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It’s a wonder-filled day, and how happy am I to be able to post this! Sorry everyone for the late upload. I’ve been trying to write about this movie for about a month and a half, but as soon as I grabbed my Surface, all the words would escape me. I never thought that writers block would cause me to not be able to write for so long. For the life of me, I couldn’t write a sentence without erasing the whole thing and getting annoyed with myself that I couldn’t create something for you all. Especially since I love this site so much and I love to create content for all to read! I send my deepest apologies to everyone. I have found a new wave, and it’s carrying me softly back to shore.

As I have done before, I will just be talking about the scenes that interested me the most. I like a lot of this film, but there are other sites that tell you play by play of the movie. You come here (I hope) to hear me tell you about what I thought of the film. I hope, with all my heart, that I can give more incite to the film from a nonprofessional view and help you look at the film in another way than what other sites tell you. Sometimes they can be very harsh about movies, that I feel mislead. People are bias by nature. It’s just the degree of bias that I don’t get along with. They can cause me not to be excited about the things that I’ve been wanting to see for a long time. I hope, for the future of this site, that there won’t be movie bashing. It’s always nice to see the positive part of movies. These actors really do try their best about becoming our childhood heroes. Some might be not so great, but I would like to say that I appreciate all their work and hope they don’t hang onto the hurtful things that some fans/super-fans tell them over the internet. Acting is talent. Stay positive!

Let’s get started on this fantastic film that was released in December of 2018, shall we? 

When I think of water, I think of the peacefulness that it brings. On the surface, on calm days, the liquid is smoother than the finest of silks. Sitting out on a dock, thinking about your life. Letting the small waves push around your feel as you relax on the clear day. Your mind goes quiet, and your eyes start to shut. Your head starts to point towards the sun, warming your face and hair. Beads of sweat come from your sun-kissed skin. At your feet, there is a cooling sensation. The rhythm of the water invites you into a refreshing embrace. Slipping into the sea. Feeling the water consuming your body, inch by inch, cooler and cooler. Slowly, you become submerged.

Last to go is your head. Breath in deeply, then out, and then back in. You’re training your lungs to take in more air. Quickly, you slip under the surface of the water. Peaceful and tranquil.

Rough Waters and all their glory. Violently chopping at the surface. Waves hurling over one another. The sound of crashing and colliding in the short distance threatening to take anything in its path with it as it rolls back into the depth. Raking at the shore to drag anything they can to the mercy of the water. Watching it, you feel panicked, anxious, or discomfort. Will the water grab you and pull you under? Can you escape? Trying to take a breath while the water’s got you might be one of the scariest things running through your mind at this point. Finally, you are under and the cold water starts to burn in your lungs. How long can you hold on?

This was an elaborate way of introducing my thoughts on the movie of Aquaman! In all honesty, I never really paid attention to the thought of Aquaman in any of the comics. In T.V. shows like, “The Big Bang Theory”, they go to a Halloween party in the local comic book shop, and everyone got to be who they want to be in the Justice League. All except Raj. He must be Aquaman, and he is not happy about it, “Aquaman sucks”. This was all before we got the new 52 recreation of all our favorite, and not so favorite, characters. When everyone was redrawn, they looked at Arthur Curry and asked themselves, how they could improve him. Turns out, they changed pretty much everything, physically and mentally, about him. Now, there are new fans of Aquaman all over. Again, in all honesty, I never thought that I would have ever been excited to go see an Aquaman movie. I was not disappointed. Just to make clear, this movie takes off after Justice League.

From the start of the film, the colors on the screen are so beautiful and deep that you’re just compelled to gawk. A narrative voiced by Arthur Curry (Jason Momoa) starts up the film. It sets up the tone of how he is feeling by the beginning of the movie. It feels distant and heart broken. He tells of the first meeting of his parents, Queen Atlanna (Nichole Kidman) and Thomas Curry (Temuera Morrison). Those are some big names for being supporting characters. The love that he tells of, is full of pain and trouble. Not because he doesn’t love his parents, but because he feels responsible for the unfortunate things that happened to his parents. Princess (at this time) Atlanna ran away from the Kingdom of Atlantis in attempts of not marrying King Orvax Marius.

