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It’s finally here, Everyone! I’ve been waiting for it and I know a lot of people on here have been waiting for it too! Joker has an official trailer out! It just came out on the 3rd of this month but it will be in theaters on October 4th, 2019, just 15 days away from my anniversary! I’ve watched it little over 20 times trying to see all that there was to see about it, and I was not disappointed in the slightest. I even watched some reaction videos to see if someone else had found something I did not. Juaquin Phoenix has mastered his facial expressions to give you a sense of uncertainty as you watch the clip. I feel a tension and a sense of anticipation as the short scenes cut from one to the next. I’m going to be giving my opinion on the trailer! If you would like to know more about Juaquin Phoenix and my touch on how I think he’ll do, then you can use this link to jump over to my post I made about him! Click the Laptop to race over to that post!

This is a little side note, if you didn’t know, the DC franchise has spoken about their films not being from the same universe (like Marvel is doing for the MCU). The DCEU (Detective Comic Extended Universe) is playing with the thought that there can be multiple universes being shown to the audience, at one time, just like if you were reading a comic book storyline (Batman: Rebirth and Batman: Metal), you have many options to see different types of character growth even though you are watching the same character.

Putting it in simpler terms…You are a scientist and you have an experiment. You have a controlled group, Experiment A, Experiment B, Experiment C and so on. In each of the beginnings (how Bruce Wayne handles his parent’s deaths) you change just one small thing. In the controlled, you notice that Bruce dedicates his life to protecting the helpless and training his body to undergo immense amount of pain and stress, but he has a moral code. Experiment A: does the same but abandons his moral code. Experiment B: does the same as controlled but now he uses guns. Experiment C: he doesn’t become Batman at all. All these Bruce Wayne characters are initially the same person, but just one tweak and they end up having different lives. An example of this would be ‘Batman: Metal’. If interested in this series, I will be covering it as soon as I get my hands on the last issue.

So! Let’s get started on my thought process through this trailer, shall we?

It looks as if this film takes place in the 1980s as the start the trailer panning to a building with the name of Arkham State Hospital carved onto the establishment. Some are saying that this might be Arkham Asylum for the Criminally Insane, but I don’t think it is. I believe that it is an asylum, but not the infamous one that we know. I don’t see why Arkham Asylum for the Criminally Insane would be in the middle of the city, but then again, I guess I don’t know why some people do the things that they do. In one of the offices, a Social Worker by the name of Debora Kane speaks, “Arthur, does it help to have someone to talk to?”. You can see him remembering what his mother, Penny Fleck (Frances Conroy) says, “Smile and put on a happy face”, turns his head back to the worker and smiles politely. I believe that you can see the metal illnesses that he suffers from in his eyes. To me, this character is very realistic. He doesn’t what to keep coming to this facility. If he can fake it, then he won’t have to be there anymore. He’s a smart man and shows to be very crafty already.

Since we are on the subject, what did Arthur do to have to speak with a Social Worker? Does he have to see one because he is the primary caregiver for his mother? Or is it because he had a run-in with the law at an earlier age? Maybe the movie will answer these questions, but knowing it’s a Joker movie, questions could stay a mystery. In all honestly, I don’t know if I would be satisfied either way.

Now, Arthur Fleck is the name that we get introduced to in this movie as the pre-Joker era. What is interesting is that in all the comics, movies, shows, novels, and games that have the Joker in them or mention him, we all still don’t know his real name. He’s gone by Jack White, Jack Black, Jack Napier and now Arthur Fleck. So, I ask the question…is this his real name? or is this some other person, in a different universe that will be taking up the role as the Clown Prince of Crime? Along with his many names (as I was hinting at in my last sentence) he has a lot of beginnings to his story as well. What is so interesting about this new upcoming movie, is that it seems to be closely related to ‘The Killing Joke’ which is an amazing storyline and a bit disturbing. I found the Motion Comic off Youtube with Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy for you to watch!

If you haven’t read the graphic novel, this is a Motion Comic that stars Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill. It’s a long video but it is very much worth the time. 

Passed the hospital scene you see Arthur walking up a flight of city stairs with a limp. He seems to have this limp from an injury, which is carries out in the rest of the trailer, but it seems to decrease in how bad it was. Maybe that was from a beating he had receive earlier in the film. We do see that our star of the show being punched, kicked, and cracked in the face with a sign. Id it possible that it is showing that life in Gotham was the one to create this future monster? We won’t know till October 4th (Ha-ha!).

In a small and dark apartment, we see him helping his mother bathe in the tub. She looks like she is in needs a lot of help from others, but Arthur seems to be managing on his own. She’s able to walk around, but it might just be for short amount of times with the assistance of her son. This scene you can see them both enjoying each other’s company. With a lot of joy and wholesome fun with his mother, she seems to be one of the only sources of happiness that he has (besides the love interest that we see quickly). I can tell that times are tough and working to support two people (especially his elder with help issues) with the cost of a city apartment and bad gigs can create a sense of panic in a person. It seems that Arthur picks up any job that he can just to stay afloat, but since they are low paying jobs, he seems to have to work several of them at one time. He also seems to want to stay in the Clown position. I believe that is his way of honoring his mother out in the world. To try to make people happy. It doesn’t work out to be that way, since about half of this trailer is of him being bullied and beaten up by just about everyone.

