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Not everyone has watched this movie yet. I’ve held off for a little bit to makes sure everyone that wanted to see it has. There are going to be some scenes that I want to touch on, so if you are wanting to see this film, maybe not read more than a few paragraphs of this post. You’ll know when to stop. If you don’t care then by all means, please enjoy what I have to say! This is all just my thoughts and in no way supposed to be political! I don’t believe that I say anything over the top, so it should be fine!

March is Women’s History Month, as many of you have known. This month is to celebrate outstanding women in USA history that helped to change the way the nation viewed women in the work place, household, voting, and politics. But, the women in history didn’t just try to change things for just women. They helped change the future for all that live here in the USA. Harriet Tubman, Susan B. Anthony, Rosa Parks, Sacagawea, the hundreds of musicians, producers, and other very amazing women in our nation’s past. They show that there can be cracks in the glass ceiling.

National Women’s History Month was founded by Molly Murphy MacGregor, Mary Ruthsdotter, Maria Cuevas, Paula Hammett, and Bette Morgan. For some, this month is to celebrate their heroes. A lot of the women Superheroes in our comic books are shaped around the idea of our past warriors, and why shouldn’t they be? Children of any gender can use our past female heroes as stencils to help shape their own lives.

There was no coincidence that the Marvel character by the name of Captain Marvel (directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck: produced by Kevin Feige) had a movie released on the 8rd day of March 2019. It was obvious that this was intentional move that the company wanted to do. I think they even said that was the reason that they made that the release date. But why did they want March 8th of all days. Though March is for observing Women’s History in the U.S. It is celebrated in a lot of other countries as well. If you have an interest in looking up facts about what makes this month so special, go to,

My Thoughts On Critics

What can I say about Captain Marvel? Well, first off, I would like to say, I was bamboozled by critics (“professionals”) again. Before Chris and I went to the movies to go see it, I just wanted to go home. I wasn’t interest in watching it all that much. I’ve heard nothing but negative things about the film and how they have a huge agenda throughout the whole film. As I have mentioned in other posts, I think that if a movie pushes a subject too strongly and for too long, I lose interest in the experience. Chris bought the tickets, saying that we were going to go, but I was reluctant, because I didn’t want to sit through a film that does nothing but preach at me the whole time. I was fooled once again. How dare they do that. And while I was fooled, there are tons of people (little girls, little boys, adults) that wanted to be excited about this film, but others that have seen the movie first bash it so hard that it kind of takes the wind out of your sails.

The critics were saying that the acting was subpar and that the, “women can do anything that a man can do” attitude was too out there. Saying that it took them away from the story and that it was a poorly written script that only had that one purpose. To bash men for keeping women down. I’m upset that I let them control what I thought about a movie that I hadn’t even seen yet. Now that I have seen this film, this piece of art, I am glad to say that it was a fun and enjoyable experience.

I have one thing to say to those people, women and men alike. Have you ever experienced the things that she was experiencing? Were you a young girl that wanted to do “boy” activities but was told that you couldn’t because you were a girl? Did your father tell you that you couldn’t do something reckless because you are female, but your older brother could do it? Where you trying out to be a pilot in the late 1980s to early 1990s? Women’s options are far easier to obtain now than it was a few decades ago. And this is just by this movie’s time period. Did the critics even watch the movie with and open mind or were they only watching it with their own agenda, because I didn’t see it. I watched the same film that they did, as far as I know, and I don’t see what they seen. When you are trying to pick out specific things, you can’t help but see them. I shake my head at these critics. I’m not saying this film was the best thing that I have ever watched. I don’t know if I could ever say that I’ve seen the perfect movie, but I feel like they were just harder on it because it talked about a social issue that has been pretty popular in recent and distant times.

The U.S. is a far from perfect place. And sadly, there are still social issues that need attention. The U.S. is our home, and I am proud to be a citizen. I would like to think that we as a country, want to make progress for the future. This isn’t a blog about politics. We have enough of those around that have biases of their own, but that fact that some people knock a film down, that wasn’t even all that over the top, is crazy. Maybe I’m wrong of all of this, but I was not in any rush to see this movie. I honestly didn’t have that big of an interest in it but I’m here saying that I was wrong about it. Congratulations to Brie Larson and for becoming a role model for people of all ages. I thought that you did amazing and I hope you know that you are helping to create type of person for these young kids to look up to. We appreciate your talent here at C&M.

