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Far From Home

Welcome back to another wonderous filled day, here at C&M! My name is Kay, and I’d love to tell you my thoughts on the newest Spider-Man movie that came out on the 3rd of this month. If you have not seen this movie and would like to go, please do not read any further than this paragraph. If you have seen it, then there is no risk, enjoy everything that you can! I wouldn’t say that there are spoilers that could ruin your experiences in seeing this film, but there could be some in here. I usually just write everything out and then delete things that don’t matter, so I have no idea where this article is going (Ha-ha! Only halfway kidding). I would like to give my thoughts and opinions on the matter of this film.

If you read my review of the Spider-Man comic book I had just bought, then you will know what to expect from this film. If you would like to see that article because this is your first time on the site, please feel free to jump over to that article after you read this! I wrote that when I was dead tired. Thank everything good that Chris was there to catch my many…many mistakes.


Let’s get into the review!

The introduction of the movie was very unique but honestly it wasn’t super memorable. I saw that they had the memorials for the ones that passed away in the last film (Endgame) which would include two pictures of Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.), Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) and Vision (Paul Bettany). When they had two pictures of Stark, I knew they were going to have a high focus on him because he and Peter were close. Throughout the whole movie, he was pretty much the main plot. All in all, the song and the opening credits were very kid like, and it reflected the character in name because he is a 15-16-year-old. Not saying that age group acts only like kids, but the mentality of Peter is that he just wants to be normal for a little while. Just like a lot of the young adults in his age bracket.

SNAP verses the BLIP!

He says “I…Am….Iron Man” *Snap

We all know what the ‘Snap’ was but what is the ‘Blip’? In Layman’s term, it is the undoing of the of the initial ‘Snap’ which caused the vanishing of half of the universe’s beings. Everyone that was snapped into the soul stone stayed the same age, and everyone that stayed behind all aged regularly. This concept was explained thoroughly in the gymnasium scene. I honestly don’t think they needed to include that into this movie. It seemed like they were spoon-feeding this concept to the audience who already knew what happened. The whole plot of ‘Endgame’ was explaining this very concept to the audience, so I don’t think it needed to be revisited. I felt like it took away from the movie. Only 68 days were between these two cinematic adventures, so it was still fresh in the minds of the fans. We also got a re-release of Endgame to get the chance to see the extended version of the film, so honestly, I think it was a fluff piece for this new movie.

They really don’t waste any time introducing Mysterio into the film, which seems to be a theme for the Spider-Man portion of the MCU film. In the very first scene we are introduced to Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal). Funny enough, he didn’t go by the name of Mysterio at that time. Peter tells him his friends call him that. Beck ends up liking the name and adopts it. In the first appearance of Mysterio in the comics, he names himself, so that it a cool difference. In the comic, he just oozes confidence and arrogance as he was trying to become the next big hero of the land (New York). It’s interesting to see this reinvented character claim the name of Mysterio, because you can start seeing the ego that he tries to hide throughout the first portion of the film. As time moves on, you can see him start to relax and let his ego take more of a front stage position. It’s fascinating!

Peter meeting Beck and the wink to the multiverse? Yes, this did happen, and I was happy to see Tom Holland become more like Peter Parker. What I mean by that is that he was overjoyed to hear that the theory of the multiverse was more than just a theory. It was reality, and he had to catch himself from geeking-out about science to the one person that might actually know what he’s talking about. I bet he would love to talk to Bruce Banner or Shuri about this (Ha-ha)!

I’m going to mention this in a bit, but I think that they, as in Sony, is trying to tie together the multiverse for Toby Maguire, Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland. It was either fan-service or it was a real thing. Like I said, I’ll get into that in just a moment!

I was not disappointed with the costume design in this film. Marvel has always had the best looks for their heroes, because that just a huge part of who they are. All of the small details and gadgets that they incorporate into the costumes should be able to drop your jaw. Everything is manicured to the absolute best of levels. When the costume is damaged, it really does look like something happened to them. You can see real evidence after the fight between Parker and the drones. His costume gets tattered up pretty badly, as expected. If it wasn’t, the sense of realism would be out the window.

Mysterio’s costume was just remarkable! Chris loved his design the most because of the smoky orb of a helmet. The drapery was amazing, and just as flashy as it was in the comic. I loved how the head piece would just come up and down whenever he wanted it to. It was smooth to look at and made you wonder how he was even able to make that happen. Why is it that he decided on that particular costume design in the first place? So many questions…but that’s why he’s called ‘Mysterio’.

