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Hello and welcome back to C&M, my name is Kay and I am going to be your host for today! I hope everyone had a wonderful Father’s Day and I’m sorry that I didn’t write about it sooner but it’s never too late to celebrate! Whatever your situation is, I hope that you had a good day anyway. I didn’t get to see my dad this year, but we did get to talk on the phone for a little while. This will be the ninth year that we have been in contact and it has been a blessing for sure!

I’ve been on Twitter a lot, lately, because I want to get to know you all and what’s going on. How everyone’s reacting to the news about the Joaquin Phoenix: Joker Movie being rated R for viewers. Or the rumored that Birds of Prey might also be rated R! How everyone is feeling about Robert Pattinson being the newest Batman. All of the things that I talk about on this blog, I want to know the feelings of other people like you and I. I don’t want to look at critics because I haven’t found a source that I like. I love hearing the opinions of fans and soon to be fans (because why not). So far, I know that people are really excited about these movies.

I’m working on a different post right now, but I’m doing more research on the character. I’m going to start posting more on the DC Character/Marvel Character tabs, so be on the lookout for that!

I hope that you all are having a wonderful day and enjoying the beautiful days to come. We tried to go out to the beach a few times, but Chris got a HUGE sunburn on his whole body, so we had to take care of that. It was baaaaaad (Ha-ha)! We have to invest in some extra strength sunblock because that was just a disaster. It was like when Captain Sunshine burnt all of the residences in the Monarch’s Flying Cocoon (Venture Bros.). Everyone was burnt…he looked like that.

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Good Evening, Everyone! Welcome back to another fantastic day in the life of C&M! If you don’t know already, because you are new, my name is Kay, and I would love for you to look into more of our site. We are still a very new blog, but that will be changing soon. Thank you all for coming back to see us. The people that come here weekly or every month, just know that you are my heroes.

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It’s been a few days since the last we’ve posted, and I sorry about that. I just got so excited for the sun being out that Chris and I were at the beach. Sadly, he got a bunch of sunburns on his body, so we had to hid away from the sun too (Ha-ha), but I’m back to what I love, and that’s talking to you all! I hope that you all are enjoying all of the new art pieces that I have been posting. Each one of them takes me a very long time to finish up, but I’m happy I get to share it all with you! I believe my last one I made was Poison Ivy, and that one took me about 5 hours to do. I have been learning more and more things about Sketchbook, and I am so happy that I have gotten more fluent in me art. I can really see a big difference. Can you?


Poison Ivy was also a part of my last post along with Harley Quinn. Which I was thinking that I should so a character profile on her, but I feel like I have already done that, so I think I’m going to be making a ‘highlight’ of her character. Try to understand where she would be coming from and what not. So, I have started up my research on her character and a couple others in hopes of seeing where they come from and who I think would play them the best.

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Celebrating Pride Month



Hello Everyone and welcome back to C&M Comic Hub! It’s wonderful to have you all back here with us. It’s been a couple of days since out last post. My name is Kay and I would love to share with you, two lovely ladies that have been a staple in the DC world. Poison Ivy & Harley Quinn. They were first acquainted in the 47th episode of, Batman: The Animated Series that aired on January 18, 1993. Although they knew of one another before the initial meet, they really became friends during this series. They escaped captivity from the GCPD together and rode away in Ivy’s car. Their crime spree blossomed into an un-thought-of relationship.

“This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship”
Poison Ivy
Gotham Anti-Heroine

Before I get into this post, I would like to say, sorry that it was published later than what I said it was going to be. Chris surprised me with a Date-Day, to which we went to get food and went to go see the new Godzilla movie! Thank you, Chris! I needed to get out of the house (Ha-ha)! But I hope you all like what I have to write about! I’ll continue to work hard for us all. 😊

Though the road to get there was rough for both of them in different ways. I wanted to celebrate these two, because of a few reasons.

  1. I wanted to.
  2. They are amazing characters sperate.
  3. They are amazing together.
  4. They are apart of the LGBTQ+ community. Though they are fictional characters, I have seen the impact of their relationship to people that I know, and to people I do not know. They are important and I would like to share them with you all.

Let’s look at them separately and then put them together. I am a huge fan of both of them but seeing them together just sparks love in my own heart.