For what I am assuming on what the critics disliked about the movie, (too feminist and too in your face) were the flashbacks that Carol (Brie Larson) Danvers/ Vers had during parts of the film. As I mentioned a few paragraphs ago. I don’t see what they were seeing. I’m sorry to be a broken record but I am so flabbergasted every time that I think about it. Each time that Chris and I finish watching a movie from the theaters, we always talk about what we did like, and what we didn’t like about it on our ride home. He said, “I know there were pokes at feminism, but I just thought that her memories are just common things for girls growing up.”

I don’t mean to go off on a rant. That isn’t what I want on this site. It is to be a nice place that you all can come to, to enjoy my thoughts on comic related things…or maybe you think that we are charming people and want to support us! We both appreciate it supremely and hope that this post doesn’t anger you all. I just wanted to express my annoyance to the people that have a ‘status’ that others look up to for direction on how they want to view certain content. If they don’t like a movie, they of course should be able to share their opinions. As they are sharing, they should be thinking of the younger crowd that reads or watches their things. If they themselves have an agenda and want to ride the train to being viral, then (shrugging) I don’t know. That’s kind of suck-ish of them.


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To my surprise, I found myself enjoying Captain Marvel. And since I wasn’t that excited about seeing it (as you now know), I was paying attention to the dialogue and imagery more than I usually do for the first time around. In the opening of all Marvel films, they always go through all the comics that relate to the main character and end it in the shape of the world ‘Marvel’. This time it was different. It had all (about 21 including the one in Captain Marvel) our late Stan Lee’s (1922-2018) cameos in all the past MCU movies. My heart grew soft and warm as I saw his smiling face on the screen once again (he will have his last live action cameo in Avengers 4 Endgame). Right after ‘Marvel’ dissipates, black screen envelopes the large screen and clear white letters come to view to thank Stan Lee for all that he’s brought into this world. He made a lot of people very happy and created amazing childhood memories with fun heroes.

We travel to space, far…far away from Earth and brought into a nightmare of a young Vers. It seems as a memory, but all she remembers is life on the planet that she resides on now. Quickly, she rushes to her superior’s sleeping quarters to wake him up. As we watch further, we learn that this has been a habit of hers long before she could remember. Yon-Rogg (Jude Law) opens the door to his room to find Vers alert in the hallway, he knows that she has had one of her nightmares. To get herself back to her usual self, she asks him if he’d like to fight. A somewhat relieved yet tired, Yon-Rogg obliges her request. The next thing we see is a training session for the Kree Imperial Militia, Star-Force was what they were apart of, featuring the two characters, but she isn’t using her powers. It seems that he wants her to learn how to fight without them, because they could be “taken away” from her at any point so better learn how to train without them. Which I can see the point that he was making there.

Why, though, would he not want her to use her powers in a fight? Is it to protect her? But, if her powers are there to protect her, then why does he seem to fear them so much? I’m sure I was squinting at the screen because there was something fishy going on, but he seemed to genuinely care about her, so I didn’t understand. Maybe because he seems like her guardian?

The training continues as he strikes her hard to make her fall to the ground. This would be the first time that we, as an audience, see her power fists. Kind of reminded me of Iron Fist with his glowing hand, but hers was much more ‘mystical’ looking, while his would glow gold. It seems she knows how to control her powers enough to direct them into certain parts of her body. It was a part of her so I think it would be sort of second nature to her.

He peers down onto her and watches her fist become aglow, quickly demanding her to get control of her emotions. Their species practice a harsh, ‘controlled emotions’ (like Vulcans from Star Trek) that she just can’t get the hang of…but if she is of their species and from that world, then why can’t she do that? Many questions are forming because she’s old enough to where she should have learned how to do this by now, but she had memory lose so that’s why she had to relearn all these things, I guess. Her emotions get the better of her and BAM! Her fist smashes on his torso faster than a speeding bullet, sending his rag-dolled body across the room and splats against the wall that was sitting behind him throughout the fight. Down he falls! Looking up, he sees her face turns into an ‘Ooopie daisy’ and apologetic look.

Their back and forth from one another was very fluid and familiar. As if they have been superior and subordinate for many years. Turns out that was about six years that they would be acquainted. Later in the film, we learn why it was only for six years that they knew of one another.

Going about 3/4th the movie, we learn what happened all those years ago. Just a quick summery of what happened through the movie so that I can get to the part of the film that I want to talk more about.