I have a guess about why he started to change his outlook on life. I’m thinking that since he is living in poverty, and see that people are living a lot better than him, he started to pay attention. I don’t know if his mother passes away (which I think is highly likely), or if he does this what she isn’t around (either sleeping or he’s out of the apartment). We see Thomas Wayne (Brett Cullen) on the T.V. It seems like Thomas Wayne is running for Mayor of Gotham in this universe, which he has done in other universes as well. Thomas seems to be talking about people hiding behind masks are cowards. I’m thinking this takes place after the part where Arthur is tumbling down the steps of Wayne Hall. Did Arthur kill someone already? Pre-Joker is getting pretty brave for what he is at this point (It’s getting spicy!).

Did you all guess that the little boy on the sprawling compound is the young Bruce Wayne? I heard that it was, but I just had to make sure, so I looked up the cast members on google, and low and behold, it was true! Bruce Wayne (Dante Pereira-Olson) will be on the screen, but this screen time is special. We see that Arthur is playing around with Bruce by peering over a wall that boarders the compound. A visual representation of the division of the other classes with the first-class citizens. Young Bruce seems interested in the clown, which brings them close together near the front gate of the compound. Close enough to have Arthur puts his thumbs in Bruce’s mouth to make him smile. Probably telling the young boy that he should “Smile and put on a happy face” just like his mother says.

I didn’t see Alfred Pennyworth (Douglas Hodge) but I’m thinking that he urgently calls Bruce back away from the gate in hopes of keeping Bruce safe. Some people don’t know this about Pennyworth, but he was trained in the British Special Forces before he was a Butler for the Wayne family. Quick little fun-fact. Moving on!

After the Bruce Wayne teaser, the rest of the trailer increases in speed, which I think serves two purposes. Firstly, being that it is trying to wrap up the trailer to keep the audience wanting more, which I think that it did a wonderful job of doing. Secondly, it represents Arthurs quick ascension of becoming the Clown Prince of Crime. We can see that he is happy about his decision in life by the last frame of the clip. That slight smirk that takes over his lips. Oooo! I cannot wait for October!

I never thought that they were going to make an origin film for the Joker without it being rushed and without the Batman being involved. And before anyone says it, Bruce Wayne isn’t Batman yet. He isn’t fighting the Joker. I’m thinking that Thomas Wayne is going to have a bit more of screen time, or voice bits in the movie, which is super special too. Usually he is in the scene when he and Martha are shot. And speaking of Martha, I didn’t see her in the trailer, nor is she casted, unless I overlooked something. Big curiosity to why that is.

Here is the official trailer for Joker! Please enjoy! I know I’ll be watching it a few more times.

My Prediction For the End of the Movie!

If you don’t want to read my idea of what happens at the end of the movie, now would be a good time to skip over this boxed in text!

Alright! So, I have an idea of how the movie might end. Throughout my life, I have listened and watched things related to Batman and I think I have a good understanding of characters and who’s who, and what is what. I know a decent amount of the rumors or theories about how certain events were taken place. Some believe that the thug that shot the Wayne’s was someone affiliated with a gang. Some say it was just a random guy down on his luck that seen three upper-class people walking down Crime Ally. Some believe that the Joker was the one responsible for killing the Wayne’s and leaving Bruce alone in the ally, either someone affiliated with the Joker or him himself doing it. I believe that they are going to go for the last one that I mentioned.

I feel this way because it seems that he shows obsessive behavior towards the Wayne’s. Specifically, Thomas, because he was the main honcho on the T.V. at that time. Stalking around the Wayne Manner was to study his potential rival. Finding Bruce was a very happy surprise, but it seemed that Bruce wasn’t too big into smiling. I honestly wouldn’t be upset about this being the reason that Joker ends up having this dependence on Bruce when he becomes Batman. And I would understand how the Joker knew Batman’s identity all along when no one else knew. Though I must give props to Mista J. He knew who Batman was, but he never told a soul. Not even Harley Quinn. That isn’t going to be apart of this film, but it was just apart of my thought process.

I wanted to include this small clip of the Joker before he was Insane. This is apart of The Killing Joke. I know that I’ve had this touched on BUT I wanted you to be able to see how it was played out

What do you think will happen in this piece? Do you think that the DCEU is getting back on track with their movies? We know the Suicide Squad is being completely written out of the main DCEU movies and Suicide Squad “2”, which is being directed by James Gunn, will be the new first movie. Confusing to put into words but just saying it easily. Suicide Squad was like the pre-test movie and now it’s time for the real test (sorry off topic again).

Thank you everyone for coming back to read more about my thoughts! I appreciate you all for supporting this page and I hope that it made you smile! We’ve been doing pretty good for communicating with one another, so I hope that keeps up! is how you can reach either Christian or I, so don’t be shy! We always love to hear your thoughts and suggestions. I’m learning how to make a Subscription button or some type of alert that all can click or sign up for, easily, so that you all can be notified when new content it uploaded. I wanted to make sure that the sight was how I wanted it before I annoy you all with constant updates (Ha-ha!).

Thank you all once again and hope that we see you next time!


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