Huge monsters are coming out of nowhere but there was never any indication on their arrival? With Fury being such a well-rounded protector of the Earth, how was this even possible? They would say it’s because of him mentioning that he used to know everything. Always had connections and always was on top of anything and everything that was out of the norm, but since he was Snapped away, all of that is out the window. Are the monsters even real, or are they Mysterio’s own creations? I should have known something was fishy with the monsters, but I wasn’t paying too much attention when the fights were happening, but I don’t believe that Mysterio’s costumes were ever damaged in any way. Maybe dirtied, but no rips of tears. Like I knew that the monsters were either created by him or they were brought in by him because he knew he could defeat them, but there was something odd about it.

Wonderfully Terrifying Illusions

Another high point in the film would be the huge scene on where Mysterio uses his illusions on Peter to off-balance him and freak him out. The colors of this scene were to die for and the added work that the CGI engineers put into this scene will haunt me to this day. The comics, though great, could never have put you in the mist in which you got to see how traumatic something of that caliber could be. To Spider-Man’s credit, he really tried to get out of the mist, but it was too late for him. What was real and what wasn’t? In the mist, his “Peter Tingle” didn’t work, which disorientated him to no end. He had to fight off mirrored images of himself. Mysterio was talking down to him. Trying to make Peter just give up any information that he had. There were constant changes of the environment. Collapsing buildings and Mysterio kept taking away his new suit and put him back into the sweat suit that he was originally in.

There’s too much to actually say about this scene. No words could fully encapsulate this what was happening. If anything, that would be the selling point of the whole movie. It’s well worth it. Unfortunately, there aren’t many pictures from this movie so, after a while I will replace some of these pictures to better represent everything I am trying to discuss. Thank you for your patience!

Evil Super Team...Activate!

Turns out that he had a team behind him that all were affected by the likes of Tony Stark…yet another group of people that all hate this man, who isn’t even alive anymore! So, who are they sticking it to now? The world? Because that is kind of a weak argument. Mr. Stark is gone, so they can’t make him feel bad anymore, and honestly, all of the stories that they had that made them hate the Iron Hero were somewhat dull. I get that they were either humiliated by Stark, but I do want to put it out there, but everyone that worked for him, knew what type of person he was. For Beck, his invention was super cool, but Tony named it B.A.R.F. which I would think, if you brought this up to Tony in real life and he examined it, he would tell you honestly if he liked it or not. The balding guy (I’m sorry I don’t know his name) from the first Iron Man film in 2008, wasn’t really affected by Tony. He was directly affected by Obadiah (Jeff Bridges) because he was being yelled at. I don’t understand why he would hate Tony at all. It’s just another tie in to just another Tony Stark created villain(s) but why? I have a few examples, but I just don’t understand why they decided to make him the center of attention in a movie of another superhero. Maybe he is just an easy scapegoat for the series?

You can see Peter is exhausted and just wants to go on vacation and that is the main reason on how Beck got Parker to trust him. He needed to show Peter that he was a good choice of being the next Iron Man without actually saying it. They have this conversation in the pub, but they are both in their costumes still with their masks clearly off! That was another red flag that I thought Peter should have noticed, but it’s played off that he is preoccupied with his own thoughts and wants. Beck plays that off to his advantage, and without knowledge from the viewers, that’s when we meet the team behind the smoky orb man after Peter leaves.

Because of this trickery, Peter thinking Beck could be the new Iron Man, which would take some pressure off of Peter in general. I give it to Beck. He was a really convincing new friend. If I was trying to grasp at any way out of a huge responsibility that I didn’t think that I was ready for, I would be all for someone that seemed like they were ready. Wouldn’t you be? As the conversation between Parker and Beck continue, Peter decides to give up his control of E.D.I.T.H. to Beck. Thinking that he was the true hero for the job.

E.D.I.T.H. (E.ven D.ead I.m T.he H.ero) A great joke and it felt like something Tony Stark would say to Peter. I think Peter needed to hear that too, because it was getting pretty depressing without a good joke. E.D.I.T.H. is there for Peter just as J.A.R.V.I.S. was for Tony, and I think that it’s pretty cool that the late Mr. Stark would have been thinking that far ahead for Peter’s sake. What I thought would have been pretty amazing would be that Tony would have uploaded his own voice to the assistant, but I think that would have messed Peter up even more. Also, Robert Downey Jr. would have been top billed if that were to happen…so no (Ha-ha).

