It’s A Brand New Year!

Lovely To Be Here

With you all!

Hello, Everyone and Happy New Year to you all! Welcome back to C and M! My name is Kay and if you’ve gotten this far into this website, then chances are that you already know who I am *fin-ger guns* also…it is so great to be back to talk to you all! Missed yah!

My oh my, it’s been a wonderfully busy season for us all. Personally, we’ve been traveling a lot and working a lot, but we’ve finally gotten to stay at home for more than just a day or two. How was everyone’s holidays? Were they as bright as your smiles? Did you get what you wanted in your wish list? Was there something that you didn’t want? Did you get to spend time with your loved ones?

During my time away, there was a few things that I got to do. Number one was…we finally received our wedding rings! It took about 3-4 months after our wedding, but we finally got them!

—————————————————–   > > >

I’ve started my Apprenticeship, which is amazing. We also seen Aquaman twice! Once with just him and I. Second with my best friend, Christian and I. Both times were equally amazing. I want to do something special for this movie, so I wanted to bring this up in this post and then make a separate post about the movie.

I do want to mention that I don’t like writing about movies that just came out, right away. I feel like I should wait for most of you to see the movie before I start blabbing about who and what was in the movie. I never want to fully say something is bad or good, and I will never say that someone shouldn’t see a film. I never want this site to be about telling people what not to watch. Everyone has their own taste in movies. Who am I to say not to see it? I feel like it’s been enough time to talk about Aquaman, and boy oh boy do I have a lot to say. I’ve also tried to research more about Aquaman before I write about him.

Be sure to check on the site in the next day or so for “Everything Aquaman” that I’m going to be posting.

As always, I am so happy that you all checked out the site and for the support that you all have shown me! It means everything in the world to me! Every single one of you is important to me. Stay safe everyone and see you next time!

<3 Kay