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The Joker

Hey Everyone! How are we all doing on this wonderful December day (night time for me)! Today, I want to talk to you all about the new Joker movie coming out next year on October 4th. Have you all heard about it? I just told a good friend about who was playing him, and she was surprised, but not because he doesn’t seem the part, but because he’s from one of her favorite movies, “Gladiator”. She grew up with me, and she’s always been around my family. So, that means that all things comics are dear to her. If it wasn’t for the fact that it is a solo Joker movie, then obviously, it would be because of this master mind of acting.

Before I get ahead of myself, I’d like to introduce the person that I’d like this post to be about. “Introducing” might be the wrong word for it, but I’m just so excited that I can’t hold it in! Our new, and hopefully one of the best men for the job, Mr. Joaquin Phoenix!

A little information about our up-and-coming Clown Prince of Crime, Joaquin Rafael Phoenix.

He was born on October 28, 1974 (which will make him 44 years old this year). After his family left the group of “Children of God”, the family took up the surname of Phoenix to indicate the change into their new lives. His families original last name was, “Bottom”.

He began his acting career when he was a child. Not even old enough to stay in a house by himself, yet, he is in T.V. shows and movies. His older brother, River, was becoming a huge star in Hollywood. Years pass full of good memories (and bad, of course). They were thick as thieves, as most siblings end up later in life, but tragedy struck. This great man, whom was so young, (23 years old) passes away suddenly( (if you would like to learn more about River, I have supplied a great source to which does the Hollywood Star some justice ( )). Joaquin is there to do what he can, but the emergency services were too late. Young River was pronounced dead on the October 31, 1993. The media thought it to be appropriate to play 19-year-old Joaquin’s call for help all over for the world to hear. How dare they! If, in a million years, Mr. Joaquin Phoenix reads this, I would like to say our hearts go out to you. No matter how long it’s been, thoughts always go back to our loved ones.

Joaquin Phoenix's movies so far!

As there is darkness, there shall be light. And when there is light, there is hope. Joaquin (3 years later), like his older brother, booming in the picture-shows. Endless movies and T.V. talk shows. He seems, to me, that when he is involved with a project, he dives head first into it. What you want in a movie is to believe that the person on your screen isn’t acting. What I mean by that is that, when you are watching a movie, or a show, you don’t want to focus on the fact that there’s a person…playing a character. You don’t want to see them acting, you want them to become the character. Bring it to life! If they can’t do so, I feel like it takes away from the experience. It does for me. For you to be one of the greats, I feel, you must be that convincing. I believe that Joaquin was born for this role. All the media I’ve seen him on, I always find him compelling to watch. He WAS a ruler in Roman times. He WAS Johnny Cash. He WAS a heart-broken man. He becomes the character. He studies and learns what that character would be like. How he would be like if he were in the same position. I hope that I am not going to be proven wrong. The trailers capture the character of who I believe the Joker to be, and what I want to see on the silver screen. Please make this a good one!!

Just watch how this is being set up! What’s going on and why? 

The trailers for this movie are, like all trailers, are very selective of what they are showing. I’m figuring that when it gets closer to the date of release, it’ll become more and more reviled about what the movie is going to focus on. I’ve heard rumors that this movie isn’t really the Joker. I’ve heard that there are 3 different people playing Joker in the DC Universe. Little do some know, but this isn’t call, “DC Universe”, it’s called the, “Worlds of DC”. It’s just a play on words. You see, since they re-casted The Joker in the middle of the story line of the JLA (Justice League of America), they must introduce the new movie as another timeline in the Universe. And all comic fans know that there are too many timelines and worlds to even count. It gives comic book companies the freedom to be as creative as possible. It also allows them to revamp the series after it makes a natural end. This was received well with the audiences, so why not roll with it! I for one, love that there can be so many different looks at how a character can be re-invented over the years.

What could the new Joker be like? I touched on this a little a few paragraphs above, but, from what I can tell, it’s taking place before the Clown Prince of Crime came to be. That will be covered in a different post, because I could just go on and on about The Joker. He’s one of my favorite characters! I’m not saying that he’s a role model or anything, but the fact that he is a complete mystery, and the fact that he is so crafty and cunning, has me intrigued! Always have been.

I got off the topic of Joaquin for a while, but I’ll just have one more thing to mention before I start to wrap up this post, because I am trying my hardest to keep post coming in! I also hope that you all are enjoying them, just as I am. I am so EXCITED about Mr. Phoenix being the star of the new, solo Joker film. I’ve been wanting to see Joker out on the screen for a long time now, and I know that a lot of you wanted the same thing. What are your thoughts about casting decision? Do you agree with what I’ve said? Do you think there could have been someone better to play the Arch Villain of The Batman?

Well, this is all the time if have for today! I hope that you all have a wonderful day or night, depending on when you read this. My official Joker post will probably take a while because there’s just so much to cover. What background to start with. Is there even a main background? Of course, there might be but there are infinite worlds that DC has created that even the smallest difference in a day creates a different outcome of their lives.

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