Thomas and Atlanna fall in love and conceive a child of the name of Arthur (in the movie, they named him after the hurricane that was in progress). Years later, Arthur is about 3-4 years old when King Orvax sends for her. She fights with her trident and wins against the guards. Sadly, she understands that they would never stop trying to retrieve her unless she returns to the Kingdom beneath water.

The small family, Arthur, being carried by his father, Thomas and Atlanna all meet at the end of the dock. The narration is sad and slow. It is time to leave. Atlanna tells Thomas to make sure that Arthur doesn’t forget about her and that she will come back to him when it is safe.

So, this movie has already put me in tears. Family is a very close to thing to my heart. Anything that has to do with family lose or death, always makes me choke up. The characters have so much chemistry with one another that it just sucks you into the storyline.

“Wait for me. I will be back here one day, at sunrise. I promise” – Atlanna

Every day, after she has left, Thomas would tell their son stories of his mother. About how heroic she was and how much she loved him. Every day, he would stand out on the dock waiting for sunrise. Waiting for his lost love to come home. Every day, he walked away broken-hearted.

What would happen if you were in this position? What would I do? I honestly don’t know. It’s okay if you don’t know what you would do. There’s no way that you could accurately assess on how much you would change if this were ever to happen to you. I have found that love of my life. I was lucky enough to get him to wanna marry me. If he had to do as Atlanna did, I think I would try to be as strong as Thomas was. The fact that he can have so much hope that she will return any day, and then become broken when time has passed, and she hasn’t come back that morning.

Fast forward one scene, there’s a Submarine that is being hijacked. Sailors are rallied up and put into a locked room. The pirates have taken over and had found the captain of the Sub. They want to disactivate the silent alarm that was attempting to reach out for help. It was too late, and the captain is killed. This is the first we see, David Hyde, the soon to be Black Manta (Yahya Abdol-Mateen). We also meet his father, Jesse Kane (Michael Beach) who stops David in a hallway in the Sub to give him his father’s (David’s grandfather’s) blade from the war. A small engraving by the hilt of the blade has a small Manta. It was meant to be a touching moment to create a sense of humanity to the character. And I feel like it did its job. He wasn’t just some killer, though that’s all we know about him currently. As it is setting up to who David is at this time, it is also spoon feeding the villain to the audience, but these movies (DC and Marvel alike) are usually part made for fans, but a big part are for the casual viewers, hoping to expand the fan base. You don’t have to be a life long fan to enjoy these action-packed creations.

Aquaman is already in the Sub and the supporting pirates are trying to fight him off. Little did they know, that Arthur is strong enough to fight and defeat Superman. He even doesn’t know that yet. Obvious to the viewer that they stand no chance.

Watching fight scenes in today’s films is so much more different than just a few decades in the past. I swear this is going to tie into that of which I am speaking of! I didn’t go down a rabbit hole, I swear! On Netflix, I have discovered that they have James Bond 007 movies in their collection. My husband and I decided that we should watch them because, I mean, we haven’t watched them before, and we wanted to see what all the hype was about. Oh. Man. How different they are (Ha-ha). But I bring this up, not to boast about the 007 films. I brought them up because of the fight scenes.

Back in the day, when those movies came out, the fight scenes were probably viewed as very violent. A slap here. A karate chop there. Kicks and punches. The main bad guys always had like a large and strong, seemingly indestructible bodyguard that has smaller security around him. And even though Bond is beating each guy one after the other, it seems like all the little bad guys don’t react to their friends or colleagues getting knocked out. The movements are much slower and the sounds that the producers put in the scenes make it obvious that there are punches landing on the bad guys. POW! BOOM! It’s like watching the old Adam West: Batman show (Ha-ha). They didn’t really think that the lackies needed to seem like people. They didn’t act like individuals, is what I’m trying to get at.

