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Man of Steel

     Like lots of people, when Man of Steel came into the light of cinema, I was ready! I’ve watched countless hours watching the cartoons. Countless hours listening to family members talking about Superman. Going through, what it seemed like, endless hours of sitting on the couch watching Smallville. Finally! It was here! The Man of Steel! Now it’s been a minute since I’ve watched this movie, but I still think it was wonderful. I loved that it didn’t go through his background, like all the other origin movies do. If you are a fan of Superman, then you already know his origin story. You don’t need to see it repeatedly. Some people didn’t like that, but who can please everyone? If you try to please everyone, then you’ll fail.

     General Zod was awesome. The guy they got to play him, Michael Shannon, was exactly who I think Zod should have looked like. Don’t you think? He had a power in his composure that made it hard to not this so. He was a powerful force to recon with. We all knew that General Zod was going to show up in one of these movies, so why not this on? Make it a hit right off the bat!

     Though I am all for the actor and the movie, I always had a problem with the quickness Zod and his troops adapted to Earth’s atmosphere. It took Kal-El 20+ years to fully adapt to our gravitational pull and sun. His breathing was labored when he was a child, and that took him some time to get use to that as well. Our sun, as you all might know, gives Kryptonians god like powers. Heat Vision, Ice Breath, Flying, Super Speed, Super Hearing, and you cannot forget that his body is pretty much indestructible. There are a lot more powers that he gained just by living on Earth, but it took him about 2 decades to control them well enough to use in battle. Zod and followers seem to just accept their new powers without a huge learning curve. It’s pretty much instant that they can use the same powers Kal-El can use. This isn’t the only time this has happened in the telling of Superman. It also happened in Smallville. I believe it was the last season, or the last two seasons that Zod came to earth and did the same thing that I mentioned in the above paragraph. It’s not an original idea, so I can’t be made at Zack Snyder for that concept. I just wish that it took them a little longer to get use to things like that. Especially the breathing part. People, in real life must train to breath in different altitudes. I don’t know for how long they must train, but I know it’s more than just a couple of hours. Correct me if I’m wrong.

     Another thing that I find attractive in this first film is that it has a darker feel to it. Usually Superman movies are cheerful, nice, bright and all things good. This movie is a first of it’s kind. It’s dark, moody, deep, dangerous. Superman is finally what I wanted to see. The color pattern in the beginning of this film makes me feel what he feels; alone in this world. No one knows your secrets but you and a select few. A distance from people that can only be for their own good. You don’t what to be noticed. Maybe it’s just me but I like the feeling of being connected to a movie that it has me wanting more of it.

     We move to the controversy of, “Why did they have to destroy a whole part of the city in their fight against one another?”. Why? Why not?! When Zod showed up, did he ask if it was okay for them to fight in the country? Did he ask to fight anywhere at all? Nope! Superman could have possibly taken Zod out of the city, but his troops would have still been in the city too, right? So, what was he supposed to do? General Zod already told Kal-El that he cared very little if not at all for humans so killing really wasn’t a big deal to him. Zod was on a task that was given to him as a fetus, and completing that task was all that he cared about. If humans were in the way, he would remove them without question to protect his birth right. Again, if you are a fan of the DC comic industry, you know these stories. You watched this movie. You know the minor details that give reason to all bad guys and all good guys. In Zod’s mind, he was the hero of the story. He was the one saving Krypton from extinction. He was the one that protected his mother planet from being wiped out of the stars. Kal-El was the evil one that wouldn’t let go of this planet. He wasn’t human. Kal-El was one of them and he betrayed his home land. Kal-El was and is a traitor.

     What do you think of this movie? I’ll have to re-watch it again when I have the time to but I really did enjoy this movie to its fullest. Share your favorite part or your not so favorite parts!


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