Also, I don’t really remember when Goose (Reggie) the cat came into the film. Pretty sure it was when they went to the old plane field…but he’s the best-est and good-est boy in all the world! He’s a Flerken which is a very dangerous being from space. He is in the comics as well but if you would like to read about him, you can click on this link to know more about him. The real cat, not his character he plays Goose and Fiery are pretty inseparable though out the film. When Goose finally showed part of who he was, with his three tentacle type tongues swallowing up three enemies in one gulp. Fiery freaks out a bit not sure what to do. But Goose has always been good to him so he tells Goose that he will pick him up again if he promised not to do that to him.

Later, we find out that Goose is the reason the Fiery wears and eye patch. Goose scratches his face casing the lose of sight. Of course, no one seen that, and no one will ever know real reason why she lost his eyesight.

This is the meat and potatoes of the storyline.

Buckle Up!

It’s going to be a fun ride.

~Throughout the movie, she was remembering ‘dreaming’ her past life here on Earth (which they call Earth-616), but that couldn’t be because she was a Kree, not a human. Right? She collects a young companion, ‘Detective’ Fiery. I think that he was one of the top people in the agency that he worked for, but he wasn’t in charge of the whole operation yet. He did have a boss, but I don’t know what his job title was. He did have a partner that we all smiled at, since he was killed in the Avengers. In the future, he would be called Agent Coulson.

~The ride around and they end up at a government building, which was a part of SH.I.E.L.D. He explains that everyone calls him ‘Fiery’. His mom, friends, coworkers, boss. Everyone.

~Fiery puts a hat on Vers that has the S.H.I.E.L.D. logo on it so she’d fit in. They get into the huge file room. Fiery calls for back up. The shapeshifter (Skrulls) ends up knocking out Fiery’s boss and taking his place. They take a ride together on the elevator and his boss calls him either Nick or Nicholas. Fiery side-eyes him and figures out that that wasn’t his boss. Oops. Fighting happens and Fiery apologizes for betraying her. He’s forgiven. They run away up the stairs and Coulson finds them, points a gun and decides to let them go.

~Retracing steps and chasing a lead.

~Finds long lost best friend from her past, Maria Rambeau (Lashana Lynch) and her young niece, Monica Rambeau (the adorable and loveable Akira Akbar). They had a big box of her past things to try and help her remember her life.

~Talos (Ben Mendelsohn, the leader of the Skrulls) find Vers (now being called Carol) successfully convinces Carol that the people that she called friends (Kree) were the real criminals and that the Skrulls were just a race of beings that didn’t want to bow down to them, so they were being wiped out. They were on the run and trying to find the rest of their people to go and find a home that the Kree couldn’t find.

~Talos has some of the audio of the crash. They listen to it.

~This was the part of the movie that I wanted to talk about the most. When she remembers her past life, she remembers her leader as she was a pilot. Dr. Wendy Larson, (Annette Bening) turns out that she was actually a Kree scientist that was on Earth secretly for research. There are nods to the comic book. As most movies, there are Easter-eggs all over this film. You just got to look for them. It’s like a game that you play with the directors.

~Captain Carol Danvers and Dr. Larson begin to test the new plane that Larson was tweaking with. It had a faster feel to it that Danvers could feel. Suddenly, they are being chased and shot at by a not so Earthly plane. Carol dives and swerves in the clouds to get away, but they crash after a lot try of getting away.

~Larson is injured and bleeding blue blood (if it hasn’t been clear to you yet, she isn’t from Earth) but is still moving around to try and get ahead of the mysterious enemy. This scene was a huge part in Vers nightmares. Larson is shot, and the mysterious enemy turns out to be one of the Skrulls. Now that she has cleared up questions that she had in the past, she can clearly remember the actions that had taken place that day. It wasn’t a Skrull…it was a Kree! (Dun Dun Duuuuun!) Not just any old Kree…it was Yon-Rogg! (Dun Dun DUUUUUUN!) Carol was born a human on Earth. She was a normal person before this all happened. So how did she get her power, you might be asking? Well…well…well! I’m here to tell you that right now.

~Yon-Rogg emerges from the smoke and shoots Larson. Carol takes the gun in her hands and holds it up the, then unknown man, to keep him from closer, but he still steps closer but slower. He spills the beans about who Dr. Larson (Mar-vell) was and what she was doing here on this planet. The back part of the plane she and Larson were flying continued to glow, catching the eye of the two. Carol doesn’t know much but she knows that Larson was her peer and was always very nice to her, and this man just shot her. Danvers points her gun to the glowing part of the plane, causing the man to panic. She shoots her shot. It hits.