Iron Man is sprinkled throughout the film. We all know that he was super important to the world, because he’s protected the Earth from everything, sacrificing himself multiple times. I’m pretty sure that he is mentioned at least once every 10-minutes, which I think takes away from Spider-Man. This seems to have just been another Iron Man movie but what happens in the background. I don’t think they let Spider-Man outshine his mentor because it was just hanging over his head the whole movie. Fury was a bit harsher than I thought he should have been; talking to a teenager. Making an adolescence cry because he wants to have a normal vacation is a bit out of character. He didn’t even do that in the first Avengers movie. Turns out it wasn’t even Fury. It was the aliens that were in the Captain Marvel movie. A bit random. You know…the shape shifters.

A part of the film that I really liked was when Peter was being picked up by Happy (Jon Faveau) in the plane. The relationship that they have with one another seemed to have developed off screen, which is okay with me! Not everything has to be seen to be able to understand the context. Obviously, Happy liked his Aunt May (Marisa Tomei) and were seeing each other without telling Peter about it. They weren’t hiding it, but it wasn’t something that was talked about. To make sure that Happy, was in fact Happy, Parker wanted him to tell him something that only Happy would know. The memory of Happy seeing a charge on the cable bill that was pretty high, that came from Peter hotel room, came to light (adult movie charge), which Peter quickly understood that it was the real Happy! Thank the lord! Parker was tricked earlier in the scene by Mysterio with deceptive realities, so this was the only way to make sure he knew it was for real.

Connections to earlier movies would be “Back in Black” by ACDC was a nice touch. It made me smile, because he was finally in his element. You could finally see the connection between Tony and Peter. That was the reason on why he chose Parker; because he saw himself in the young teenage. I don’t know if it was serious or not, but the joke of Peter not knowing who made this song was a weird joke. Kind of took me out of the movie a bit. I’m sorry if my review is a bit too negative. I did enjoy this movie, but it seemed like the directors/producers were just trying to sop up the remaining storyline of Endgame. I hope I’m not the only one that thinks this, but if I am, I stick to my opinion, even if it might be wrong.

We talked about Mysterio and his costume design, but we didn’t talk about Spider-Man’s! How dare I! There were a lot of costumes that came through on screen for our teenage Spidey. In my review on the trailer for this movie, I mentioned all of the suits that he would be wearing. The only thing I think I got wrong was the last suit that he was sporting with the webbed-wings (which are similar to the suit that he wore in the original comics). I mentioned that I thought that was a last gift from Mr. Stark for Peter, but it turns out that Peter made that suit himself with the mechanical help from Tony’s machinery in the plane. Which would bring us back to the ACDC song that we all know and love.

Flash (Tony Revolori) is true to his love for Spider-Man. Thinks Spider-Man is the best hero around. Hates Peter Parker. It was fun to see that portrayed in the film, because it hasn’t been used in the other Spider-Man films. It’s an underrated portion of the comics that can add such a depth to a character that we would only see as a jerk. Wonderful use of a supporting actor and I am so happy that they included it in this movie!

Can you all believe that they got J. J. Jameson (J.K. Simmons) to come back into another Spider-Man movie? And, do you know what the first thought that I had as soon as I seen him on that screen? THE MULTIVERSE! Yes, oh yes, I think that was the connection to the Multiverse that we all wanted to see. Most likely I am wrong, but I don’t want to be. If this is all true, then maybe we will all see Toby and Andrew back on the screen with their own Spidey Suits. Maybe they will get Spider-Gwen and Miles Morales too. Maybe they are just going to have a whole Spider-Verse come to live action? I don’t know but that it the most exciting thing that I could think of that makes somewhat sense. What do you all want to see in the future films? Do you think Spider-Man is going to venture away from the Avengers for now and do his own thing, or are they going to keep him in the franchise of the MCU?

My Thoughts:

Marvel usually bangs out some good movies. They have a formula that they like to use because it’s effective and it’s been proven to work. I think that this movie is being overshadowed by ‘Endgame’. I think this could have been a better movie if they put a little more time between the film, but I knew they couldn’t. They made the timeline very close to kind-of recap what happened in Endgame which kind of spoiled the Spider-Man theme.