I am not dissing the 007 movies. I just wanted to tell of how the times of fighting have changed in the world of film. I love the Double O Seven movies. They bring nothing but joy and sometimes confusion.

In the Aquaman, Submarine scene, the pirate crew is watching their friends being tossed around like ragdolls. This man just broke into a Sub, that was submerged under a lot of water and is now beating the living hell out of everyone. If you can tear your eyes away from Jason Momoa, and look at the crew, you can see everyone getting progressively more and more terrified. At one point, a guy tries to hide behind the steel door with his gun being hugged to his chest. He watches the door as Aquaman moves though the entry and I can swear that I can hear him praying that he will stay unseen. Arthur slams the door into the petrified pirates head, ridding him unconscious. The crew can be easily seen as individuals which is the difference the 007 films and this one.

As the objective of saving the sailors from the pirates concludes, there is a morality check that Aquaman must face. Jesse and his son David (Black Manta) are trying to fight and kill Arthur. Since he is the protector of the seas and they are the predators, they are natural enemies and bound to meet at some point, as stated in this scene.

David tries to fight him on his own at first but find out that the Man from the Sea is metal proof. Yes, he tried to stab Aquaman with a sword. He was not anticipating that and gets his butt kicked. That would have been it, but David’s old man comes around the corner with a huge blaster (M203 Grenade Launcher?). Aquaman smiles and, to his surprise, it hurts him. It blasts him back with the fury of Hades; burning his chest to a crisp. Laying flat on the metal floor, the father and son laugh about it, not expecting any more movement from the strange man. They progressively drop their guard. Slowly, Arthur comes back into consciousness. They are speechless at this point.

Here is another point in which the Bad Guys have emotions and individualism. David is confused and frightened. His father is at a loss for words. I watched this film a total of three times in the theater. The first time I was just there to watch, the other times was to look at smaller details like reactions and character development, no matter how small. The actors that played this father and son duo, even though it was short lived, made me feel like that they had really been father and son, because they acted to familiar with one another. The actor that was playing Jesse looked concerned about his film son. You can see genuine worry in his face as he panics about shooting Aquaman again with his boom-stick (reference to the Army of Darkness).

Panicking can cause more problems than solve them. Arthur goes up to the father not knowing they were kin. David calls out to stay away from his father as Arthur had stabbed a metal piece into Jesse’s shoulder (I believe it was the shoulder). Surprised, Arthur looks back at the older man and looks disappointed and confused. Not word for word, but Arthur asks the dad why he would expose and raise his child to be a criminal. It’s irresponsible. You can see that Arthur has a very low opinion of the father now and decides to leave finally. Taking the metal out of Jesse’s shoulder, there’s a big shake and the launcher goes off. The torpedo, that was knocked down from its holding place, slams into the old man and pins him, painfully to the wall. David runs to his father and begs to Aquaman to help him lift it from his father. Arthur just exclaims, “He’s killed innocent men. Ask the sea for Mercy!” leaving, David feels panicked and deserted as the only person that could help abandons him and his father. Any hope of salvation has left David and a hatred for Aquaman will run his life forever.

Coming out of that situation, if you were the Aquaman, would you have saved the pirate that has killed so many for money of possessions? Would you save the man that has raised his son to be just like him? Would you save the man that was trying to kill you just minutes before? Just knowing that much about him, because this is the first meeting of the characters, what would you do in this position? Small things weigh on my mind at night. Things I have said in the past or just actions I have taken. Sometimes, it becomes so loud in my head that I must find something to do to calm myself down and keep my mind off what’s been bothering me. I don’t think that I could do as Arthur had done. But I couldn’t know that for sure. In the heat of the moment, I couldn’t tell you what I would have done. Was Arthur wrong for leaving?

What do you think of David and what he has done? Do you feel any type of compassion towards the person that he has become? He was raised to be this type of person. Sure, he was taught this from a young age, but did he have others telling him that violence and piracy is not the answer to a fulfilling life? What if he just had his father to raise and teach him. It seemed like he wasn’t hesitant about killing the Captain of the Sub so it’s fully reasonable to assume that the only teacher(s) were the pirates that he ran around with. Learnt behaviors are hard to correct.