~An EXPLOSION of ENERGY bursts from the source and finds a host to absorb it in entirety. The energy pushes everyone away but since Danvers was the closest to the surge, it absorbed into her body which now was glowing dangerously. An unconscious, future superhero, laid on the ground while the strange man approached her. Another foot soldier approached and attempted to shoot her. Yon-Rogg stops it in time, remarking that this stranger has the power of the thing they were looking for. They are to take her with them.~She remembers everything now, though she wants to fight it, because all that she knows is the way of her teachings from her superior.

~She changes her uniform’s color sequence with the help of Monica. One of the color schemes was a reference to DC’s Shazam, hinting that he used to be called Captain Marvel as well. The uniform was a visual representation of her cutting off her association with the Kree.

~Find the lost Skrulls on an orbiting satellite around Earth.

~Kree invade the structure and capture everyone, including Carol in a weird device that held her unmoving, on the floor, on her knees.

~Carol’s little device on her neck is acting up and her eyes are closed. She’s visiting the Supreme Intelligence. They’ve been using her to get to the Tesseract. We all know what the Tesseract is! That’s what this movie was all about!

~It’s told to her again that her powers can be taken away. They placed that electro-sticker on the nape of her neck to try and control her. To make it seem like they are the ones that gave her the power that she possesses. She finally started to remember the events that happen the day she received her powers.

~Carol finally realizes that her powers are not from the Kree. They were given to her by the Tesseract. The fight is on.

The shocking object that was by the nape of her neck starts to static and is disactivated. All of Hell is about to break loose! Her body is aglow and intensifies second after second. Even her hair looks like white licks of fire. Her hands are pretty much non-existent because you cannot see them though the light that is eliminating from her. Her eyes were just pure light. Like looking at a holy angel that is descending from the heavens. Energy is just radiating off her, which scares the living bejesus out of everyone while they are all in an awe. She’s ready to kick some butt.

The fight scenes in the rest of the movie was her plowing from one enemy to the other. Ripping though ships and pretty much (not really looked too closely but) killing a bunch of beings from another planet. Hero movies usually gloss over that detail.

Remembering that Yon-Rogg is on Earth, Captain Marvel zooms back to the surface to find him. He knows that he would be able to beat her with her power and tries to make light of the situation. He exclaims about how proud he was of her and how her training has been a success. He also tries to get her to show off her skills of fighting without her gift. ‘Come on! Can you beat me without those power fists?’ (vaguely what he said and what I got from his shouting.)

He gets ready to try to fighter her without her powers. Last minute, she energizes and punches him to kingdom come! This had me dyin’! I’m so happy that the director had done that instead of her trying to impress her (not so superior) late superior. She doesn’t have to impress anyone anymore. It’s time for her to impress herself, and I clap for that. As short as this paragraph is, that’s how short the fight was. Amazing and well-acted!

Captain Marvel drags his rag-dolled body to the little damaged ship that was around them. He exclaims that he can’t return to their home planet with nothing. Yon-Rogg looks full of panic and he knows there’s nothing he can say to keep her from sending him back. She tells him that that isn’t her problem. Zoom! Off he goes.

The end of the movie has her offering to find the Skrull a new home to live and to find the rest of their species. She also hands Fiery a device that looked like a pager. If he ever needed her, she would come back and do whatever she can to help. She amplified the signal to spread across a couple galaxies. Very nonchalant.

The end credit that stars Captain America, Black Widow, Bruce Banner/Hulk and War Machine is super cool because it pretty much sets up for Avengers 4: Endgame! War Machine alerts the team that the “thing that was blinking” stopped blinking. Not knowing what that means, they become on their guard. What happens when whatever was being signaled shows up? They have no idea. They’ve never even been told about what that device was for.

So, for what I understand, and this is my own math…never was my strong suit, I believe that Captain Marvel was gone and away from Earth-616 for 24 years (leaving in 1995 to the year 2019), to which she returns. It seems that she doesn’t age like normal humans do because Yon-Rogg transfused his blood into her (mentioned earlier in the film as a test question). All that had seemed to change was the length of her hair.

“Where’s Fiery?”

Thank you everyone for coming to check out our site and our new post! We try to give you something fun to read each time you check in on us! I want to remind everyone and myself, that if you are excited about a movie, or not so sure, try not to take another person’s word as gospel. It can be hard to do just that. I have enjoyed my fair share of movies that others did not. Your taste in film is that of your own, so don’t get discouraged! Treat yourself out! You deserve it.

