To My Surprise…A Batmobile!?

Detroit Auto Show

Brings out the Super-Fans

Hey everyone! I hope that your day/night is classically amazing and hope that all your hard work is paying off for you. Some days, it might seem like not too much is changing, BUT I know that as time moves forward, so does your life! I believe that life is best when you get to experience things that truly make your heart sing with delight! What are some of the things that you like to do?

On March 2nd of this year, I had the privilege to go to the Detroit Auto Show for Classical Cars. My best friend Monze (mm-ohn-say) decided that she wanted to go see the show, and since I live over by Detroit, Michigan it was an easy to coordinate. Tickets weren’t all that expensive, so she paid, I believe that I grabed food for us, but my memory is pretty iffy. We went about 11-11:30am and did not leave the event till after 6pm. There were a ton of cars to see, and since there weren’t any time restraints, we were able to stay as long as we would have liked. If you have an interest in the automotive world, I would happily recommend going to see any of the shows that they have. If you would like to investigate this, you can visit this website to get to know the prices and dates! Click on the car link below to check it out!

The big reason on why Monze wanted to go was because the old school 1989 Batmobile from the film ‘Batman’ directed by Tim Burton. I don’t know what I was doing, but I was not listening when she told me this and was blindly walking around with her. That’s just what I do because, though I do love cars…I know nothing of them. All I wanted to do was spend time with my best friend, since we live far apart, and look at some dope looking cars.

How. I. Was. Surprised.

This is obviously not the car that i seen, but i found a paper drawing of this 1997 Batmobile in my library and i thought i should revamp it on my Surface. I thought it would fit in pretty nicely since we’re talking about Batmobiles! Let me know if you like it!

How magnificent it was to look off into the crowded distance, see the profile of the black beauty, grab onto my friends arm to swoosh her around, then make a B-Line for it. My camera couldn’t do it justice. I grew up watching all the Batman films, cartoons, shorts, and looking at the comic books. For me, seeing this car was amazing and also seeing the creator of this masterpiece! Sadly, they didn’t have a poster for the Batmobile. I wanted to get an autograph, but I didn’t think it would have been significant since it wasn’t with the picture of the car. As soon as I left, I thought this up…“I could have just taken a picture that I had already taken and had him sign the screen with his finger on my phone. STUPID ME!” Now I know for next time.

The reason that I wanted to bring this up was because I saw some super cool cars there that I thought that you all would enjoy! I made sure to take some pictures for you all. I also took them so I could show them to my uncle John. That Batmobile was his favorite one so I thought it would have been nice to share it with him as I am sharing it with you. Though he loves Superman, he can fully appreciate how astonishing it was to see the car from the movie (I have a poster picture that has all the info for it as well for you all)! Because of him, I know so much about Batman and Superman and the love I have for heroes all together. If he hadn’t of exposed me to this world, I don’t know if we would have met!

Do you think of Batman and not of Superman or Wonder Woman? All three are pretty much the core of the Justice League. Wonder Woman and Superman are the power couple in the DC world. Again, I didn’t know this was going to be here, so I was ecstatic seeing this! I believe that I captured the name of the owner of the car is on the poster I took a picture of. This creation was beautiful to see in person. The camera came close to what it was supposed to look like but alas…it couldn’t quite get there.

Sorry that this is a little had to read!

One last car that I had the privilege of seeing was a play on Iron Man! It didn’t have a huge painting of the character on the car like the Superman and Wonder Woman one, but the exterior and the interior was heavily influenced by the robotic superhero. I did see that on the window on the driver side (probably on the passenger side as well, I couldn’t look all the was around it) had a small decal of Iron Man (if you zoom in on the picture then you can see it clearly. Very subtle but a nice detail never the less. I can only imagine the sound of the car being turned on. To my guess, if it is anything like Tony Starks attitude, I would say that it is loud like a jet blasting and show-offish like a Peacock. I love it.

Great job to the people that created these beauties! They were Super amazing, and I was so happy when I got to see them in real life! I always see amazingly cool custom cars that have superhero graphics on them on Instagram, but never did I think I’d see the real 1989 Batmobile! You are all artists and should be recognized as such. I only hope to be as good as you one day, but painting isn’t in my blood (Ha-ha)!

Thank you all for stopping in to look at the cool things that I’ve seen and listening to me. I thought that you all would have liked to see these beauties and I’m glad that I was the one to show them to you! Thank you all for coming back to us at C&M and we hope that you enjoyed the new read! It was a dream come true to see the Batmobile that I didn’t even know I had but check that one off the Bucket List! This won’t be the last show that I will be going to, so maybe I’ll see you there!?

Have a lovely rest of your day/night!