I know there were a lot of questions in the last two paragraphs, but I honestly would like to know what you would do in his situation. I always like to hear about how others would react to the situation at hand. At this instance, I don’t know what the right answer would be, but the right decision is usually what is in your gut. I could see that Aquaman was very conflicted about his decision. I think that he regretted it the moment he made it but was to stubborn to change his actions. He is a human after all.

The next thing that I’d like to talk about is the first glace at Atlantis! How is it possible to create colors that vibrant on a screen!? Movies now a days have gotten so amazing that they show colors that make you just gawk at the screen. The greens, blues, purples, yellows. The way that the light is used seems as if they are influenced by the luminous fish from the depts of the Oceans. Beautiful to look at but can be the death of you. This can also be said about their clothing too! Very vibrant colors and styles. There’s a perfect example of a beautiful dress that is being worn by the stunning Mera. She looks like a very alluring Jellyfish.

The interesting buildings that they have all throughout the city, all accenting the environment that they live in. As far as I could see, they had a lot of windows on the buildings, and I find that interesting. The citizens of this magical place really care about their home, and that’s something to look up to. Who wouldn’t want to be surrounded with colorful fish and plants? I have a question for anyone that would like to give me their input. Since the citizens live under water (obviously) did they have to create clothing that has weights in or on them to keep the person from floating around? Or did they evolve into having heavier bodies? These questions just popped into my head, but now I’m curious on how they figured out how to keep from involuntarily floating away.

I just don’t know, because, I looked around the screen to see what they could possibly have done to do this, but I think that most of the people wear more form fitting clothing. Let me know what you think at!

 Going with the rest of the scenery, the wild life influenced vehicles, including the shapes and the colors, that they ride in. In nature, colors are used to create illusions of either deadly, poisonous, mating, gender, or just to trick other species into thinking that they are dangerous to eat or attack. A light from the Anglerfish can trick pray into false security and then attacks! I bring up this specific fish because Atlantis is a beautifully lit city! Though they have a stunning city, they are not to take lightly. Their military efforts can be quite ferocious when need be.

Going off the animal behavior of the seas, the patterns that they travel in, inside of their city, fits the patterns of the fish travelling in schools. The organization of the cities traffic could only be marveled at how smooth it flows (like water). It’s funny because it really does look like little schools travelling with one another. Fascinating that the influence of the wild life around their city has affected them so much. Everything is so smooth, yet everything seems to have a point like fins. Fascinating!

The main reason on why there was so much friction between the two worlds was because of the huge amount of pollution that the seas were getting from the surface. In a few scenes, there were not so subtle imagery of the effects of the pollution in our waters. There are turtles that are caught in plastic. Fish stuck in bags. Wild life trying to eat trash, not knowing that it will only end badly for them. Mera (Amber Heard) mentioned this several times to Arthur as they were travelling together. King Orm/Ocean Master (Patrick Wilson) has mentions this a few times to Arthur, and I can see why he is so mad at the surface dwellers.

Christian, after we saw the movie the first time, said that, “they made it clear that pollution is a really bad thing. If they would have mentioned it about two more times, though, it would have been too much and degrade the whole movie as an agenda. People don’t mind hearing that the bad things that are happening in the movie, like pollution, is a poke at our own societies’ actions, but they don’t like being preached at. They did it just enough times to drive it home but not enough to annoy me and take me out of the experience.” I agree with him. They mentioned it a perfect amount of times to keep relevant to the plot of the film. Sometimes directors want to ride the wave of popular subjects. And the closest reference I can think of its r/FellowKids off Reddit. They mean well, but they try way too hard, I think.