Where were the other Avengers? We never understand why the other Avengers don’t show up to the battles that could devastate the whole world. Or why didn’t other heroes that are not involved in that particular team try to help? Many questions. I know that they said that they are all busy doing things, or that they are off world, but there is more than just the Avengers Team.

If you enjoy Tom Holland as Spider-Man, I would say go and see the film if you haven’t. Everyone has their own taste in movies, and I love that! This piece was just what I noticed about this film and what I liked about it. I won’t say it was my favorite movie out of all of the MCU, but I do love seeing a different side of this superhero. He really leans into this awkward teenager that catches feelings for a girl in his class. Luckily, they are the same age because they were both ‘Snapped’ together. Peter radiates ‘awkward’ throughout this whole film, but does it work for him? Of course! He IS an awkward teenager. That’s not all there is to him but that’s part of his personality. MJ (Zendaya) seems to mirror his awkwardness in this film too. It’s made obvious that they both like one another, so it was nice that they let them act like real teenagers. I thought that it was charming, and a little cringy, but only because most of us have been in that position of talking to your crush and trying to see how they feel about you too!

I was glad that Peter was about to get his smart glasses back from Beck. I kind of knew it wasn’t the end to their transaction, but I didn’t know how? I don’t think that Beck is dead…but I can’t be sure. That’s the thing about dealing with a person with illusions, they might not even be there. And I did hear that E.D.I.T.H. said that there weren’t any illusions, but you don’t know if they tinkered with the hardware of the glasses. Beck could have been faking his death, because Peter didn’t really check for vitals or ask his glasses if Beck was even dead, so there is open interpretation for the fans.

This cinematic adventure seemed to keep to the theme of the first introduction of Mysterio in the Amazing Spider-Man comic that I mentioned in a different post. In the comic, if you haven’t read my review on that, Mysterio turns the public on Spider-Man. He does this so that Spider-Man is discredited in the eye of the public. The difference between the film and the comic is that Mysterio didn’t know the true identity of Spidey. Naming him wasn’t something he was able to do. It was an interesting twist, but I don’t see why they even did that. I don’t get why Beck would have named him but his actual name. He seemed like he liked Peter even when he was trying to kill him, or maybe that was just a trick on its own.

All in all, my thoughts on this film would be somewhat predictable/safe film. The actors/actresses were amazing. I loved the chemistry between everyone on the set. I thought that everyone really enjoyed their roles, and that you can tell that they wanted to make their characters are lively as possible. I thought that the direction the film was a little too safe for what they could have done. I didn’t think that Tony Stark should have been a scapegoat for yet another film. We all know that he was an amazing superhero and that he was very important to Parker, but I think that they just made it a little too easy. Mysterio seems like he was just pushed onto Spider-Man as a villain, and what he really wanted to do was be a villain of the late and great Iron Man. All in all, I would say good but not great.

I didn’t want to be too negative on this review. I really liked this movie. I think Tom Holland is adorable and fits very well into his roll. Jake Gyllenhaal turned out to be a very compelling Mysterio, and I think that he was born to be an amazing villain. I mean that in the nicest way possible because it takes a well-rounded actor or actress to become a bad guy in a series were there is so much good.

Thank you everyone for coming to see my content! I think that you all are the best and I love that I can share this all with you. I hope that you don’t think I am dissing this movie, because I really am not trying to. I think it has some really good parts to it. Everyone in A1 in my book. It was just the direction of the film that I didn’t care too much for.

If you went to go see this film, let me know what you thought of it! Our e-mail is candm.bodenmiller@gmail.com. You can get ahold of either one of us through this e-mail and we respond pretty much that day that you send us mail. If you are new to this blog, we would love to be your fans too, so find us on social media. If you don’t like e-mailing, then we can also get back to you in DMs.

We hope that you all have a wonderful rest of the day/night and we will see you all again super soon!


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Who Is Mysterio

My First Experience



Good Evening, Everyone and welcome back to C&M Comic Hub! Sorry for the late post, but you knew what you were getting into when you log into this blog (Ha-ha)! I hope you all are doing amazing! There are exciting things that are happening in the next 27 hours, and I know you know what the cause of that will be. ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ is coming out tomorrow (by the time this is published it will be the morning of. How many of you are excited to see Tom Holland play Peter Parker/Spider-Man again? I know that I am. I think that Tom Holland is an amazing actor, and he is perfect for this role. I know some people prefer Toby Maguire, and I can see why, but Tom is the perfect age and attitude of a 15-year-old boy in high school with superpowers.

