Captain Marvel and National Women’s History Month




Not everyone has watched this movie yet. I’ve held off for a little bit to makes sure everyone that wanted to see it has. There are going to be some scenes that

Aquaman Flooding Into Your Heart

Helping People to Become an Aquaman Fan One At A Time

It’s a wonder-filled day, and how happy am I to be able to post this! Sorry everyone for the late upload. I’ve been trying to write about this movie for about a month and a half, but as soon

It’s A Brand New Year!

Lovely To Be Here

With you all!

Hello, Everyone and Happy New Year to you all! Welcome back to C and M! My name is Kay and if you’ve gotten this far into this website, then chances are that you already know who I am *fin-ger guns* also…it is so

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

To You!

Happy Holiday’s to you and to your families! We here at C and M are happy to have shared this year with you all and hope that we

Joaquin Phoenix: The Joker

Joaquin Phoenix


The Joker Hey Everyone! How are we all doing on this wonderful December day (night time for me)! Today, I want to talk to you all about the new Joker movie coming out next year on October 4th. Have you all heard about it? I just