Updates to Our Site

Hello Everyone!

We decided to go through the whole site, and update the look of our content! Please look around and make yourself at home. We have hyper-links to get to our e-mail much faster as a few you have mentioned. We have more pictures for your pleasure too. I had to update our pictures on the “About Us” page because I looked like I’m 13.

Also…more pictures of Luke because I’m thinking of having him as our little mascot?

We want to make a new page that has our viewers opinions and thoughts on comic related things! We want to keep this site viewer friendly so we will keep making changed if we notice something isn’t right. BUT if you noticed something that we haven’t…we are soo sorry! Just let us know!

Our DC Comics Character of the Month

Hey Everyone,

This month’s character of the month is Wonder Woman and we had a lot of fun researching her.

While I knew a few facts about Wonder Woman (Diana Prince) I never realized that she is so incredible! I can see why she is such an important part of the Justice League. She has (almost endless) power like super strength, speed, healing, beauty, stamina and a whole bunch of other power that is in our “Character of the Month”. I did a lot of digging around for information and I couldn’t be happier on what I’ve found!

I’ve loved comics and comic connected things ever since I was a little girl. When I was a child, I would be told a lot about superheroes and I would watch old T.V. shows about them. Wonder Woman had an old show on T.V. that gave her some popularities. Women where in the comic world and that show was to set that clear.

Wonder Woman is one of the more iconic characters (I feel) for a female of any age to look up to and smile upon. I’m looking forward to her movie coming out on June 2, 2017 and I know a lot of people are excited to see it too! The trailers to this movie is astounding (as my Uncle would say). It has the ability to give you a jolt of energy when you see the special effects that give her justice. This is the time of superheroes. This is the time for Wonder Woman.

Your friend Kay!

Welcome To Our Site!

Hey Everyone!

It’s Christian and Kay here and we just want to officially welcome you to our site! We started C&M Comic Hub with a simple goal in mind: to share our love of comics with the world. We want C&M to be a place where we can all learn more about comics together as well as a place of free discussion and expression. We know it can be difficult to find a serious place to discuss fandoms and it can be even more frustrating to have your voice heard. But here at C&M having your voice heard and having fun discussing your favorite fandom is what we’re all about! We want to thank you for joining us on our comic journey, we’re excited to bring you along with us on our adventure and we want you to know that this adventure would be impossible without you! Yes, we mean you right now reading this. This site is for people just like you and we’re so happy you made it here. So come explore the site and come be our friends! You can always reach either of us anytime from the contact info in our bios and we really do hope to hear from you!

Your new friends Christian and Kay!