Harley Quinn

Facts About Our Favorite Clown-Girl

  • Her full name is Harleen Frances Quinzel.
  • She was created by Paul Dini & Bruce Timm and voiced by Arleen Sorkin.
  • Her first appearance was in Batman: The Animated Series in “Joker’s Favor” (September 11, 1992) which is the 7th episode in the series.
  • She was a part of (mostly the main person in) the Suicide Squad.
  • In Batman Begins: Return of the Joker, it seems to be that Harley Quinn had twins by the names of Delia & Diedre Dennis. Known as “Dee Dee”. Although it turns out that they might in-fact be the granddaughters of the two.
  • In the Injustice timeline, it is verified that Harley had a daughter (Lucy Quinzel-Napier) with the Joker. Quinn hid her away from Joker and left her with her sister. For about a whole year, he didn’t know that Harley was gone. This is told by Harley as she is speaking with Black Canary (because Black Canary is pregnant).

I’ve been a fan of hers longer than I can remember. My grandmother gave me a Batman: The Animated Series trading card that features Harley Quinn on it with some facts of her. It’s safely in my little memory box. It’s one of my favorite things that I have! I also have a bunch of her figures and little trinkets. You know how everyone knows a specific thing that you like, well, everyone in my family gets me Harley Quinn things. And now that I’m looking at all of her stuff online and reading comics with her in them, you can bet anything in this world that this won’t be the last thing that I write about her!

Harley could be considered one of those characters that goes deeper than just a silly clown girl. In the beginning, she was a professional Psychiatrist that was just starting off as an intern at Arkham Asylum. She was ready to take on the world, and study the criminally insane so that there would be more of an understanding of how these people became who they were.

Meeting Joker, it was all over for her. She was thinking that he was a poor man that just kept getting beat up by Batman. Her hatred of the Bat grew as did her feelings of the Joker. If you would like to see a more in depth look into the relationship between these two, I would highly suggest reading “Mad Love”. It is one of the most popular storylines in all of DC (mainly because this duo was such a fan favorite).

The love and compassion that she has for her daughter, Lucy, can only be described as true. She gave up her daughter to be watch by her sister so that the Joker wouldn’t find her. I think that she went back to Joker because if she were to be gone for longer than just the year, I feel like he would have gone to find her. That wouldn’t be, at all good for Lucy. I fear that she would have died. And if you are into video games, then a cool series to play, even if you have played it, is the Arkham games by Rocksteady. During the game, you have the chance of seeing many positive pregnancy tests on Quinn’s desk (this would be in Arkham City). At the end of the game, you are blessed with Harley’s Lullaby, ‘Hush Little Baby’. She rewords the song lyrics to make it her own. I’ll have the lyrics here and there will be a link to listen to it. It’s pretty bone chilling.

Hush little baby, don’t say a word

Momma’s gonna kill for you the whole damn world

And if they don’t laugh at our jokes,

Momma’s gonna stab out their goddamn throats

And if they start to run away,

Momma’s gonna paint the streets with blood

And once the blood starts to wash off,

Momma’s gonna blow some more heads off

And if the world still doesn’t laugh,

Momma’s gonna go and poison ’em

And once the poison does its job,

Momma’s gonna show you your legacy

And if the world still tries to fight,

Momma’s gonna burn their houses down

And if you grow up with his smile,

Momma’s gonna be so proud of you..

Poison Ivy

Facts About Our Favorite Nature Lover

  • Full name is Dr. Pamela Lillian Isley.
  • Created by Robert Kanigher and Sheldon Moldoff.
  • First appearance was in Batman #181 in June of 1966.
  • Jason Woodrue seduced her and injected her with the toxins as an experiment, in total killing her twice. As her body absorbed the toxins into itself, she became more powerful.
  • She has toxins in her bloodstream that makes her immune to other toxins and other dangers. She can control plant life. She also has the power of attraction using pheromones. If she spends a bit of time with a person, she will make them fall for her and do whatever she wants them to do.
  • She needs a lot of sunlight to keep her level-headed because her body makeup is that of a plant.
  • All she wants is to be left alone with her plants.
  • She helped Harley Quinn get back to health by sharing her toxins with Quinn after being found pushed out of a window from a tall building by the Joker.

Ivy, or Pamela, was a botanist in Gotham, but she was originally from Seattle. She was a very wealthy kid growing up but did not have a close relationship with her parents. She was a shy and impressionable young lady, to which make it easier for her superior to hang authority in her face to do as he wanted. As stated in the bullet points above, she was tricked into being injected with toxins, when it wasn’t a for sure thing that it would have been safe for humans. She felt anger and betrayed as she was left for dead. Her mind became mad. Her body incorporated the toxins in her being to protect itself, creating a mean-green woman in the process.

She feels pain from her darling plant, so much so that it physically hurts her as well. She can hear them cry out, to which rings in her ears consistently. All she want’s is to build a paradise that doesn’t include others.

