Tribute to Stan “The Man” Lee R.I.P.


"The Man"


Character Bio

Stan (The Man) Lee

Full name: Stanley Martin Lieber

Superhero Name: Stan Lee

Born: December 28, 1922 – November 12, 2018 (R.I.P.)

Age: 96

Height: 5’11”

Family: Joan B. Lee (Wife), Joan Celia Lee (Daughter), Jan Lee (Daughter)


Mind Control: Creating worlds for his readers with just a stroke of a pen.

Super Speed: The amount of work and dedication to each individual character is uncanny. How could someone create so much but the quality of the characters was all perfect?

Super Intelligence: Building a business up from scraps to a multi-billion-dollar company.

Super Strength: Strong patriotic views, overcoming poverty, the energy of 20 men when it came to play multiple characters from tons of movies.

Catch Phrase: Excelsior! (Latin based)



Very Young: Born from Romanian-Born Immigrants: Celia & Jack Lieber. He has one younger brother by the name of Lawrence (Larry) D. Lieber (who works with Marvel Comics as a Creator/ Co-Creator). The Lieber family defiantly did not come from riches. As an immigrant, you are looking for a better life somewhere else, and America has always had this type of appeal to it. The brothers had to share a room while their parents lived off a pull-out couch/futon in the living room.

Years later: Graduating High School at the age of 16.

Young Adult: Picture Peter Parker. Working on his writing by Newspaper, Obituaries and other things that account for writing to the public. His High School paper suggested that he write professionally. Obviously, he is one of the most known persons in all the world. If other lives exist outside of this world, I’m sure that they know of him too.

Later in Life: He became the Creator/Co-Creator of heroes such as: Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Spider-man (dropping the dash later in the title because it was no longer needed. It was to serve the as a distinctive difference from Superman’s name.) He became the creator of childhood favorites, and superheroes that people support and love. There are drop-dead fans that could make the shy girl or guy explode with debates about who is the best and who deserves the ranking of “Top Dog”.  Obviously, there are tons more that Stan Lee did throughout his life but if we here at C and M Comic Hub listed all of his accomplishments, family, struggles, money, charity, good will, bad luck…this site would be taken over by all of who and what Stan Lee was to everyone. It would be an e-book of an amazing man.

Sadly, Stan Lee’s wife, Joan, passed away in 2017, leaving a heart broken man and daughters behind. We here at C and M Comic Hub hope that he is at peace and smiling now that he is with his loving wife.


Thank you, Stan Lee, for being the real-life hero that we all desperately needed. Lives can be strange and cruel at times, but the fact that we all could just jump right into our comic books or movies to imagine ourselves as those characters. How weird would life be if there wasn’t a character like Captain America or someone like Blade? These superheroes don’t take the place of real-life heroes like firefighters or cops, but these superheroes are so important to people. Visualizing you have powers like them, letting yourself believe in the good in people, because that’s what a hero does.