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It’s a wonderful day, Everyone! How are we all doing today? I don’t know where the sun and the warm weather went but don’t you fret! That ball of fire will be back to warm us all back up! As all of you might know; the new Spider-Man movie trailer dropped just a few days ago. Since I’m such a procrastinator, I had just watched it yesterday. I know. I know. But better late than never. It seems like there’s always more and more movies or T.V. shows to talk about! What a time to be a fan of comic characters! It’s amazing to be able to see your childhood favorite superheroes flying and fighting on the silver screen! I’m still waiting for Blade 4 to come out (Ha-ha)!

“Spider-Man Far From Home” is the title of this next film, and get ready to cry some more. This is to be released on July 2, 2019. I know I will be, because Tom Holland makes me cry. Every. Single. Time. I don’t get it. I believe that I covered this in the “Endgame” review, so I won’t make you all suffer again. Getting past that, this post will center on the things that I noticed, and my thoughts on them.

This movie will be taking place pretty much right after “Endgame” which I believe happened in 2023 (5 years after “Infinity War”). Far From Home will be taking place in the same year (2023), which the MCU can be a bit confusing on when the movies take place. I have a link for you all that will tell you what movies to watch in order so that you get the full effect of World Building:

The movie starts off with a bunch of graffiti on building walls of Iron Man that Peter sees over and over again. The world knows about the heroic actions that Tony Stark has done for the world. Since Tony was a father figure to Peter, it’s just a constant reminder of another death in the family. Happy is in the movie a lot more than previous movies (iron man 2008), and it seems like he is there to somewhat tried to help Peter out of his grief (future tears).

Peter is having a hard time with the death, but I see that he is getting a lot of support from his family and friends. Fury needs his abilities for a special assignment, but it seems like Peter just wants to be left alone for now.

Tony Stark’s Glasses are being used by Peter which gives me a thought of Tony leaving Peter a lot of his things, or at least Pepper finds that Peter would find happiness in having some things from his late father-figure. Either way, I think that he finds comfort in the thought that Tony left him things and that he was being thought of when he was gone in the soul stone.

Though-out the trailer, we can see that there is a use of the Iron Spider Suit in the beginning but leaves it at home. Aunt May packs him his original suit, which gives me the feeling of May being very supportive of him being Spider man. S.H.E.I.L.D. gives him a stealth suit as well. Lastly, it seems as if Tony left him a new suit too because he has a red and black one with webbed wings.

(Mr. Quintin Beck) Mysterio appears to be an ally of Spider-Man in this film, but that can’t be for certain. Mysterio is from Earth, but not from Earth-616, which we hear him say. No one is super sure that he won’t be the villain in this film, but he is the 3rd of the 6 of the Sinister Six to show up in the MCU. I saw that Adrian Toomes/Vulture (Michael Keaton) will not be returning in this movie, but he IS casted in the film, so I don’t know what to believe. Mac Gargan/Scorpion (Michael Mando) is casted as well. The Sinister Six is probably going to show up in a different Spidey Movie (Tom Holland’s Spiderman).

All Peter wants to do is go on vacation and spend time with the girl that he likes. MJ (Zendaya) knows that Peter is Spider-man (trailer could have been taken out of context through so nothing is certain). Her name is not Mary Jane but Michelle Jones this could be just the new universe in which he’s with a girl with the same initials. We won’t know until the directors tell us different. I’d be happy about the thought of her knowing the truth. I think it would be a cool concept.

I feel like he just needs a breather from all this superhero work. Sure, he is the one that wanted to be a hero, but everyone needs a rest every once in a while. He is also only 15-years-old, so of course he’s going to want to do his own things. He’s gone through a loss, several huge fights with Thanos, aliens and a bunch more. If you all remember, he told Mr. Stark that he wanted to be the Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman and that he wasn’t ready to keep up with the big names just yet.

Thank you all for coming back! I hope that you enjoyed the trailer. Are you excited to go and see this film? I know that there is going to be a good movie. The effect looks amazing and the MCU films only get better looking over the years. I’m excited to see it, and I hope that you all are too!


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