Our Own Universe

Our Own Universe? What Does That Even Mean?

Here at C&M we talk a lot about “Our Own Universe” but what does that really mean? Well to us, the phrase Our Own Universe represents everything we want our site to be. Our love of all things comic has become an exciting part of our relationship and something we thought would be fun to share with all the other comic book lovers of the world. We decided that our passion for the comic book universe could be not just a hobby, but a full-time business that we could really be proud of. Even more than that, we decided it could be an adventure that we could share with all of you.

Here at C&M it really is Our Own Universe but when we say “our” we’re not just talking about ourselves, we’re talking about all of us! All the DC fans, the Marvel lovers, and the Dark Horse enthusiasts of the world. We really want this site to be Our Own Universe and we are so excited that we get to do this with all our new friends. On this page we’ll be creating a timeline about the specifics of our adventures as well as the (hopefully) many new additions to our comic collection. So once again thank you so much for coming to our site and please reach out to us with any questions or ideas or even just to talk! We’re always excited to meet our fellow comic lovers.

Comics In Our Collection...And Still Counting!

Our Mile Stones

Our Cat Luke


Our cat Luke is a rescue animal that we saved from the side of the road near our house in June of 2017. When we found him he was malnourished and was missing a lot of fur from due to scratching at the flees on his back. Kay was the first one to ever hold him as he went right to her after we pulled over. After taking him home and letting him spend the night in our garage, we took him to the vet who got him all fixed up and he’s been a member of our family ever since.We decided to name him Luke after one of our favorite Marvel characters: Luke Cage.