He relationship with Batman is a bit different. When she was attacking the city of Gotham, he was the only one that wasn’t affected by the poisonous spores in the air. That made him different, and also a threat to her. If you watch the older Batman movies, you will find that Uma Thurman plays her in the 1997 Batman and Robin film. Batman and also Robin feel the effects of her charm. Ivy’s suggestive nature to seduce others with pheromones are shown clearly on screen. In the Arkham Asylum game, she uses these charms on the psychiatrist that was in charge of her case. She can be a very powerful person, and a very dangerous one at that.

Her relationship with Harley is so powerful that you can see in the Harley Quinn comics that she keeps potted plants on her windowsill, just to be reminded of her best friend/lover. I’ll have to make an ongoing thing about this comic series, because I love it and I think you all would like it too. Harley is immune to any forced suggested feelings that others would feel with Ivy because she was exposed to the same toxin that Pamela was introduced to. So, the feeling of love and admiration is completely genuine. That has to be a good feeling to have knowing someone loves you naturally.

I’d like to introduce their couple name as…



These two women have a very interesting relationship that it’s hard to keep track of. I have Harley Quinn comic books (missing only a few) and Poison Ivy is involved in a lot of them. Sure, Quinn gets around and so does Ivy, but I like seeing that they always come back to one another after a while. We can see them being best friends to lovers to admiration. I love seeing their relationship unfold.

It wasn’t all candies and treats. Ivy was annoyed by the constant reminder that Harley loved the Joker. This was in the beginning of their friendship. Ivy was an independent woman that didn’t see the need in depending on someone so much that it messes with her day to day life. There were times that she would blow up at Quinn because of the thought that Harley wanted to be with Joker was just too ridiculous! How could Harley love someone that abused her emotionally, physically and mentally? How could this sweet girl be so damn stupid to want to go running back to that “psychotic creep”? At times it would just be too much for Ivy to handle.

I feel like, when you read about their story, and start to research them, you feel for them more and more. The back and forth bantering. The push and pull of relationship status. It’s awesome to see them interact in comics, cartoons, shows, games. Pretty much everything they do, if you have payed attention to their interactions, then it’s just that much sweeter to see it in action.

Since this post is in celebration of Pride Month, I’d like to zoom in on the times that they show more than just friendship in the comics and shows.

I, wholeheartedly believe that Ivy saved Harley’s life, And I will give you a few examples of that, though there are several examples of that already in this post!

  1. Ivy constantly reassures Harley of her worth.
    1. It’s important that Harley is show this, because she has lived under a man that would put her down every chance that he could get. There were times in which he would show her that she did something good. Those times wouldn’t be too much, but when it did happen, she clung onto it for dear life.
  2. Ivy shows Harley love without strings.
    1. Joker always wanted something from Harley. He would reward her with affection (what he and she thought was affection) but would want her to be involved with his schemes.
  3. Ivy would touch her gently.
    1. I have seen in more episode than I can count how many times Joker would fling Quinn around the room. “Mad Love” is a perfect example of this type of relationship. Though the cartoon/comic plays it off as goofy, if you look at it through her eyes or even Batman’s, you can see the darkness in this series. Touching Harley softly and with love, she starts to replace memories of being hurt with memories of tender love.

I’m not saying that someone’s self-worth has to highlighted by other to be real. I’m saying that in this case, Ivy knew what Harley needed and she fulfilled that role perfectly. Quinn was free from her chains and Ivy was happy to see her friend enjoy her life finally. Their relationship was defined as “Romantic Non-Monogamous Relationship”, if any of you were wondering. It works for them, so I think that it beautiful. I feel like Harley is trying to make it more permanent, but Ivy is still a bit weary that Joker might still be on the mind of the Clown-Princess.

If you would like to learn more about their relationship, click the above link!

I hope you all enjoyed this post! I love these two together, so I’m going to research more about them. You can never learn too much, so that’s what I’m going to do. They are my favorite Non-Fiction couple because of the strength of their bond. I have thought the world of Harley from a young age, and though it hasn’t said it before, I think that Poison Ivy is a blessing to the world. I honestly ‘root’ for her in most things.

Thank you all for coming to read this post! We wanted to show our support to the LGBTQ+ community the way we do best here. Finding characters that share some of the same values. I’m glad that we got to share these lovely ladies with you all. If you are new here, Hi! Please enjoy the rest of our site! We want to make sure we have something for everyone here. Comics are very important to me and I hope that we all can share in that ideology too! If you found this site through Twitter, Instagram, on your own or from a family or friend, let use know! We would love to talk to you all some more! We’re having a lot of fun here! We would love to see your support in the comments or if you would like to e-mail us, you can reach up at Our Twitter handle is @BodeyKay pr you can click the Twitter logo at the bottom of the page and our Instagram is @candm_comic_hub. Follow us if you’d like! We post regularly on them and we try our best to respond to everyone that wants to talk to us!