Changing A Few Things



Welcome back, Everyone, to C&M Comic Hub. I am your host Kay and I am so happy that you stopped by! If you are new here, we like to have a good time with interesting content. We work really hard on our articles and art, so we only hope you all like it too, because if you didn’t, then I don’t know what I’m doing! Just kidding! This might be my favorite hobby out of all of the things that I do, so I am never going to stop. We have an open line of communication with our fans, so if you have an idea for something you would like to see, or you would like to share your own thoughts/art with the public, this site is for you! We will always be a friendly community to all thoughts on comic related subjects. And the best thing about that is, that there is a comic for everybody! Unfortunately, I continue to make terrible lifestyle choices of not having a set posting schedule. You all have the task of watching to see when I post next. I’m sorry about that, but I just don’t have the will power (Ha-ha)! Please don’t hate me.

We love talking about comic books and comic book related things. For the past couple of years, there has been a ton of movies that have come out that relate to superheroes. Lucky us, right? Even if you have never read a comic book, or even been to a comic book store, there are things for you! There are books which I want to start buying. I just seen that there are books that were based off of graphic novels/comic books, that I want like, “The Killing Joke”, “Court of Owls”, and also “Mad Love”. I just bought the graphic novel of “Killing Joke” for $6.00 USD and it was in PERFECT condition. Movies/TV shows, which you can find on many of the steaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime. You might get overwhelmed with all of the series, but once you get into them, you’ll finished them quickly! Art can be found everywhere. I know you know that, but there is some amazing artist out there that just make breathtaking visuals. Maybe they made music that was inspired by their favorite characters! There is just so much content out there (including this site) that you could have your fill of this amazing concept!

If you would like to read more about these novels, click the link below the picture! I would like to read them and voice my opinion on them soon.

I am making more changes to this site to make it more organized for you all to navigate through. I have been trying to think of a way to upload characters that I would like to spotlight, but I didn’t want to erase the ones that I had already posted. Maybe I’m not saying this at all correctly, but the tabs that have “DC Character Spotlight” or “Marvel Character Spotlight” will have sub tabs on them now. I am working on the initial greeting pages, but I just want you all to be aware of it. If my plan falls through, well…I’m still going to change it some other way, because you all deserve the best. And I am here to make sure of that.

I would like to start the spotlights up again, because I really like reading about these characters and putting them in my own words! I want to learn more, and I think that you all do too. Obviously, there are better sites to look at (like Fandom Wikis) but I think that I can make it pretty fun and simple for people that just want some cool facts about certain heroes! Even if I’m wasting my time, I would still love to do it!

We are posting pretty regularly on our social medias, and recently, we just got past 50 followers on Twitter! That is super amazing. And, if you are a fan here and decided to follow us, I would like to send a special THANK YOU to YOU! It means a lot to us to see who it interested in our content and take part of conversations online. Coming up on 2 weeks ago, we put out a poll for people to tell us which movie they were looking forward to more, and out of our surprise, we got a lot of responses to it! I have a screenshot for you all to see, but the pure joy that we had when we were talking to everyone about their opinions was amazing!

Also, we are going to see “Spider-Man Far From Home” tonight, so I will have a review for that soon as well. As you might all know, I like to wait to put out reviews just in-case you haven’t seen it! I don’t want to take your joy away. Also, tomorrow, we are going to make our way to the comic shop to pick up the latest issue of DCeased. If you don’t know about that series, I have a review on it the first issue. click on this link to zoom over to that page, but don’t forget to read the rest of this article. I want to thank you properly for putting up with my irresponsibility. 😊

Thank you all again for coming to see me here. I live on this site, even though I take forever to post sometimes. As always, our e-mail address is We always love hearing from you! Comments on any of our article are warmly welcomed and will always be responded to. We both love having you here, and we are so happy to be your fans too! Take care till next time!


Back From A Sunburn

From Being Sick

To A Sunburn

Hello and welcome back to C&M, my name is Kay and I am going to be your host for today! I hope everyone had a wonderful Father’s Day and I’m sorry that I didn’t write about it sooner but it’s never too late to celebrate! Whatever your situation is, I hope that you had a good day anyway. I didn’t get to see my dad this year, but we did get to talk on the phone for a little while. This will be the ninth year that we have been in contact and it has been a blessing for sure!

I’ve been on Twitter a lot, lately, because I want to get to know you all and what’s going on. How everyone’s reacting to the news about the Joaquin Phoenix: Joker Movie being rated R for viewers. Or the rumored that Birds of Prey might also be rated R! How everyone is feeling about Robert Pattinson being the newest Batman. All of the things that I talk about on this blog, I want to know the feelings of other people like you and I. I don’t want to look at critics because I haven’t found a source that I like. I love hearing the opinions of fans and soon to be fans (because why not). So far, I know that people are really excited about these movies.