Have a Super-day!


It’s A Brand New Year!

Lovely To Be Here

With you all!

Hello, Everyone and Happy New Year to you all! Welcome back to C and M! My name is Kay and if you’ve gotten this far into this website, then chances are that you already know who I am *fin-ger guns* also…it is so great to be back to talk to you all! Missed yah!

My oh my, it’s been a wonderfully busy season for us all. Personally, we’ve been traveling a lot and working a lot, but we’ve finally gotten to stay at home for more than just a day or two. How was everyone’s holidays? Were they as bright as your smiles? Did you get what you wanted in your wish list? Was there something that you didn’t want? Did you get to spend time with your loved ones?

During my time away, there was a few things that I got to do. Number one was…we finally received our wedding rings! It took about 3-4 months after our wedding, but we finally got them!

—————————————————–   > > >

I’ve started my Apprenticeship, which is amazing. We also seen Aquaman twice! Once with just him and I. Second with my best friend, Christian and I. Both times were equally amazing. I want to do something special for this movie, so I wanted to bring this up in this post and then make a separate post about the movie.

I do want to mention that I don’t like writing about movies that just came out, right away. I feel like I should wait for most of you to see the movie before I start blabbing about who and what was in the movie. I never want to fully say something is bad or good, and I will never say that someone shouldn’t see a film. I never want this site to be about telling people what not to watch. Everyone has their own taste in movies. Who am I to say not to see it? I feel like it’s been enough time to talk about Aquaman, and boy oh boy do I have a lot to say. I’ve also tried to research more about Aquaman before I write about him.

Be sure to check on the site in the next day or so for “Everything Aquaman” that I’m going to be posting.

As always, I am so happy that you all checked out the site and for the support that you all have shown me! It means everything in the world to me! Every single one of you is important to me. Stay safe everyone and see you next time!

<3 Kay

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

To You!

Happy Holiday’s to you and to your families! We here at C and M are happy to have shared this year with you all and hope that we can share this holiday season with you as well! We like to look back and thank all the people that have reached out to us about their experiences with comics and comic related things. Pretty much any fandom that you admire, we like to hear about.

We are going to be bouncing from house to house over the next few days, but you all are always on our minds!

Yesterday, we got to see the movie, “Aquaman” and man oh man was it good! I would like to see it a second time just to make sure I didn’t miss anything, so just give me a few days to do that. It’s a busy season for us, with family and good friends, that we probably won’t be able to post our thoughts on the movie just yet! I have a lot that id like to take about and I would also like to make Aquaman one of our Character Spotlight, because…who ever thought that Aquaman was going to be such a badass!? He is no longer the butt of the joke, that’s for sure.

Both of us will try to get our own posts on here soon (I’ll probably beat him to it).

I also want to let you all know that Chris is now running our new Instagram: cmcomichub

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I, honestly, am so bad with anything related to social media, I can’t even run my own personally Instagram. That’s how bad I am. Thank you so much Christian, for taking the lead on that.

Happy Holiday’s to you again! We hope that the season fills you with love and care! Join us on Instagram to be our Instafam!

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Joaquin Phoenix: The Joker

Joaquin Phoenix


The Joker

Hey Everyone! How are we all doing on this wonderful December day (night time for me)! Today, I want to talk to you all about the new Joker movie coming out next year on October 4th. Have you all heard about it? I just told a good friend about who was playing him, and she was surprised, but not because he doesn’t seem the part, but because he’s from one of her favorite movies, “Gladiator”. She grew up with me, and she’s always been around my family. So, that means that all things comics are dear to her. If it wasn’t for the fact that it is a solo Joker movie, then obviously, it would be because of this master mind of acting.

Before I get ahead of myself, I’d like to introduce the person that I’d like this post to be about. “Introducing” might be the wrong word for it, but I’m just so excited that I can’t hold it in! Our new, and hopefully one of the best men for the job, Mr. Joaquin Phoenix!

A little information about our up-and-coming Clown Prince of Crime, Joaquin Rafael Phoenix.

He was born on October 28, 1974 (which will make him 44 years old this year). After his family left the group of “Children of God”, the family took up the surname of Phoenix to indicate the change into their new lives. His families original last name was, “Bottom”.