In preparation of this movie, I had the chance to read the first appearance of Mysterio! Luckily, three days ago, Chris and I went to the comic shop to see if our issues we’ve been waiting for had come out. Right on the counter, there was a reprint of the Amazing Spider-Man issue that introduces Mysterio for only $1.00. Who wouldn’t pick up that up, right?

In this comic book, Spider-Man is viewed as a criminal by the city of New York because of certain actions he can’t seem to remember. Spider-Man is stealing from the citizens?? What are you talking about? Peter thinks that he is doing these bad things while he is asleep and thinks about going to see a psychiatrist. Upset by these revelations, he doesn’t even want to close his eyes but unfortunately, his eyelids shut, and the night goes by silently. Or so he thought. Spider-Man is spotted being a menace to the public again. Peter, being worried about helping Aunt May with bills, along with the fact that the city thinks of him as a villain, starts to stress him out more and more, affecting his mood and the way that he acts, which is now rash and direct.

Convinced he needs to see that psychiatrist; he swings by and sticks to the wall of the doctor’s office. The doctor being excited, tells Spider-Man to come in, relax, and to say whatever is on his mind. The doctor is trying to move his career forward by being the first professional in his field to psychoanalyze a Superhero. Spider-Man sees that this was a mistake immediately leaves the office as the doctor calls out for him.

Later, Mysterio contacts J.J. Jameson saying that he is capable of beating Spider-Man in battle. Jameson, being all for that, agrees to meet with him, not thinking the situation through. Mysterio suddenly appears in the corner of the office and hands Jameson a note.

Spider-Man goes off to meet the Mysterious man, but unfortunately, it did not go well for our favorite high school superhero. He is beaten every way to Sunday, which boggles the mind of the young hero. Finding no way to win, he decides that he needed to get away and get away fast! Off the bridge he jumps. Quickly he descends towards the water below. A police helicopter (which is called a “Police Whirly-Bird” by Peter) comes to scoop up Spider-Man and take him into custody, but no one can catch him! He’s too smart and too fast for you!

Relief floods Peter as he knows that Mysterio is the culprit of the theft. He doesn’t know how it was so, but he knew it was him! Next time that they meet, it’ll be a lot different!

J.J. Jameson introduces Mysterio to the public as the hero that New York always needed. He was the one that defeated the local menace Spider-Man and is now the city’s new hero. Peter Parker is introduced to Mysterio, and while everyone was distracted, he slipped a tracking device in the pocket of the mysterious stranger. Now, he has a way of finding him when no one else could.

“Mysterio is a real crime fighter! He’s not afraid to meet people and to be interviewed as that cowardly Spider-Man was! And once Mysterio has defeated Spider-man for good, he will reveal his true identity exclusively to my newspaper! It’ll be the scoop of the century for me! Right, Mysterio” -J.J. Jameson

“Right! Just as long as you remember the money you promised me!” -Mysterio

That was just a small part of who Mysterio is and was in the comics. He was in it for the fame and for the glory of being the one that defeated the Amazing Spider-Man! Who else in the world was able to say that?

Soon after that transaction was completed, Mysterio disappears into the mist not knowing that Peter was tracking him. Swinging onto the scene, Mysterio is taken aback as he doesn’t understand how Spider-man could have found him! Gaining his composure back from being surprised, his arrogance shows as he tells Spider-Man how he did what he did!

Outsmarted again, Spider-Man brought a miniature recorder that would capture all of Mysterio’s confession!

“A miniature recorder!! BAH! It will do you no good! I’ll destroy it—after I’ve defeated you!” -Mysterio

PAUSE! I just want to mention that Mysterio’s face (which you can see in these picture) looks just like Leonard Nimoy (Spock from Star Trek). Carry on!

A fight scene breaks out and Peter figures he should take pictures on the fighting so that he can sell them to his boss. Since Mysterio showed his hand to Spider-Man, it was a lot easier to defeat the mystery man. As it wraps up, Spider-Man carried Mysterio back to the police department and handed them the tape to prove his innocents. Before doing this, Peter drops off the fighting photos to J.J.’s office.

