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My name is Christian and just like Kay I was also born in Michigan (Clarkston to be exact) and I’ve always been a fan of Marvel and DC. I grew up loving the Batman and Superman I saw on the big screen, but I never really got to read any of the comics when I was younger. It wasn’t until I met Kay that I really had an interest in delving into the massive (and sometimes confusing) world of comics.
But after she introduced me to some of her favorite comics I was hooked, and ever since I’ve been on the hunt for rare and unusual comics to add to our collection.
Now, we’ve turned our passion for comics into our favorite business and C&M Comic Hub is here as an open invitation to you to share in our passion and be a part of our adventure. We thank you for taking the time to be a part of this journey with us and we highly encourage you to get involved and participate in the forums and get in contact with us to share your favorite comics and to give us any ideas on content you’d like to see on the site.
We look forward to seeing where this adventure takes us and we’re so excited that we get to bring you all along for the ride!

My name is Mikela but my friends call me Kay, and feel free to call me that when talking in an e-mail! I was born and raised in Michigan, and plan on living here for the rest of my days. As long as I can remember, I have always been around comic books and comic book characters. When I was a child I went with my grandma, brother, sister, and uncle to Metropolis. It’s one of my many childhood memories but it was one of the more interesting things I could have done as a kid.
Though I can’t stand clowns, The Joker has always been one of my favorite villains of all time. It’s just something about how honestly horrible he is that make it easier to understand and get behind. Though he is my favorite, Harley Quinn is my favorite character of all time. And just to clarify, I don’t believe they are an ideal couple. It was a terrible set up for her but that’s a discussion for another time and another day.
I want to say my thank you to Christian. If he didn’t bring this website up I probably would never have thought to do this. Talking about comics would be the best type of job and hopefully meeting interesting people like yourselves.


We hope that you enjoy our website, and if you have questions or requests for us, just shoot us over an e-mail. Even if you want to write us about your favorite comic character or to tell us why a character should become our “Character of the Month”, that’s fine too! We will always love to hear from you!

Send us an e-Mail so that we can get to know you! We want to be your fans too!