I’m working on a different post right now, but I’m doing more research on the character. I’m going to start posting more on the DC Character/Marvel Character tabs, so be on the lookout for that!

I hope that you all are having a wonderful day and enjoying the beautiful days to come. We tried to go out to the beach a few times, but Chris got a HUGE sunburn on his whole body, so we had to take care of that. It was baaaaaad (Ha-ha)! We have to invest in some extra strength sunblock because that was just a disaster. It was like when Captain Sunshine burnt all of the residences in the Monarch’s Flying Cocoon (Venture Bros.). Everyone was burnt…he looked like that.

Thank you for logging in to read our blog! If you are new here, please feel free to look at our older posts. We sent a lot of time on our posts so that everyone can enjoy them. Please feel free to comment on anything that you would like. We love seeing our fan’s opinions as long as they are respectful, we would love to have your comment published.

We both hope that you have a wonderful day and remember! We would love to be your super-fans too! Our direct e-Mail address is We do our best to respond to everyone that sends us mail. Everything that we send out is personalized to build up a personal relationship with our fans, so please feel free to reach out!


How Are You All Today?

You All Are


Good Evening, Everyone! Welcome back to another fantastic day in the life of C&M! If you don’t know already, because you are new, my name is Kay, and I would love for you to look into more of our site. We are still a very new blog, but that will be changing soon. Thank you all for coming back to see us. The people that come here weekly or every month, just know that you are my heroes.

I would like to say thank you to the people that have followed us on either Instagram or Twitter or both in the past month. We have seen a boom in our fan base and that brings us nothing but joy! We’ve met new and exciting people in out DM’s and we couldn’t be happier to respond. I would like to keep extending the invitation to follow us on our Twitter page at

It would mean a lot to us to be able to follow you back as well! I’m glad that we started up our Twitter because there is just so much information on it. So much that I can barley keep up!

It’s been a few days since the last we’ve posted, and I sorry about that. I just got so excited for the sun being out that Chris and I were at the beach. Sadly, he got a bunch of sunburns on his body, so we had to hid away from the sun too (Ha-ha), but I’m back to what I love, and that’s talking to you all! I hope that you all are enjoying all of the new art pieces that I have been posting. Each one of them takes me a very long time to finish up, but I’m happy I get to share it all with you! I believe my last one I made was Poison Ivy, and that one took me about 5 hours to do. I have been learning more and more things about Sketchbook, and I am so happy that I have gotten more fluent in me art. I can really see a big difference. Can you?


Poison Ivy was also a part of my last post along with Harley Quinn. Which I was thinking that I should so a character profile on her, but I feel like I have already done that, so I think I’m going to be making a ‘highlight’ of her character. Try to understand where she would be coming from and what not. So, I have started up my research on her character and a couple others in hopes of seeing where they come from and who I think would play them the best.

I’m getting more into the art part of this blog, so if you have a hero that you would like to see me try, please let us know in our e-mail at so that we can talk one on one.

Thank you all again for having us on your mind to come see us here at out small spot on the web. We hope to hear from you all soon! Keep tabs on our page because we’re going to be posting in the next day or so!


Updates to Our Site

Hello Everyone!

We decided to go through the whole site, and update the look of our content! Please look around and make yourself at home. We have hyper-links to get to our e-mail much faster as a few you have mentioned. We have more pictures for your pleasure too. I had to update our pictures on the “About Us” page because I looked like I’m 13.

Also…more pictures of Luke because I’m thinking of having him as our little mascot?

We want to make a new page that has our viewers opinions and thoughts on comic related things! We want to keep this site viewer friendly so we will keep making changed if we notice something isn’t right. BUT if you noticed something that we haven’t…we are soo sorry! Just let us know!

Our DC Comics Character of the Month

Hey Everyone,

This month’s character of the month is Wonder Woman and we had a lot of fun researching her.

While I knew a few facts about Wonder Woman (Diana Prince) I never realized that she is so incredible! I can see why she is such an important part of the Justice League. She has (almost endless) power like super strength, speed, healing, beauty, stamina and a whole bunch of other power that is in our “Character of the Month”. I did a lot of digging around for information and I couldn’t be happier on what I’ve found!

I’ve loved comics and comic connected things ever since I was a little girl. When I was a child, I would be told a lot about superheroes and I would watch old T.V. shows about them. Wonder Woman had an old show on T.V. that gave her some popularities. Women where in the comic world and that show was to set that clear.

Wonder Woman is one of the more iconic characters (I feel) for a female of any age to look up to and smile upon. I’m looking forward to her movie coming out on June 2, 2017 and I know a lot of people are excited to see it too! The trailers to this movie is astounding (as my Uncle would say). It has the ability to give you a jolt of energy when you see the special effects that give her justice. This is the time of superheroes. This is the time for Wonder Woman.

Your friend Kay!