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A Taste of Comics

We wanted to feature some of our collections on this page. As in the page, “Our Own Universe” we have a total of 138 comics in our possession! These are really good series and i think a lot of you would like to read them!

If you have read them already…how did you like them? E-mail us at:


We would love to feature your thoughts on our up and coming page of “Fan Reviews and Thoughts”

“Metal” is crazy! The whole series will have you turning the pages faster then you can read.

“Darth Vader” is a great way of seeing just how powerful this Sith Lord is! Everyone knows he’s a top dog, but have you really gotten to see his abilities?

“White Knight” is a roller coaster of “What???” just the first couple pages in the first comic has you in shock!

Batman Metal (Not all Shown)

Still Growing Series :Darth Vader

Batman: White Knight (soon to be completed)

Next up will be:

-Harley Quinn



-An assortment of other comics we got in a pack