Spider-Man’s name is cleared of all charges and is free to do as he wishes. Stopping in on J.J. while he is in his office, he mocks J.J. for being wrong about him 100% of the time. Webbing J.J. to the ceiling, he swings off to the bright city ahead!

Thank you all for reading my easy read comic talk! I love this comic! This is my first Spider-Man comic and I am so glad that I got to start off with this issue. I think it is super smart of Marvel to re-release original looking comics in time of the release of a movie. This way, the fans can get a refresher of the storyline, and a refresher of the new villain in the series.

Now, in the trailer, Mysterio looks like he is trying to help Peter in a battle. Is Mysterio the one that created this battle so that he can see what Peter is capable of. To spend time with him and learn of his emotional state, what is he planning in this film?

I did a review of the trailer about a month and a half ago, which you can find in this link if you click it. https://candmcomichub.com/spider-man-far-from-home

I didn’t get to say much about Mysterio because I honestly didn’t know that much about him and I didn’t want to talk about something that I didn’t know much about. Now that I got to read the first appearance of this character, I feel like I know a lot more than before! Seeing the original art and how the speech patterns have changed is do amazing. If you have the ability, I would will you to go and buy this comic as soon as you can from your local comic shop (LCS).

Thank you all again for coming to read my thoughts. I know that you could be anywhere on the internet right now, but you choose to spend time here with me. I’m so happy that I get to bring you content that you like. I just sent out our first ‘Interview Questionnaire’ to a man that loves Star Wars. We would love to be able to get a lot more people to be interviewed, so if you would like to share your ideas or how you feel about a certain movie, comic, series then I would love to have you featured on our site! E-Mail us at candm.bodenmiller@gmail.com.

Have an amazing time at the movies!


The Costume And The Issues


Golden Quinn

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What’s going on, Comic Fans? We have a lot of things to talk about since the last time we spoke. There’s been new pictures of Harley Quinn that has been circulating online that I just want to talk about. There’s more stuff that is going on like, ‘The Joker Movie’ that will be coming out on the 4th of October of this year, but this is something that caught my attention pretty quickly.

There’s a lot of talk about how Harley is being presented and how she should be acting. The opinion of “don’t fix something that isn’t broken” has been brought up quite a lot, and at times, I would say that is a good thing. In this sense, I don’t agree. There are a couple reasons on why I don’t think this statement is right, but I can only give my opinion on the matter. My opinion is a simple one, but I do believe that it is an educated one without too much of a bias on the matter.

A Common


I identify with Harley Quinn (Harleen Quinzel) on a little bit of a personal level. I think that for anyone to connect with a character, I feel like they would have something in common with that said character. Though I didn’t have a person as bad as the Joker, I was involved in relationships that affected me in bad ways. There was a relationship that I thought I liked the guy but after time progressed, I didn’t feel anything for him. He made me say that I “loved him” when I did not. I spent a couple months with this person and slowly, I found myself overworked with nothing to show for it. I found myself becoming depressed.

There was another relationship that I was involved in that was a bit worse. This one lasted about one and a half to two years, and I honestly have no idea on why it lasted that long. In this one. It started out nicely, like most do. We were friends but there was more there, so we started to see one another. I was silly to think that he was only wanting me for me. After my savings in my account were drying up, they started to tell me that they needed more funds. They didn’t want to work a regular job because they would be watching their child at weird hours of the day. Well that’s what they would tell me. At this time, I was living in a dorm at my college about 200 miles away from my hometown. I was going to school full time, I was also working two jobs, one part time and one full time. I was constantly exhausted and overworked. I ate a lot of food, but I was consistently at an unhealthy weight. Luckily, I was able to make some really great friends at school, so I had a good system of people to talk to and run things by. Sadly, I didn’t talk to them about the big problems that I had. I should have.

The story of this doesn’t seem all that intense but at the time it really was. I was depressed to the point where I didn’t want to answer my phone whenever they called because they just wanted more from me. I just wanted to sleep. I would cry when I knew I wouldn’t be seen or heard (shower, dorm when my roommate was at work or class, car, when it was time to sleep, etc.). The constant thought of, “I just need to get past this month, and it will be right as rain” would pop into my mind, but I knew that it would be the same as this month.

Just as Harley had done, I found myself away from these poisonous relationships, and found myself feel confused and upset about where my life was. It was true that I was going to school and had dependable friends, but I just didn’t know how people found love. How could I trust someone again, knowing that they might be exactly like the people I was with before?