Happily, there is a movement going on in our lives that is helping to keep trash off of our beaches. many of our beaches are looking ten times better now that the population is taking action against the mountain of trash.        #trashtag

Now that I introduced the name of King Orm or some might just say Ocean Master, I’d like to speak about his character and how I think he felt throughout his growing up. He was believed to be the only child of a loving mother named Queen Atlanna. He had a childhood friend, who is promised to him when they get of age, that adored him. Everything was going fine until it was found out that he had an older brother who was half surface dweller and half Atlantean. He was no longer the sole heir to the throne. On top of that, his mother was being sent to banishment to the Kingdom of the Trench. The Kingdom of the Trench (also the name of the beings that live there) is populated with vicious beasts that devolved into terrifying beings that eat everything they can. Primal instincts drive them, and they are the guards to the entrance of the Hidden Kingdom. No one knows that about them at the time, but we find that out in the movie.

All this started happening when Arthur was found out. Out of the safety of her first born, she never even spoke of him to her youngest. I’m sure that he felt betrayed about that as well. His mother was dead. The king (at the time) was the only figure to Orm now that he had to learn to be a warrior and a leader. A hatred for his older brother seeds itself to Orm’s soul, which I am sure that he was planning on how to get back at Arthur for this. In Orm’s head, Arthur is the reason why his mother had to die.

Trash is floating around the seas hurting his home and hurting the ones that he loved! How could he not hate the surface dwellers? Why not push all the garbage onto the beaches (which was one of his messages to the human population that there is a war coming)? Show us what we have done to their environment! I have to say, Patrick Wilson is an amazing actor and he just sucks me into the screen. I’ve seen him in other things, but I think that he was made for this role. Same with Amber Heard for being Mera. She looks just as the comics! How is that even possible (Ha-ha!).

Let’s move onto another scene! The Ring of Fire is an old tradition that Arthur knew absolutely nothing about. He, being a hot head that he is, challenged his brother to it a highly skilled fight. Each person is given armor and a Trident that they bring with them. King Orm with his father’s that has seen many battles in it’s time. Arthur with his mother’s. Orm tells of how it is flawed as she was. You can hear the anger he has for his mother. Her actions cause her to be taken away from her family. More importantly, took her away from him.

The ring is walled with the citizens of Atlantis cheering, loudly for their King. He does have a strong presence to him. You can tell he was groomed to be the leader of this great world. Nothing but ‘booing’ for Arthur as he zooms up to where Orm is floating. The fighting his progressing and the graphics of this fight scene is amazing. Everything is enveloped in water, obviously, so movement are animated with bubbles and ‘whooshing’ sounds! Their movements are like a well-choreographed dance. You can see the amount of strength they both have because of the speed that they are swimming at and striking down on each other. They show so much raw power that it seems that they should be in a tie, but of course Aquaman is way over his head. At the last minute of the fight, their mother’s Trident breaks in half! Arthur has lost!

Mera jumped in to make a huge air pocket that lifts Orm into the “air” tunneling him to the battle circle and slams him down on the ground. He doesn’t have the ability to breath just air so that probably hurt him a lot. She is now considered a trader which is punishable by death/banishment. She believes that she could never go back even if she begged for forgiveness. Except we know that her father is the ruler of the Kingdom of Xebel. In the movie, this is the closest ally that Atlantis has for the war that Orm wants to start. For Orm to keep his alliance, Mera must be returned to her father as good faith. Orm agrees (with fingers crossed) to the condition that no Atlantean would harm her…but…he knows of a person that doesn’t like Arthur Curry (and since Mera was traveling with him), Orm sends out for David Hyde. Weapons what could harm the Atlanteans were sent to David, since no other weapons were lethal to them. Black Manta is born, and he’s coming with a vengeance!

That all was a set up for another characteristic that I found amazing to watch. Before the film was released into the theater, people were very skeptical of Black Manta being in the movie with Ocean Master. Two big names in one film can be a very tricky thing to pull off. Also, people were thinking that Black Manta was going to be too goofy to put in this film. For you to make a compelling character on the silver screen, you must be able to put your own personality into the character. Yahya Abdol-Mateen succeeded in doing this from the very beginning. When his character received the Atlantean armor and weapons, he takes apart everything to learn how it is all put together and how he could improve it. We all know that the cartoon Black Manta has a very wide head, but did we, as a general population know why it was shaped that way? Now, we know that it was for a reinforced structural purpose. As he was tinkering with the helmet, the eyes were activated, and he was close to them. In the last second, he realized that there was danger, and ducked out of the way just in time. Powerful beams slice though everything that was in front of it! The helmet was a bit smaller, which broke in half. David’s hands hug the edge of the table and raises his head, slowly over the side of it to look at the death-ray helmet. Mouth gapping and eyes widened in shock and in awe.

