A DC Zombie Tale

This is the comic cover that I liked the most out of the three other covers! Cool right!?

Hello Everyone! I hope that you are all doing wonderful and we hope to brighten up your day any way that we can. We found a deadly new comic that I think you all will love! There’s a new series that has just came out this month, and we thought that you might like it! If you like Zombies and if you love DC, then I think that you all would enjoy Dceased. Yes, that is how it is spelt, I thought it was a super creative of spelling (Ha-ha)!

So far, there is only one issue out for sale, which was up for sale on May 2nd of this year (obviously). It will be a 6-issue series throughout (what it seems) 6 months, so the last issue will be available in October. You might be thinking of the Marvel Zombies, but it’s pretty interesting twist on how this world came to be.

I encourage you to go out and get your hands on this series. It’s fun to read, interesting to look at, and a bit unpredictable. The artwork is the die for! Even though, in this post, I describe what happens though the whole issue, it’s still worth looking at. I can’t wait for this series to conclude!

Also, before I forget, each comic cover in this series will take inspiration from a different horror film. The first cover is of “IT” a Stephen King original. Enjoy!

My Short Read-Through, For You!

  • Starts with Darkseid talking about monsters are real. Sound that was never head before. Superman breaking the jaw of a god (Darkseid).
  • He agrees that he will not come back to Earth because he was able to get what he wanted. Dun-dun-dun-duuuuuuun! It’s Cyborg.
  • Darkseid possess ½ of the Anti-Life equation (he possesses the Motherbox), Darkseid found the rest in cyborg. (Seems like Vic is the answer to all, lately. I’m not made about it. Nice to see his character being used more.)
  • Vic makes a sly remark towards Darkseid about him being dramatic, he does not like that, “Desaad. remove his tongue”. It’s blocked from our viewing, but we can see that Vic is struggling/panicking. After a short while, his system grew him a new tongue.
  • Darkseid summoned death (Black Racer) who tries to get to Cyborg. The plan that Darkseid has is in need to keep Vic alive or else it would be changing the equation (for the worst) forever. They took a piece of death and added it to cyborg.
  • Darkseid was infected with the pure knowledge of the equation, which drew his mad. Desaad is immune to disease and tried to send away the equation, in a panic, by sending cyborg away. Too late.
  • Darkseid tried to kill himself by jumping into Apokolips’ Core but in the end, it unleased the disease to the world. Blowing up planet.
  • Virus was spreading through social media on Earth 0. As the equation was being read, shared on through social media. People who saw it went mad to which they wanted it out of their heads. Becoming violent, becoming enslaved to the equation.
  • Superman sees what’s going on and rushes back home to try and prevent Jon, Lois and it turns out Damian from the equation. Luckily, Superman made it home before anyone could get online.
  • Damian is worried about his father, but Superman knows that, if anyone in the world is save, it would be Bruce Wayne.
  • Batman tries to black out home from internet. Too late. Goes to look for his family to make sure they are okay. He knows that Damian is at the Kent’s, so he needs to check out the Manner for his other kids and Alfred.
  • We see that Dick Grayson (Nightwing) and Tim Drake (red robin) in the kitchen. Alfred is okay but there is a problem. Alfred doesn’t know what to do!
  • Tim bites Bruce’s forearm first. Bruce tells Alfred to run. Dick bites Bruce’s neck and digs his nails into Batman’s chest all the while Bruce yells at Alfred to RUN!


Thank you Everyone for coming back and showing your support! Let me know if you want to have updates on this series! Though I might have updates, there is no substitute for the art and exciting the storyline can be! If interested, please go and stop by your local shop and buy it! Show your local shop some support!

Have a great rest of your day and remember, that we are your biggest fans! Let us know who you are! You can e-mail us at: candm.bodenmiller@gmail.com. We also love to see your comments on this site! Just like local shops, I appreciate any support that you all want to show this site!