Out of no-where, my ‘Poison Ivy’ showed up and my life became full of hope and love. Being dependent on a person to improve your mood or emotions shouldn’t be the main thing that turns your life around. The dependency of being happier just because of a person is not what I am trying to say to you through text. Heaven knows I have a hard time with coming up with the right words to express my thought process.

Many people, not just females, have pasts just like hers. Maybe they are still involved in them, but there is a common ground with all of us. And I know that is seems like I got off topic, but I swear that it all ties in.

How much do you know about the relationship between Harley and Joker? Have you followed her from the beginning and seen how she learned thoughout the years that her relationship was toxic? Did you just see Suicide Squad movie in 2016? The relationship that you see in that movie is confusing to the people that have known these characters for years on end. I’ve seen online that girls (younger girls around 15-16 years of age) seen this movie and thought that they wanted a “Joker” type boyfriend, but in all honesty, no they do not. They like the idea that a guy would be so committed to his love interest that he fought his way to get her back but there’s an issue with that.

I mentioned it in the last post I had of Harley and Ivy. If you haven’t gotten to that page yet because you are new here or you just forgot to read it then…

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Just a little recap of it, Harley left the gang for about a year and gave birth to a baby girl by the name of Lucy. When she came back to the gang, Joker didn’t react to her the way that she wanted him to. He had no idea that she was even gone, and Harley seen that. It becomes apparent that he doesn’t care for her as much as he was portrayed in Suicide Squad. And if you enjoyed that movie, more power to you! I thought there were a lot of redeeming qualities to it and, though it is no longer cannon, I thought that it was fun and interesting to watch. I did not think it made sense, but it had potential. I am glad that it’s being remade though. Sorry, that was a little off topic, but I wanted to give an example of her love interest and how bad it was.

Onto The Real Reason For This Article!

Harley Quinn’s choice of clothing and how it changed throughout the years has been a huge topic lately. Every fan would love to see the original costume that she had in the beginning of her career in crime. I would love to see it to, but the thing is, I don’t think people would enjoy it as much as they claim they would. Sure, it is a great costume. Yes, it was perfect for her specific character in a way that if you see the outfit, you would instantly know who wears it, but I don’t believe that that costume could be created correctly. I don’t think it would be worn right. I don’t believe that it would look as good as we all want it to. It would be too baggy, or too tight. It wouldn’t have the right shade of red, the fabric is wrong, or the diamonds will be too small or too big. The cowl will be too bulky, or too small. I honestly think that there would be no winning with it. They made an amazing one in the Suicide Squad movie, BUT we only seen it for a second before it was taken away. And we only see the top portion of it too, so we don’t know what it all looked like. Maybe I am wrong. I would absolutely love to be proven wrong, but we see this costume as the peek/best of Harley Quinn, but it isn’t.

When she started to change her outfit, she starts to find herself without Joker. Even in the Arkham games by Rocksteady has her changing her clothes. She sees that Joker isn’t the man that she thought he was and gets irrationally angry when it’s pointed out by B-Man.

After pushing Harley out of the window, she understands that she needs to get away, but doesn’t know how, that is when Ivy comes in and we already know what happens there if you have read the ‘Poison Quinn’ article that I have linked earlier.

Harley changes her clothes time and time again. Finally, we get to see her individualism come out as she tries different outfits. Luckily for us, she loves the colors red/black together. There’s and essence to her past that she keeps around as a reminder of where she came from and who she is now. I hope that you all like the examples of her style that I found for you.

Keeping on the reason why I decided to write about this is because of the photo of Margot Robbie that came out recently for the Birds of Prey movie that has a release date of February 7th, 2020. There are actually two, but the one I’m highlighting is what caught my eye. I’ve been looking on Twitter for people’s reactions on the new look, and they haven’t disappointed. No matter what the director or costume designer had done, there would be a big battle between “if it was a good look or not”. IF they decided to do the original costume, people would say that they don’t try anything different, that it was safe, and they have no idea who Harley is and how she far she’s come from her time with the Joker. When they gave the fans the preview of the sort of things she is going to be wearing, people complain that, “If it’s not broken, it doesn’t need fixing”. In some ways, yeah, that’s a good saying, but this is what is happening. It isn’t here to make you angry. There is no point in that. The directors want to cater to the public so that we all go and see the film.