The fight between Aquaman and Black Manta was action packed and mesmerizing. Mera had a fight scene going on at the same time, where she was being chased down by Black Manta’s backup. One after the other, they all fall to her cunning fighting style. One of the guy’s helmets were taken off which is a really bad thing because Atlanteans can’s breath out of water. Quickly he must find a body of water to put his head. His eyes zero in on the toilet of the house he was in. Quickly, he slams his head into the bowl! Gasping for a breath, he feels the sense of relief and his body slumps into a relaxed posture. Good for you, guy! Hopefully the owner of that house washes the toilet regularly!

Back to the fight staring Black Manta and Aquaman! David’s face was total covered, so his identity was completely unknow to Arthur, at this time. Curry was confused on why this superpowered person was coming after him specifically, because he figured out that this costumed being wasn’t from Atlantis…but the masked man had their equipment. Relentlessly, the mystery man wails on Arthur and vice versa, all the while confused about who this man is. Don’t get me wrong! Aquaman can handle his own but matched with someone that is controlled by their emotions (which can cloud judgement) can be a real roller coaster.

“Think we’re gonna need a bigger helmet.” -David Hyde

Soon after the fight has begun, clues, spoken by Manta, are understood by Curry. Finally, he figures out that his actions on the sub had created something much worse. An arch nemesis. The Black Manta. Might I add, that the suit is FAN-TASTIC! It’s fresh looking and slick. The contrast of the suit is phenomenal. I’ve always loved the match up of black and red together.

During their fight, Aquaman dives off the building as Manta was shooting beams from his eyes, hitting a bell and the tower that housed it. The population of the Italian city were running everywhere, but the camera focused on a little girl in braids trying her hardest to get away from the falling rubble. The huge bell rips off chunks of building, which begin to fall to where the little girl was standing. Arthur sees where the bell would be falling and gets up quickly. He used his body to slam into the side of the bell to knock it out of the path of the child. He sees that her father is trapped under some rubble and, somewhat effortlessly picks it off him. He tries desperately to get the remaining people into the church to get them out of harm’s way, but Manta come down from the sky to continue the fight. Out of all the chaos, he is still trying to keep the citizens safe. Hyde shows absolutely no compassion for anyone. That’s the difference between selfless and selfish people. Do you try to look out for others, even if it may mean that you could get hurt, or do you use people to get the upper hand?

Manta uses the distraction to attack Aquaman (which I feel is a real cheap shot) and continues to try to get the upper hand on Curry. I feel Arthur was getting sick of this fight and moves through the pain to knock out Manta. Manta knows that there is no winning this fight and tries to escape. Creatively, Arthur uses something to make a bolo. It wraps around Manta’s neck (this was a very dark part of the movie) which causes him to lose control and falls to his “death”. Rest assure the he doesn’t die. Arthur starts to feel the weight of responsibility for what has transpired. Because of his actions in the past, there was a threat to the people that he holds so dear.

DC has been playing with the balance of humor and darkness in their films, to try and make their new series more likable to the general public. I do agree that their films are more for the adult population, but I don’t think that’s such a bad thing. I did not think that so much about the Aquaman before this film was announced, but happily, I was wrong. The more I seen the previews, the more I wanted December 21st to arrive. I’m also so thrilled that the pattern that films are going or is, letting their actors bring all their personalities into the films and not limiting them to just “sort of” being themselves. It creates a more approachable character that audiences can dive, even easier, into the experience of movie watching. I’m sure that the actors get more attached to the characters as well.

