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I created this for all of you to enjoy! I hope that you all like it!

Spider-Man Info

Name: Peter Benjamin Parker

Age: 15 years old (when he received his powers)

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 167 lbs

City: New York, New York

Creators: Stan Lee & Steve Ditko

Superhero Name: Spider-Man

Fun Facts:

  • First issue was in 1963, “Amazing Spider-Man #1
  • The use of the “- “in Spider-Man’s name was very intentional. It was to keep Spider-Man and DC’s Superman name’s from getting mixed up.
  • Since Venom was once apart of Spider-Man, Spidey-Senses do not sense when Venom is around
    • Venom was originally fan fiction, but was bought for $220
  • The Kingpin was originally Spider-Man’s villain: Issue #50
  • Spider-Man has a fear of heights
  • He always makes the perfect pancakes because his Spidey-Senses tell him when to flip (My personal favorite)
  • Martin Goodman (Moe Goodman) was an American publisher and was heavily involved with the creation of Marvel thought no one would like Spider-Man because people don’t like spiders
  • Web is strong enough to hold the Hulk
  • Web dissolves after one hour
  • Spider-Man has an IQ of 250! Einstein’s IQ was 160!
  • Parents were American field Spies that worked for S.H.I.E.L.D. but died in a plane crash, causing Peter to live with his Uncle Ben and Aunt May Parker in New York
  • Spider-Man is President Obama’s favorite Superhero
  • Marvels equivalent to DC’s Superman

Main Power

  • Superhuman Strength
    • Can lift 10 tons
  • 10-15 more agile than the ordinary human
  • Enhanced speed
  • Organic web glands in combination with his web slingers that he created
  • His mind is very powerful/very smart
  • Enhanced balancing

I think that Spidey is one of the most relatable characters in all the comic books, that I’ve read, for teenagers and preteens. He was only 14-15 years old when he was bitten (depending on what universe you are reading from), and he needs get used to all the changes his body is developing. He also feels like he has to go at it alone, and somewhat makes it harder on himself.

I also think that he is a super relatable character because the main reason that he wears his mask is because he doesn’t want to show fear to the enemies that he faces. I’m sure that kids that call him their favorite Superhero know what it feels like to keep a mask on to keep others from knowing their true emotions. The good thing about that is that when he finds people that he can trust and know that they won’t do anything to harm his, he lets them see his face. I think that is the true definition of trust. And in addition to that, he’s a person that others can trust as well.

Spidey deserves to be the Character in the Spotlight because he is, I believe the symbol of what is good in the world. I hope that you all enjoyed this little post. I would like to do more on Spiderman. Especially since Miles Moralas was just on the silver screen. A lot of people that don’t pay attention to who is who in the comic world were a bit confused that Spiderman wasn’t names Peter Parker, but I hope that became clear to everyone that Miles is just another, wonderful Spidey that deserves his own praise!