If you look at the getup of Harley in Suicide Squad, you can see that she has her colors on, but other than that, what else does she have on that signifies who she was and who she is? What about her hair? She doesn’t have pink and blue in her hair in the comics. There is no blue or pink on her ever in the series, besides this movie. But the public likes the style, so it stayed. It was liked so much that you can find it in her comic books now.

What about those booty shorts? Or her jacket, shirt, shoes, the bat, tattoos (though the tattoos are found in the Arkham games, but they aren’t the same ones)? Just everything! Change is not supposed to be scary. It’s supposed to be there to expand on her character. Especially when it’s just the clothing that she’s going to be wearing. Margot Robbie is a wonderful actress and I am thrilled that she is going to stay being Harley, because I honestly don’t know who else could play her. She’s super talented with the way she speaks and acts altogether.

I’m not here to tell you that you shouldn’t voice your opinion on what you think is good or not about your favorite characters. Please do! I love seeing different views on characters that I read up on and follow. I just don’t care for the ones that voice their opinions about characters that they don’t really know. They know her from just the one live action movie that isn’t even cannon anymore and think that’s all she is just a hot girl that has a baseball bat. They don’t know why she was even in the prison or why she would be chosen for the team. Everyone else has special powers or mutations, why is she even there. She is so much more than just a character.

Quinn, as a character, have grown extraordinarily into a badass anti-hero and that should be celebrated. Just because Harley (Margot Robbie) is shown in a gold jumper thing, doesn’t mean any less to her character. Most likely, there is going to be a lot of looks to her. She has two movies coming out in 2020! We will all see the different parts of her character.

I’m sorry if that seemed like a rant. If anything, I just want to clarify that, since this movie is being made, I have no doubt that it’s going to have a lot of details in it. Enough to satisfy the comic-nerd in all of us. I am super excited about seeing this film, including the new Suicide Squad movie that is being directed by James Gunn. Margot Robbie is extremely talented, and I am so happy that Harley is having her moment on the silver screen. She is honestly, my favorite character in the DC Comic franchise. And we will write about this film in just a little bit. I wanted to find more pictures and have an educated guess on what I think the movie will be about! Don’t you worry about that!

Thank you, Everyone, for coming back to see us here at C&M! I’ve been trying to get as much sun as possible and I find it was interfering with my writing! I’m sorry about that. I was doing so well too! But I hope you all enjoyed this article. I just went to the comic story yesterday and talked to the cashier that worked there. I’m writing up questions for him to answer so that I can have more interaction on this site. I love hearing passion when people talk about their favorite fandom. So, be on a lookout for that interview coming soon!

Have a wonderful rest of your day, and I will be back with more comic related things to talk about (Ha-ha)!


Back From A Sunburn

From Being Sick

To A Sunburn

Hello and welcome back to C&M, my name is Kay and I am going to be your host for today! I hope everyone had a wonderful Father’s Day and I’m sorry that I didn’t write about it sooner but it’s never too late to celebrate! Whatever your situation is, I hope that you had a good day anyway. I didn’t get to see my dad this year, but we did get to talk on the phone for a little while. This will be the ninth year that we have been in contact and it has been a blessing for sure!

I’ve been on Twitter a lot, lately, because I want to get to know you all and what’s going on. How everyone’s reacting to the news about the Joaquin Phoenix: Joker Movie being rated R for viewers. Or the rumored that Birds of Prey might also be rated R! How everyone is feeling about Robert Pattinson being the newest Batman. All of the things that I talk about on this blog, I want to know the feelings of other people like you and I. I don’t want to look at critics because I haven’t found a source that I like. I love hearing the opinions of fans and soon to be fans (because why not). So far, I know that people are really excited about these movies.

I’m working on a different post right now, but I’m doing more research on the character. I’m going to start posting more on the DC Character/Marvel Character tabs, so be on the lookout for that!

I hope that you all are having a wonderful day and enjoying the beautiful days to come. We tried to go out to the beach a few times, but Chris got a HUGE sunburn on his whole body, so we had to take care of that. It was baaaaaad (Ha-ha)! We have to invest in some extra strength sunblock because that was just a disaster. It was like when Captain Sunshine burnt all of the residences in the Monarch’s Flying Cocoon (Venture Bros.). Everyone was burnt…he looked like that.

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