There were a few darker parts to this film, but it was mostly just different from the others that came out before this one. The phenomenal director of this master piece, James Wan, has made a brand-new look on Arthur Curry that we have never seen before! He’s exciting! Adventurous! Approachable! You could have a beer with him if you found him out and about in the local pub. The director really took care of this Superhero the way that no one else could. He made Aquaman someone that people are paying attention to again. It wasn’t just James Wan either. Jason Momoa’s personality just beams out as he’s acting his heart out. Now that Jason has fully embraced the role, I couldn’t see anyone else as Arthur Curry.

Obviously, I could talk about this movie a lot more than what I am doing, but I just want to touch on three of four more thing that happened here. They are full of emotions and made me ball my eyes out in an unflattering way. A little back story to why I feel so strongly about family and loss in families is because I lost someone close to me. She was beautiful, kind, strong, charming, protective and creative. Those are just some of the words that come to mind about her. Sadly, she was taken from this world and her children at the early age of 35 years old on January 5th of 2005. Though she was taken, I know that she is still around to look after us three. I was 10 years old when I lost my mother, Lisa. I love my mother dearly and she is always on my mind.

I always feel a connection to characters that lose their mothers because I know how it feels and how it felt. It doesn’t go away, but it does get easier. There is no cure to a broken heart. All you can hope for is that they are happy and at peace. I know she is the same as she always was. You can be angry or spiteful. You can become a completely different person that builds walls up around your heart so that you can never feel as sad as you were (or are). You can be understanding. Everyone is different in the way that they grieve, so if this has happened to you, (might not be your mother. It could be anyone that you were close to) the way that you grieve is completely up to you. Just make sure that you are trying to deal with it in a healthy way. Arthur struggles with his mother’s death because he feels it was because of him that she passed.

As a child, I would entertain the idea that she was taken away (like in witness protection) and after a long while, she would come back and explain everything to me and my siblings. I’m sure that was just to relieve some of the pain that I felt about losing her. I bring this up because Arthur’s mother is not actually dead. When they bolted passed the Trench creatures, the Hidden Kingdom was revealed. The emotions I felt as I realized that the Hidden Kingdom was housing his mother, flooded me as I was so happy for Arthur at that moment. He was able to re-connect with his long-lost mother. There was a strong silence as they wide-eyed one another, slowly registering who the other person was. Arthur had a picture of his mother, so he was able to identify her without hesitation. A mother knows her child…she knew Arthur was her baby. The embrace they had for one another is the embrace I wish to have when I get to see my mother again. I can’t imagine the thoughts that were going through their heads as they become a family once again. She asks about Thomas and his well-being. Arthur tells her that he still walks out to the end of the dock every day, waiting for her to return. You can watch her face go from happiness to heart broken as it has been so many years since last, they’ve seen one another.

I have found someone that I love more than I love myself, and I could only imagine a fraction of what she and Thomas were feeling all those years apart. We were apart for five days, and I had no idea what to do with myself all those days. They had to spend 20-30 years (I don’t remember how long the movie said) away from one another. How absolutely soul crushing that would feel! The thoughts of reuniting with her love is always in her head but she has been stuck in the Hidden Kingdom for part of the years that she was gone from home. She had to go through the Trench just as Artur and Mera had just done. Surprise surprise! The way out is to get the Lost Trident of King Atlan, who was hidden in the cave behind the waterfall that they were in front of. Atlanna has tried many times to get to the King but each time she was beaten by the Karathen (voice by Julie Andrews). There have been many that have tried to get to the King’s Trident, but all have failed. All but one losing their lives. You can see a pile of bones in the cave.

Click the YouTube icon to watch Aquaman’s orange suit reveal!

King Atlan was the only person that could talk to the beast, which I’m sure that you can see what is going to happen. Arthur doesn’t know that though and tries to fight off the beast, all the while the Karathen is speaking to him about how unworthy he is to be there. After all, he is only a “half breed”. Arthur, in an exhausted expression of mercy, asks it to, “Stop!” Confused, it stops to listen to the small being. Arthur tells of how he knows that he isn’t worthy to be there, but this was the only way that he could save the people that he loved. Convinced that Arthur is the rightful King of Atlantis, the Karathen retracts its tentacles to make way for Curry. If he turns out to be something other than the real King, he would be eaten…so it’s a win-win scenario.

