what. I know a decent amount of the rumors or theories about how certain events were taken place. Some believe that the thug that shot the Wayne’s was someone affiliated with a gang. Some say it was just a random guy down on his luck that seen three upper-class people walking down Crime Ally. Some believe that the Joker was the one responsible for killing the Wayne’s and leaving Bruce alone in the ally, either someone affiliated with the Joker or him himself doing it. I believe that they are going to go for the last one that I mentioned.

I feel this way because it seems that he shows obsessive behavior towards the Wayne’s. Specifically, Thomas, because he was the main honcho on the T.V. at that time. Stalking around the Wayne Manner was to study his potential rival. Finding Bruce was a very happy surprise, but it seemed that Bruce wasn’t too big into smiling. I honestly wouldn’t be upset about this being the reason that Joker ends up having this dependence on Bruce when he becomes Batman. And I would understand how the Joker knew Batman’s identity all along when no one else knew. Though I must give props to Mista J. He knew who Batman was, but he never told a soul. Not even Harley Quinn. That isn’t going to be apart of this film, but it was just apart of my thought process.

I wanted to include this small clip of the Joker before he was Insane. This is apart of The Killing Joke. I know that I’ve had this touched on BUT I wanted you to be able to see how it was played out

What do you think will happen in this piece? Do you think that the DCEU is getting back on track with their movies? We know the Suicide Squad is being completely written out of the main DCEU movies and Suicide Squad “2”, which is being directed by James Gunn, will be the new first movie. Confusing to put into words but just saying it easily. Suicide Squad was like the pre-test movie and now it’s time for the real test (sorry off topic again).

Thank you everyone for coming back to read more about my thoughts! I appreciate you all for supporting this page and I hope that it made you smile! We’ve been doing pretty good for communicating with one another, so I hope that keeps up! is how you can reach either Christian or I, so don’t be shy! We always love to hear your thoughts and suggestions. I’m learning how to make a Subscription button or some type of alert that all can click or sign up for, easily, so that you all can be notified when new content it uploaded. I wanted to make sure that the sight was how I wanted it before I annoy you all with constant updates (Ha-ha!).

Thank you all once again and hope that we see you next time!