He began his acting career when he was a child. Not even old enough to stay in a house by himself, yet, he is in T.V. shows and movies. His older brother, River, was becoming a huge star in Hollywood. Years pass full of good memories (and bad, of course). They were thick as thieves, as most siblings end up later in life, but tragedy struck. This great man, whom was so young, (23 years old) passes away suddenly( (if you would like to learn more about River, I have supplied a great source to which does the Hollywood Star some justice ( )). Joaquin is there to do what he can, but the emergency services were too late. Young River was pronounced dead on the October 31, 1993. The media thought it to be appropriate to play 19-year-old Joaquin’s call for help all over for the world to hear. How dare they! If, in a million years, Mr. Joaquin Phoenix reads this, I would like to say our hearts go out to you. No matter how long it’s been, thoughts always go back to our loved ones.

Joaquin Phoenix's movies so far!

As there is darkness, there shall be light. And when there is light, there is hope. Joaquin (3 years later), like his older brother, booming in the picture-shows. Endless movies and T.V. talk shows. He seems, to me, that when he is involved with a project, he dives head first into it. What you want in a movie is to believe that the person on your screen isn’t acting. What I mean by that is that, when you are watching a movie, or a show, you don’t want to focus on the fact that there’s a person…playing a character. You don’t want to see them acting, you want them to become the character. Bring it to life! If they can’t do so, I feel like it takes away from the experience. It does for me. For you to be one of the greats, I feel, you must be that convincing. I believe that Joaquin was born for this role. All the media I’ve seen him on, I always find him compelling to watch. He WAS a ruler in Roman times. He WAS Johnny Cash. He WAS a heart-broken man. He becomes the character. He studies and learns what that character would be like. How he would be like if he were in the same position. I hope that I am not going to be proven wrong. The trailers capture the character of who I believe the Joker to be, and what I want to see on the silver screen. Please make this a good one!!

Just watch how this is being set up! What’s going on and why? 

The trailers for this movie are, like all trailers, are very selective of what they are showing. I’m figuring that when it gets closer to the date of release, it’ll become more and more reviled about what the movie is going to focus on. I’ve heard rumors that this movie isn’t really the Joker. I’ve heard that there are 3 different people playing Joker in the DC Universe. Little do some know, but this isn’t call, “DC Universe”, it’s called the, “Worlds of DC”. It’s just a play on words. You see, since they re-casted The Joker in the middle of the story line of the JLA (Justice League of America), they must introduce the new movie as another timeline in the Universe. And all comic fans know that there are too many timelines and worlds to even count. It gives comic book companies the freedom to be as creative as possible. It also allows them to revamp the series after it makes a natural end. This was received well with the audiences, so why not roll with it! I for one, love that there can be so many different looks at how a character can be re-invented over the years.

What could the new Joker be like? I touched on this a little a few paragraphs above, but, from what I can tell, it’s taking place before the Clown Prince of Crime came to be. That will be covered in a different post, because I could just go on and on about The Joker. He’s one of my favorite characters! I’m not saying that he’s a role model or anything, but the fact that he is a complete mystery, and the fact that he is so crafty and cunning, has me intrigued! Always have been.

I got off the topic of Joaquin for a while, but I’ll just have one more thing to mention before I start to wrap up this post, because I am trying my hardest to keep post coming in! I also hope that you all are enjoying them, just as I am. I am so EXCITED about Mr. Phoenix being the star of the new, solo Joker film. I’ve been wanting to see Joker out on the screen for a long time now, and I know that a lot of you wanted the same thing. What are your thoughts about casting decision? Do you agree with what I’ve said? Do you think there could have been someone better to play the Arch Villain of The Batman?

Well, this is all the time if have for today! I hope that you all have a wonderful day or night, depending on when you read this. My official Joker post will probably take a while because there’s just so much to cover. What background to start with. Is there even a main background? Of course, there might be but there are infinite worlds that DC has created that even the smallest difference in a day creates a different outcome of their lives.

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Thanks for listening to me babble for so long! You all are amazing!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Number of Thanksgivings we have all spent together so far!

Hey Everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving to all here at C and M! I hope that your day was as wonderful as you are! Today is the day of “thanks” which everyone knows, but what could you be thankful for? A new or old house? Family? Friends (either in person or online friends)? Boyfriend or girlfriend? Maybe just the fact you have a job or that you created something? No matter what it is, because it involves you, I’m sure that it is noteworthy!

You don’t have to be famous to be something special. Make yourself heard! Send us an e-mail to tell us what you are thankful for!