Now, if you are like me when you were watching this movie for the first time, you were shaking with excitement as you know what was going to happen. Oh yes. It’s time for the OG costume that everyone has seen in the previews. A power blasts from the Lost Trident as Curry holds onto it. Lights that could never be explained in words blast around the abandoned room. King Atlan is no more. The new, true King has found his calling. A King of the Seas.

Aquaman emerges from the waterfall in the original comic book Aquaman look. Who knew that outfit could be composed to look so badass!? Gooooood Lord! How amazing could one person look? On the torso, they accented the orange top to have deeper scales on it. Smooth but you can tell that it is well armored. Form fitting. The green gloves that have the appeal of fins. Nice and sharp. Green bottoms that, again are form fitting to accent the muscles that Aquaman clearly has. His boots match his glove in stylish but practical. He now wears the symbol of his people. If he had any question about who he was and who he is supposed to be, I’m sure that they have been answered. He, not believing that he would be a great leader, is what a great leader need. Thinking that there could be a better person for the job could, all in all, cause him to work harder to become what his people need him to become. If you think that you are the best of the best, you cause yourself to not want to grow more. You become sitting water, and if you know anything about sitting water, then you know that it stinks. Don’t stink. Make sure that you are always moving forward.

It’s time for the final fight. I can’t even put into words what it looks like and how it feels to watch it, so I wanted to get the video from Youtube. When you are watching this small clip, look for the foreshadowing’s that are highlighted. The cape being ripped off. The water shield that was mentioned earlier in the film being successfully performed by Aquaman (timein clip 1:40), taught by Nuidis Vulko (the magnificent Willem Defoe). The broken Trident of Orm, the helmet that he wears. Look at the no verbal ques like the stance that Arthur is in after he had defeated his brother. Look at the stance of Orm as he tells Arthur to finish him. Look at the scenery and how it matches the battle!

The last scene that I want to speak about is the very last scene in the movie. Again, you hear Arthur narrating but this time, it is in a different tone. Content, light, loving and full of admirations. Thomas is walking to the end of the dock, as he has done for decades, waiting for his lost love. Head down and his hands in his pockets. You can tell that he hasn’t looked up the whole time he was walking outside. He peeks at the ocean, as he has done a thousand times before, but this time he is stunned at the beauty that the sea as released something more precious than a pearl. His hands come out of his pockets and his mouth opens (my eyes are flooding with tears like an idiot). She’s looking at him, hoping that he doesn’t hate her, but as soon as she looks at him, she knows. He starts the run to her first, quickly she follows. Like strong magnets, they collide hard into one another. Finally, the star-crossed lovers are together again. No words could come close to the emotions that are exploding from this couple.

Quietly, Thomas mutters to her, “You’re back…you’re back”

Happily, she relieves a, “Yes…yes” into her true love ear.

Thomas’ face twists as his emotions are too strong to keep ahold of. Tears spill out of his loving eyes. Both embracing each other tighter than a coiled snake. They touch foreheads and end in a kiss that could have lasted forever.

“My father was a Lighthouse Keeper. My mother was a Queen. They were never meant to meet…but their love saved the world. They made me what I am. A son of the Land. A King of the Seas. I am the protector of the deep. I am…Aquaman.”

Thank you all for waiting for this post to come public. I want to say how grateful I am to each and every one of you. You are all my heroes because you all are making this site come to be alive. My heart goes out to everyone that has lost someone either recently, or in the past. It’s not easy to get over something like that, but time really does help heal your wounds. There might be a scare as a reminder, but it will become easier.

And if I haven’t said it yet. Thank you to all that was casted and background workers for this magnificent film that I got to see not once, not twice, but three times. It gave me so much joy and lots to think about. You all make our heroes come to life.

Thank you all again for checking in on this site! I’d love to hear from you at Writers block is gone, and I’m not going to slow down! See you again!