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Thank You


Hey-Hey-Heyyyy! How are we all doing today, Everyone? Welcome back to another day with me here at C&M! I’m happy to have you all here again. This isn’t going to be a post about anything except my eternal ‘Thank You’ to you all and some news about what we want to start up. But I’ll get to that last one in a minute. When I first started this out, I was struggling to keep up with this wonderful Blog for a long time. I think I only posted about once every month. I didn’t know what to do on this Blog and I honestly still am learning on how to actually run it. Before recently, I was so bad at consistently posting, that I was surprised that there were people that wanted to come back and read my content! If you have been with me since the beginning, then you know how I used to be. You all deserved better than that, so I decided to kick myself in the butt and start working harder!

I want you all to know that every single one of you is amazing and the fact that you come here to read my things, just blows my mind. I jump for joy when I see a new e-Mail from one of you. When there are comments on any of the posts, I just can’t hide my full-teethed-smile. It makes me want to work just that much harder for you all. You all are my inspirations, and I am super lucky to have you all here with me.

I have been mulling over the thought of creating a Twitter for this Blog just to keep you all updated with the content that will be on our little part of the internet. If it turns out to be an easier way of talking to you all, rather than e-Mailing, then more power to it! I also want to be exposed to other people’s ideas and opinions on comic related things. Maybe I can find myself a sponsor (Ha-ha)! But seriously, I think that it would be cool to have you all there to talk to and to be more accessible. Our name on Twitter is: @BodeyKay please show your support for us on! We would both appreciate it!

Please click our link to follow us! We have a new account so there isn’t too much on it but we would love to have you!

We do have an Instagram with the Username of: candm_comic_hub_ if you would rather contact us on that instead. Please follow us on that as well because Chris is the main one on that social media and I know that he would love to talk to you all as well! He always makes sure that you have fun and interesting content to look at all of the time too! Make sure that, if you leave a message on any of the posts, to tell him that “Kay told me that you needed to follow me back or you’ll be in big trouble” somewhere in your comment. We ended up making a Twitter in the end because I thought that it was going to be a good idea. It will be mostly be me running it, unless I clearly have no idea on how to run it. Also, since I am a youngster of a mere 25 years old, I have my phone on me at all times. We are nothing but accessible to you all. You will definitely get a follow back on that because I am your biggest fan.

Thank you all once again for making us so happy. I believe, that if it weren’t for you all, that I would have a tougher time with wanting to share my thoughts on this subject. You all made me want to do something great and to get out of my comfort zone. It feels amazing to be able to say something and get the feedback that I receive. You all make me so happy to be here and I will continue to make content that is true to my heart. Have a wonderful rest of your day/night. Much love to you all!



    1. Good evening, Chuck!
      It’s so great to hear from you! Thank you for showing your support for our site by leaving a comment! And when I say our site, I mean yours and the rest of our fans. You all make such amazing addition to the site that it makes me smile with the force of 1,000 suns.
      Just remember that we are your biggest fans too! We have great things happening in the future. We hope to see you there!

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