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Thank you for logging in today! Might I say you’re looking dapper! So, I know that many people, if not most people have already seen the trailer for Avengers 4: Endgame, which is the ‘sequel’ to Infinity War. If you hadn’t seen Infinity war, I can do a quick 10 step run through for you:

  • Thanos in space.
  • Thanos sends his children to retrieve space stone.
  • Thanos gets all stones.
  • Thor shows up with Axe (Stormbreaker) and slice through Thanos’ shoulder.
  • “You should have gone for the head.”
  • Thanos raises hand.
  • The loudest snap you have ever heard.
  • ½ population goes to dust.
  • You cry because Spidey says, “I don’t feel so good, Mr. Stark.”
  • Fury calls for Captain Marvel with space influenced pager.

We covered my thoughts and feelings about Infinity War in an earlier post on this site. Here is a quick link to get to it if you don’t wanna look for it!

But this post isn’t about Infinity War, its about the Endgame, and how the trailer put people on the edge of their seats. Hearts racing. Palms sweating with anticipation. I have watched this trailer a few times and I am still amazed about it all. The acting is astonishing, as always even though it’s just the trailer. A feeling of dread and lose goes throughout the 2:27 run time of the trailer. I’m going to post the trailer at the end of this post just in case you haven’t seen it yet!

In celebration of the new movie coming out, I drew the Avenger logo with a little personalized touch! Hope you all like it!

For about 2/3rd of the trailer, it shows our heroes and what it seems like their last thoughts. Tony is out in space, and it seems like he builds something to get back home to Earth. Capt. has a flashback to carrying a casket. Black Widow seems like she is vowing, for the whole team, that they will do whatever it takes to just try and change the world back to normal. They all seem like they don’t even know where to start with this issue, and if that isn’t the most relatable thing, I have seen in a Marvel movie, then I don’t know what is.

I did hear rumor that some of the trailer isn’t even going to be in the movie. They have done this before in the trailer for Infinity War with Hulk joining in on the fight. He was pretty much there for the opening scene and then he was gone for the rest of the movie. Bruce Banner was in the film, but the Hulk was scared to come out. It also seems as if Marvel was getting sick of people guessing what the plot and ending of their movies. Granted, they have one of the top comic book companies in the world. They also have life long, die-hard fans that have read this storyline repeatedly for years on end. It’s hard to keep too much a secret, because some fans have the storyline memorized. I can’t blame Marvel for tying to keep it spicy though. I think they do a good job about it.

This movie will be the last live cameo from the late and great Stan “The Man” Lee. I don’t know where it will be in the movie, but I know that it’s going to be a bitter-sweet moment. It’s always so random when we do see him, but I know that it will make all of us well-up with emotions. I cannot say this enough. Thank you, Stan Lee for everything that you have done for all of us. You are the real-life Superhero of our lives.

The last part of the trailer stuck out to me the most. I’m thinking because I had just seen Captain Marvel and just wrote about her movie as well. I really liked seeing Thor interact with Carol Danvers (aka Captain Marvel). I like his dialogue with all the characters though. He’s calling for Stormbreaker, and as he is, he is looking at her as she unflinchingly watches him. Stormbreaker slams into Thor’s outstretched hand. She gives him a little smirk. He breaks the small silence with, “I like this one.” I’m sure that she will have to tell the other Avengers about the relationship between her and Fiery. They aren’t going to just let her in without giving her the ol’ side eye.

“Whatever it takes”. This is the phrase that they eco throughout the trailer that I thought was interesting. It sounds like they are willing to trade their lives for the fallen teammate that they miss so dearly. I kind of get the impression that the remaining Avengers are just thinking of the friends that they lost and not the rest of the public, which, I mean, I do not blame them at all. It makes them seem more (approachable isn’t the correct word) human. They are all superheroes, but they are also human. I appreciate that feeling.

Click this link for the shorter trailer that i based this impression on

Click this for the extended version of the trailer

I took the test online to tell you if you were or were not affected by the snap of Thanos. I came out to be not affected. Neither was my cat Luke. Sadly, my (back then fiancé) husband Christian was affected. I would move heaven and the seas to get back what was once mine. I would trade my life for his. I do not think that only worrying about what you lost is a bad thing. They are all human. They can feel the way that they feel and that’s why I feel a connection to this small trailer.

The release date is set for April 26th of this year! Six days after my birthday!

What are your thoughts on this small taste of the film? Did you see or feel something that I didn’t? Do you not really care about what’s going to happen? Do you have a guess for what is going to happen? Tell me about it! candm.bodenmiller@gmail.com is where you can reach either Chris or me.      

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